Ganzhou Rare Earth 18 private mine action in the fight against rare offer up | rare | Ganzhou | blow

  AASTOCKS News Agency June 19 hearing, a person familiar with Wednesday (19th) revealed to great wisdom news agency, the relevant departments on the 18th Ganzhou rare earth mine to conduct a comprehensive fight against private, most private mine was closed down inventory。   China Rare Earth Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Zhanheng great wisdom, told news […]

"The main theme of" how both popular and blockbuster movies?Multi-style entertaining

  An open and multi-style edutainment "promote the theme, insist on diversity" refers to the literary and artistic works may reflect a positive and healthy mainstream ideology (such as sing patriotic spirit, heroism, respected Sound of Music) by means of a variety of art forms, accepted by the masses。 Any nation needs to have its own […]

UBS CEO pay 100 million yuan a year spike domestic brokerage bank executives | brokerage

  Said the domestic financial industry is a high-paying industry, the annual salary of millions and is not a dream, today a ratio, which are weak burst, CEO this year the bank to earn 100 million yuan!  Recently, the Swiss bank announced that the bank's CEO a year pay 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan is what […]

Parker 29 points and the Spurs won 3-0 on four match points in 20 minutes off the bench without Blazers

  Ticker May 11, Spurs away to 118-103 win over the Trail Blazers, with a total score of 3-0, promotion in sight。   Spurs easily cross the border, the audience behind only once, in this round of the series, they are a total of only 33 seconds behind。 Tony – Tony Parker scored 29 points and six […]

Cold pathogen of the disease, which is characterized by the following three pathogenic

Because the weather is cold, people like to eat hot food, but eating too much spicy food is best, because it will contribute to "fire within"。Should eat white radish, cabbage and other seasonal food, not only rich in vitamins and trace elements, more clear fire lower gas, digestion。 Also some soup, soup such as Chinese […]

Women and health: wash with vinegar, Qubanyangyan

[Lead] spots on my face is a nightmare for many women, and therefore the most effective freckle how to become a topic of concern to the majority of women are common, serious impact on melasma, freckles and other facial appearance to。 So how freckle on the most effective, we should know more about concrete and […]

18 years just to break the bank financing against the allocation of funds should pay attention to risk level | bank financing

  Source: Daily at the end of 2017, "line 3 will be a game of" jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Regulating financial institution asset management business (draft)," clearly we want to break the rigid payment further strengthen financial supervision and information management services, prevent financial risks。 No doubt, this is bank financial impact of huge。 […]

Do not wear reading glasses for the elderly to age standards, remember to buy four points (1)

  Most people at 40?After 45 years, you can not see when reading or other close work, and increasing year by year phenomenon called presbyopia, commonly known as presbyopia。 Once presbyopia elderly appear, look around things will be very difficult, daily life will also be affected, it is imperative that with a pair of reading glasses。 […]

Guangzhou's first automobile Vending Machine shop floor takes the consumer self-service car

  It is reported that in the future consumers can sweep under the face to the store, the car keys will automatically pop up, do not shop, consumers will be able to self-help pick up the car and drove off, up to 3 days to experience the depth test drive, and then decided to fully understand […]

God the car!Virtual track can go unmanned you want to experience it

There are three bus lengths, but also the flexibility to turn, almost no red light…… October 23, the world's first column wisdom rail trains run in Zhuzhou, Hunan officially launched。 Plan 2020 automatic "virtual track-following control" technology driving the car used in Zhuzhou independent research and development, in order to identify the road-vehicle sensor virtual […]