Diet recipes!

Let pampering from head to toe

Diet recipes!
Let pampering from head to toe

What does baby eat?

What should my baby eat?

Do you know what foods your heart, lungs, hair, etc. need to eat?

Here is a food map for everyone, telling you the recipe for eating from head to toe.

  Brain protection: Biscuit research has found that the right amount of sugar can provide brain fuel and improve your memory.

  Eye protection: Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, which can improve vision and prevent night blindness. And eating sweet potatoes regularly is good for the skin, but it is not suitable for people who are losing weight.

  Lung protection: Tomato UK studies have found that eating tomatoes more than three times a week can prevent respiratory diseases.

  Heart protection: Magnesium in tofu overnight can help prevent blood clots and high blood pressure. Tofu can also increase the calcium content in the body.

  Stomach protection: Garlic research abroad has found that people who eat garlic often have a lower chance of getting stomach problems.

  Leggings: Bananas supplemented with potassium can help you reduce leg muscles and prevent leg cramps. Of course, bananas are not a long-term choice for weight loss people.

  Skin care: Pumpkin vitamin A can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

  Armor: Oyster Oyster contains a large amount of zinc, which is an important nutrient required to maintain nail health.

  Toe care: Biotin contained in cashews can help toenail grow healthy.