Counting teeth 37 little secrets

Counting teeth 37 little secrets

Modern people don’t really know much about their teeth, but dentists will notice the problems.

According to the US Reader’s Digest report, twenty two
famous American dentists have revealed some secrets about teeth.


Don’t assume that high levels of hypertension will only make you fat. In fact, too many headaches can lead to periodontal disease.


If someone suddenly bleeds when washing their hands, people usually bandage themselves or go to the doctor.

But when brushing his teeth, blood was brushed out, but everyone knew no tears.

Bleeding gums may indicate that you have periodontal disease.


Even if you have healthy gums, you should see two dentists every year, and most people can’t.


In many patients, a strange phenomenon can be found: periodontal disease often has a serious impact on the large teeth behind the mouth, but the teeth in front of the patient are very healthy.

The reason is that people only carefully brush the teeth that others can see.


Dentists always tell patients with serious gum disease to floss, but it’s not only when you need to floss.

It’s like you often need to clean the bottom of your shirt pocket so it doesn’t accumulate debris.


When people first meet, the first thing they notice is the eyes, then the teeth, and the third place is the hair.

However, people spend more money on their hair than on their teeth.


Maintaining oral hygiene requires brushing your teeth for 10 minutes a day.

However, the average brushing time for adults is only 2 or 3 minutes, and the average brushing time for children is even shorter.


Smokers often use mint sugar or mouthwash to cover the smell of tobacco, and the malodor of tobacco has invaded gum tissue, which is distributed in the mouth, so using mint or mouthwash is not effective in protecting teethof.


People often only brush the surface when brushing their teeth. It is difficult to brush the phage area deeper in the mouth, but it is this place that emits a bad smell.

So, you have to floss your mouth every few months.

If all this is done, but still has a bad smell in your mouth, start with your diet or check for other health problems.


A small amount of alcohol-containing mouthwash becomes dry, so within half an hour of use, your breath may be very fresh, but then it will become unpleasant or even worse than before.


If your breath is very bad, the doctor will not usually remind you; the doctor will tell you only if you ask.


Toothpaste is not a panacea, and the new brightening formula is no exception.

Although this toothpaste can remove dark spots on the surface of teeth, it cannot whiten the teeth like bleach.


Electric toothbrush is one of the best tools for dental emergence.

They replicate the professional cleaning process and, although they do not reach under the gum line, they are generally superior to regular toothbrushes.

Every tooth is surrounded by saliva full of rotten substances and bacteria. People should use tooth cleaners to clean up these debris in the mouth every day, which is good for gum health.


There are often children who look good and dress well, but their mouths are full of black teeth, which is related to poor parental supervision.

For the past 20 years, dentists have been talking with their parents about bottle caries, telling them not to let their children sleep with the bottle in their mouths, but it seems to have no effect.


If the mother’s mouth is unhygienic, when the child’s food is hot, and then put a spoon in his mouth, the debris bacteria are also passed to the child.

  18 years old

Children with dental problems often get into trouble at school.

They are often upset and easily excited.

The teacher may think they have a behavior problem, but in fact they have toothache.


Parents often think that children’s deciduous teeth will be replaced by new teeth, so they don’t have to pay too much attention to their early teeth.

However, when a new star tooth grows out too early and other teeth have not been lost, if the child’s teeth are not diagnosed and treated in time, the child’s teeth will grow crooked.

The dentist carbonized the soda “liquid saw blade”.

This drink is both sugary and acidic, so it can erode teeth and cause broken teeth.

  twenty one

If you want to reduce harmful bacteria in your mouth, you should eat more xylitol.

Xylitol can alter the chemical properties of the oral cavity.

6 to 7 tablets of xylitol per day will help you reduce and reduce tartar.

Some people lose confidence in tooth whitening patches because the gels can cause discomfort in the teeth and gums.

Just use a fluorinated mouthwash or gel before and after using the whitening patch to make your teeth less sensitive.

  twenty three.

Silver-mercury fillings do release small amounts of mercury due to oral wear.

However, only if you suffer from about 300 fillings will the concentration of mercury pose a threat to your health, and even then, the threat is still minimal.

Many dentists also use silver-mercury fillings in their mouths.

  twenty four

Taking out the metal filling releases more mercury than adding the metal filling.

  25 years old

Although alloy fillers are popular with patients, metal fillers are more durable, especially if teeth are often used.


Many patients worry that dental X-rays can cause cancer, but if you spend an hour outdoors, you have more radiation than a complete dental X-ray.

What dentists worry about is that if you don’t have dental X-rays, you may miss important medical information.


Misaligned teeth can cause migraines.

If we can correct the teeth, the headache often disappears automatically.


One of the symptoms of diabetes is bleeding gums.

Teeth will be whiter if they lose moisture.

Some dentists promise that their treatment will improve your teeth by 4 levels.

However, if the mouth is opened for one hour, the teeth can increase 2 color levels by dehydration alone.

  30 years old

If you bleach your teeth too much, the enamel will become thinner and your teeth will eventually become translucent.


When it comes to suffering, people often use tooth extraction as an example.

In fact, tooth extraction is quick and easy.


One study showed that implants can increase sexual desire, perhaps because people feel more confident without missing teeth or worrying about dentures falling off.

Many patients do not visit a dentist until their condition has progressed to a fairly severe level.

They need to spend a lot of hard-earned money on the budget.


The complication of dental beauty is oral health-you can’t build a house in the swamp.

But if you look around, you’ll find that some dentists cosmeticize the teeth without first treating the gum disease.

  35 years old

Some dentists will say that you need deep cleaning.

You don’t need to clean your teeth at all unless the test results indicate a lot of tartar or other diseased roots.


Before looking at the teeth, you can ask your colleagues or relatives and friends for advice, but make sure that they have been in contact with their dentist for at least 5 years. Only after this time can you know whether the crown is healthy and whether the filling is working.


Never eat garlic before seeing a dentist-the dentist will be grateful for this.