Five things you need to pay attention to when running

Five things you need to pay attention to when running

Life is movement.

We need to exercise regularly to better maintain our health.

So what should we pay attention to while running?

Any points to note?

Let’s take a closer look.

  1, landing buffer If you have carefully observed others running, you will find that many people are on the ground with their full feet, the sound of landing is also relatively loud.

The correct action is to run on the heel, and then make the transition to the full foot.

This is a protection for toes and bone fractures to prevent the occurrence of periostitis.

  2. Swing arm Swing arm is to keep the balance and coordination of the body during running, so that the body swings more naturally and conforms to the rhythm of human movement.

When swinging your arms, just remember not to leak your hands in the front and your elbows in the back, and shake naturally through your footsteps.

  3, Head-up and chest-to-chest running is to keep head-up and chest-up to help improve the human respiratory circulatory system and establish a normal state of memory.

Because during the running process, the human body is constantly consuming energy and prone to fatigue. At this time, if you can use your will to raise your spine, then it is easy to improve your hump.

  4. Breathing When running, the breathing is deep and long. Generally, nasal suction is used to whistle. If the physical strength is greatly reduced, mouth suction can be used.

  5. Heart rate jogging, as a kind of health aerobic exercise, should be distinguished from fast running.

In general, the number of heart rate rhythms most suitable for physical exercise is: (220-age) × about 60%.

When you run, you can measure the following properly.