How do men keep fit to stay young

How do men keep fit to stay young

The 35-year-old is a transition period for men from youth to middle age, and their physiological skills have experienced a subtle decline.

  Method 1: Abdomen and leg lifting exercise method: lying on the back with a slash bar, arms straight, holding the support behind the head with both hands, the upper body is fixed, legs straight up to do the abdomen and leg lifting exercise.

Keep your legs as close as possible to your shin, then lower them, and then raise your legs in order.

  Requirements: The fixed angle of the swash plate can be based on your own physical condition, such as better waist and abdomen strength, the slope of the swash plate can be larger, the strength can be smaller, and the slope can be smaller.

When you lift your abdomen and raise your legs, straighten your legs; do not bend; when you lower your legs, slow down and stretch your abdominal muscles; do 10-15 times in a group, rest for 1-2 minutes after you finish, then do the nextGroup exercises can be done in 2-3 groups.

Do it 2-3 times a week.

  Role: Improve lumbar and abdominal muscle strength, expand the chest, and enhance respiratory function.

  Method 2: Lie on your back with two heads. Practice method: Lie flat on the floor or bed, legs straight together and your arms straight behind your head.

When you sit up, lift your legs and arms at the same time, and move them towards the middle of the body. Use the cymbal as an axis to fold the body in half, then return to the original shape, and then continue to exercise from both ends.

Do 10-15 times in a row, 2-3 times in each exercise, and 3-5 times a week.

You can use it after getting up in the morning or after other exercises to assist in exercise.

  Requirement: When you sit up at both ends, your limbs should naturally straighten, do not bend and bend, and move at the same time, not in a sequence; inhale when both ends are up, exhale when you lower your legs, and don’t intentionally hold your breath; during the initial training, the coordination may be poor, Hands and feet cannot start at the same time or the folding angle is small (the hands and feet cannot touch together).

It doesn’t matter. Through the displacement of time, the alternate action is done to the full.

  Role: Increase waist and abdomen strength and improve body coordination.

  Method 3: Weight-bearing kick exercise method: 1.

The body is supported with one leg upright (weak supportable support), the other leg is tied with a sandbag or other heavy object, and the front kick is performed. The height of the kick should form a right angle with the upper body. After kicking 5-10 times, And then continue with another leg.


The preparation action is the same as method 1, but instead of kicking forward, instead of kicking to the side of the body, the greater the kick to the side, the higher the kick, after 5-10 kicks, then the other side kicks, each exchange3 times.

Slightly different from the above method: not kicking, but flexion and extension.

The specific method is to sit on a high stool with your feet hooked to dumbbells or other weights or lower legs to tie a sandbag. The upper body naturally contains a chest, and your hands are supported by a pair of high stools. The unloaded legs naturally sag and the weight-bearing legsFlexion and extension exercise. After flexing and stretching 10 times, change to the other leg and exchange the legs 3-4 times.

  Requirement: When doing front kick and side kick, the leg should be straight, do not bend and bend, the upper body does not move; when doing high stool flexion and extension, the upper body does not move, using the knee joint as the axis for flexion and extension.

  Role: Mainly develop the strength of the calf and thigh quadriceps.