The lowest salary player in the league scored 80 points together, directly extinguishing the 5 straight winning heat

The lowest salary player in the league scored 80 points together, directly extinguishing the 5 straight winning heat
Garrison Matthews (left) celebrates with his teammates, he scored 28 points in this field.Similar to the Knicks and Hawks, the Wizards are one of the worst teams in the Eastern NBA and have the worst record, but when they were once family stars, they were picked by many of the bench players.Starting from the girders, the battle will be more and more courageous, and the heat in the top three in the east will be cut down.Today, the Wizards sit at home against the Heat. The former is ranked third from the bottom in the east, and the other is ranked in the top three in the east. Bill, the Wizards star, missed the second game in a row.Thomas, a well-known star, almost no one thinks that the Wizards can beat the Heat youth team led by Butler. The final result was unexpected. The Wizards easily won 123 to 105, ending the Heat’s five-game winning streak.Comparing the performance of the two sides, the Heat star Butler scored 26 points. Adebayor, Nunn, Duncan Robinson and other young Heat players also made stable contributions, but still failed to withstand the impact of the Wizards bench.The legendary Wizards successfully defended their home court.According to statistics, the Wizards substitutes of this campaign scored 80 points together, setting a single record for the team’s history. Among them, McRae, Garrison Matthews and Ismail Smith contributed 29 points, 28 points and 19 points, respectively.It is an important contributor to the team’s victory.In particular, two-way contract player Garyson Matthews is one of the lowest paid players in the league. This is only his rookie season. His first double in his career was a big explosion. He shot 6 of 9 from the field, including three pointers.4 of 7 shots, 12 of 13 free throws, scored a career-high 28 points.Wizards coach Brooks even said, “If Bill is playing in the next game, I will not be frustrated, but we will not be too hasty, because the team now has Garrison.”

China Mobile Yang Jie: Strive to complete ahead of schedule the construction of 300,000 5G base stations during the year

On May 15, on the occasion of the upcoming World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (May 17), Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, delivered a “Message from 517”.In his speech, he said that China Mobile will accelerate the construction of new information infrastructures such as 5G, data centers, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain, and strive to complete 300,000 5G base stations by the end of the year.aims.Yang Jie pointed out that China Mobile will comprehensively improve its cloud-network integrated service capabilities and smart operation capabilities, comply with new trends such as online, intelligent, and cloudification, and accurately grasp the new demands for digital transformation and information consumption upgrades in the prevention and control of epidemicsThe integrated application of “Net + Cloud + DICT” accelerates the integration of 5G industries, serves the public, promotes the development of applications such as remote office, online education, digital life, and smart society.effect.Sauna, Ye Wang promised editor Chen Li proofreading Liu Baoqing

Returning to the NBA 376 days later, Anthony wearing a 00 jersey restarts

Returning to the NBA 376 days later, Anthony wearing a 00 jersey restarts
“He has been waiting for this opportunity, and he will grasp this opportunity with all his strength.”The so-called best friend James said that Anthony, who has been away from the NBA for a year, has been waiting for the opportunity to prove himself again. The Blazers now fulfill the wish of” melon “.On November 20, the Blazers challenged the Pelicans away. Anthony appeared in the Blazers No. 00 jersey. He also stood on the NBA field again after 376 days.With 10 points and 4 rebounds in 24 minutes, the team suffered a losing streak. Anthony ‘s return to the NBA debut was not ideal, but one thing is certain. There is still oil in the fuel tank of the 10th NBA All-Star forward.Anthony wore a 00 jersey.The video screenshot is wearing a 00 jersey. “Melon” ushered in a brand new start. Anthony signed the Blazers. The news has been heard recently. Due to a process, the Blazers did not officially announce that Anthony passed the medical examination until the early hours of November 20.Has signed a contract with the team, the contract is 1.15 million US dollars in one year, in January next year from no guarantee to full guarantee.”Anthony is a long-known star in the league. He will be respected by us in the dressing room and provide the skills we need on the court.”The Blazers President Olsey suggested that the team and Anthony have the same idea. Anthony is not here to say goodbye, but to really help the Blazers,” the team has been struggling at a critical moment, he can keep calm, change the range, continueThreat to opponents.”In the first few seasons of his career, Anthony was in the Nuggets. The American men’s basketball team has been wearing the No. 15 jersey. After switching to the Knicks, Anthony changed the jersey number to No. 7 and continued to wear it until last season.After officially joining the Trail Blazers, Anthony changed to the No. 00 jersey, and he explained: “Forget the past and usher in a new beginning.”This is indeed the case. Since being cut in November 2018, Anthony has been trying to return to the NBA.As a 10-year All-Star player, Anthony San Diego has a very brilliant career, but in the past year has been in a conflict without the ball to play, which makes him extremely tormented.Now even the contract is slightly shabby, and how many opportunities the new club can give is still unknown. Anthony still has a firm goal, that is, to start again and prove himself.Anthony, who returns to the NBA, will need time to find his status.Figure / Visual China’s first show is not efficient, he and the Blazers need time. In addition to the Blazers and Anthony himself is looking forward to the future, many NBA players, media, fans also pay special attention to Anthony’s return to the NBA debut.Before the game, Lowry, Mitchell, Trey Young and other players welcomed Anthony’s return on social media. After the game, Anthony was surrounded by media reporters.As Anthony’s best friend, James and Wade are also very excited.Seeing Anthony starting and feeling good in the first quarter, Wade cheered excitedly on social media; although the Lakers game coincided with the Blazers game, James has been watching Anthony ‘s warm-up on the TV before the game, “Happy for my good brother, I couldn’t help smiling when I saw him warming up before the game.”Anthony made the first three-pointer to return to the NBA.24 minutes played, 4 of 14 shots, 2 of 3 3-pointers, contributed 10 points, 4 rebounds, resulting in 5 fouls and 5 turnovers, Anthony on the starting field did not find the best feelThe section maintains high efficiency, the subsequent performance is not ideal, and its role on the defense side is relatively limited.Anthony ‘s current situation is somewhat similar to that of the Trail Blazers. The former is a 10-year All-Star player, but he is more than a year away from the game, and he is still looking for a sight after returning. In addition, he reached the Western Conference finals last season, but the new season is not goodIn adjustment state.Both Anthony and the Blazers need time and patience.”It’s great to be trusted by so many people on a team, they believe in me, my talents and abilities.Absolutely my teammates, including the coaching staff, they are really very confident in me, I believe I can help the team.”The first show after the return is not ideal, but Anthony hopes and believes that he can help the Blazers as soon as possible.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread Wang Xin

Betta fish brought goods for Hubei: 810,000 agricultural products sold with a turnover of 30 million

On the evening of April 20, Douyu (NASDQ: DOYU) “I bought and bought for Hubei” helped the Hubei brand charity takeover. During the period, 80 special products of Hubei were sold.90,000 pieces, a gradual increase of 3034.40,000, with more than 34.31 million viewers in the live broadcast room.The event lasted from April 17th to 8pm on April 20th, including 28 internal first-line traffic anchors including Xuxu Baby, YYF, a small group, etc., bringing goods for Hubei one by one.During this time, Xu Xu’s baby live broadcast room was as hot as 44.87 million; the game anchor “a small group” who had never shown his face in the live broadcast faced the camera for the first time.The fourth place on the Boresearch list.It is understood that this is the first time Betta has assembled a large-scale front-line anchor to join the live broadcast cargo camp.In terms of commodities, Betta and Taobao Alliance reached in-depth cooperation in commodity selection and supply chain.Betta chooses the food and agricultural products with Hubei’s local characteristics in the Taobao alliance commodity library, such as hot dry noodles, duck neck, crayfish, lotus root, wine brewing and so on.The “live broadcast + e-commerce” cooperation model between the two sides not only provides help for Hubei enterprises to resume production, but also guarantees the efficiency of commodity supply and sales.“斗鱼的总部在武汉,我们也是湖北的一份子,希望能够借助斗鱼的平台优势,通过‘直播+电商’这种新模式,把湖北的好品牌以更直观的方式推荐给全国网友To help Hubei’s brother enterprises resume production and production, and help Hubei’s economic recovery.Chen Shaojie, founder and CEO of Douyu, said.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Chen Li proofreading Chen Diyan

Zhou Yang was sent off for the 1,000-meter race, sitting on the sidelines and wiping his tears

Zhou Yang was sent off for the 1,000-meter race, sitting on the sidelines and wiping his tears
In the short track, Zhou Yang has proved himself.Photo / Osports On the evening of October 11, Zhou Yang appeared on the ice surface of the newly-built second and seventh speed slides.Before, Zhou Yang participated in the test match in Calgary, Canada. This time the speed skating team “through” is her first official game.Zhou Yang’s first project is 1500 meters. This distance is very familiar to her. You must know that she is the first short-track speed skating women’s 1500-meter defending successful player in the history of the Winter Olympics.Although they are all 1500 meters, different projects have different feelings for Zhou Yang. “The only thing the two are the same is the same distance, but they are very different.Short track is compared with people, speed skating is compared with time, with yourself.”In the end, Zhou Yang ‘s 1500 meters score was 2 minutes 06 seconds 49, ranking 11th among 20 players, and there was still a 4 second gap from the World Cup achievement.” For myself, (this score) is not bad.Too.But compared with everyone, it still needs a process of adaptation.”The next 1000 meters of the race, Zhou Yang ran away with the first shot, and the second shot was sent off directly because of the slow squat.In fact, in the previous Calgary Plateau test competition, Zhou Yang ‘s 1000-meter score has reached the World Cup standard. She could not have participated in this pass-through competition, but she did not want to let go of any exercise opportunities.Accidentally sent off makes Zhou Yang very depressed, sitting on the sidelines and wiping tears.”Zhou Yang has been complaining about herself since the end, she knows what it means to stand on the ice rink.”Wang Meng said that as a player turning from a short track to a avenue, Zhou Yang cherishes every game,” she hopes to show everyone the spirit of making everyone move forward together.”After the collective departure, Wang Meng has been cheering for his former teammates on the sidelines. Zhou Yang and the last 3 laps made the first rush to the finish line.For Zhou Yang, being sent off accidentally is a reminder, and it will take time for her to adapt to Dadao.In the words of Zhou Yang, “Every day of training is a challenge.”In the short track, Zhou Yang’s skill is impeccable. Now she wants to take advantage of some of the short track’s corners to speed skating.” In the short track, we rarely slide straight lines, and sometimes it takes a few steps.But after turning to speed skating, we often have to slide a straight line, and we suffer a surplus.The speed skating line is more than 100 meters, which is a big challenge for me.”Of course, for the first season of Zhuan Avenue, Zhou Yang said that he didn’t expect much,” after all, he just changed the speed skating. I hope I can treat the game with my usual heart this year.If you have a bad grade in the game, or if your status fluctuates, I hope you can calmly face it.”

70-year-old Huang Meiying premiered comedy, Xu Zheng let “Mom” relax

“Liang Mom” is a new work of “Liang Series” after director Xu Zheng has been away for four years. It is also a new understanding of Chinese family relations between middle-aged Xu Zheng.During the crisis, he accidentally got on the train bound for Russia with Huang Meiying’s mother.During the six days and six nights, he had a fierce conflict with his mother, and together they passed the difficulties together. The emotions of mother and child have been improved.[Story]When he disputed his parents ‘desire to control the script, Xu Zheng did not aim at the third work in the embarrassing series.Occasionally, he listened to his friend aiming at the K3 train bound for Russia. This train arrived in Moscow from Beijing for six days and six nights. Along the way, many different scenery can be seen. Xu Zheng thought that such a journey should be very interesting.If an adult man goes up this train, the most catastrophic thing is probably to be alone with his mother for six days, and the theme is slowly built.From the idea of freshmen to the completion of the first draft of the script, Xu Zheng and the screenwriters spent only five days.With the first draft Xu Zheng immediately booked a ticket to sit on a K3, and then kept modifying it after returning, and two closed-door creations with the screenwriters, “囧 妈” became one of Xu Zheng’s all completed scripts.Xu Zheng attributed the successful creation of the script to his personal life experience, and the state of communication with his mother in the film was his own experience.Xu Zheng’s article: “When we discussed this story, we found that most parents of our generation have a controlled layout. When they were young, they were affected by the native family. When they are combined, there will be many relationship problems.If it is not solved, especially if the traditional concept prevents them from having channels and methods to improve the relationship, these problems will be inherited and project too much love and control on the children.When the child grows up, there will be a dispute.[Photography]A large number of landmarks, 90% of the shots involved special effects. Because the story happened on a cross-border train, it took a long time along the way, and the space was small. How to shoot on the train, the crew spent almost a year, and the small script creative changesInto a huge production process.In the film, Huang Meiying’s mother is going to perform in Moscow. There are ice landmarks, snow and other Russian landmarks and landmarks along the way. The crew filmed a lot in Baikal, St. Petersburg, Moscow and surrounding cities; Yuan Quan, who played Ivan ZhangluThe scenes were concentrated in New York, and the crew went to New York to film.In Beijing, I went to the real train station, borrowed the airport in Shanghai, and shot the interior in the Wuxi studio. 90% of the shots involved special effects.Xu Zheng joked that he didn’t expect to make a special effects blockbuster in the end, “Our goal is to give the audience a sense of reality, a story that happens in real life, but there are countless special effects shots behind it.”Yuan Quan filmed on the streets of New York.”In March 2018, a Russian website reported that “One of China’s most popular directors made a movie in the Saratov Opera and Dance Theater” reported that the film, which was also temporarily called “Russian”, was going to be in the Saratov Song and Dance Theater.In the news about shooting, many citizens saw the shooting of Chinese movies for the first time.[Character]Huang Meiying like Xu Zheng ‘s mother was invited by Xu Zheng, and the actor Huang Meiying was very surprised because she had not appeared on the big screen for many years in the film and television works such as “Lust” and “Golden Family”, let alone isStarred in the Chinese New Year comedy.Xu Zheng has his own opinion: “Ms. Huang was very beautiful when she was young. Even if she is old now, her temperament and image are very good. I think the image of the role of mother is very important.I have watched Mr. Huang’s TV series long ago, and I was very impressed with her performance and face.During this trial, I found that Teacher Huang has many subtle expressions, which is exactly what my mother’s role should be.Later, when we chatted together, we learned that her husband is also from Shanghai, and that what she said about her son’s experience was exactly the same as that of my mother. I think no second person is more suitable than her.”Xu Zheng and Huang Meiying were at the shooting site.Before “Mom”, 70-year-old Huang Meiying appeared in the role of her mother many times, but all of them were more dignified and orthodox images. She was always worried about appearing in the comedy Huang Meiying.Before the official shooting, Xu Zheng found Huang Meiying a performance guide and rehearsed together. He also used the method of filming to help Huang Meiying find a role. Everyone watched it over and over again and let Huang Meiying relax.One day Xu Zheng received a message of nearly ten thousand words, which was Huang Meiying’s experience of the character. He wrote clearly the story and emotional changes of the character over the past few decades. Xu Zheng lamented that this is the dedication that only the older generation of actors have.There is a scene in the film where the mother and son are chased by a black bear in Russia and need Huang Meiying to run. Hang Weiya and Xu Zheng have been worried about Huang Meiying’s body.Unexpectedly, Huang Meiying was extremely cooperative and excited that he had been an actor for so many years.”Sometimes I think she is too serious and prepared too well. I said,” Mom, do n’t follow your preparations. Comedy should be a little easier. She will get used to it all at once. She is still used to doing the richest. “Preparation.But a little bit of running in, she will bring us more surprises.”Dialogue Xu Zheng” Sauna Night Net: The train scene is one of the biggest highlights of the film. How to solve the problem of narrow train shooting space and present a richer audiovisual experience?Xu Zheng: This K3 train crosses three countries, and there are countless stations, which has caused a lot of shooting difficulties.We rented three train cars in Russia, and all the landscapes seen outside the train had a dedicated shooting team to shoot different landscapes and different times.In the studio, we simulate the movement of the train, use lights to create light effects at different times of the day, night, dusk, etc., then simulate the different situations of the train passing through the tunnel, stopping into the station, meeting the car, etc., and finally comparing all of usDifferent attractions shot on location.So 90% of the shots in the movie have computer special effects.Sauna Night Net: How to treat the box office and market pressure carried by the embarrassing series or commercial comedy?Xu Zheng: I think a big task of commercial movies is the sense of substitution. Audiences need to find friends in the movie and resonate with the movie. I think commercial movies are facing a wider audience.And everyone’s requirements for commercial films and commercial comedies are getting higher and higher, not only satisfied with funny, but also have emotional value in the theme, which can enter the deepest and softest part of everyone’s heart.Touching the audience is the quality that a good commercial film should have.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Zhai Yongjun

[How to make lard pancake]_how to make_how to make

[How to make lard pancake]_how to make_how to make

Many girls who lose weight will sniff when they hear lard. This thing is not decent if you eat too much. In fact, otherwise, any overeating of food will cause you to gain weight. Pork has a high protein content and has a bowel moisturizing effect. A small amountIt will not make you fat, but it will make the skin shiny. In addition to cooking, lard can also be put in lard cakes, crispy and delicious, and suitable for all ages.

Here’s how to make this delicious lard cake.

Lard cake is one of the pastries in rural people in Northwest China. Because it is easy to make, it is crispy but not greasy, and it is loved by ordinary people.

The production method is as follows.

Ingredients: 500g of flour and 200g of lard.

First, prepare the lard stuffing, first cut the lard into small broken cubes. Note: it is not refined lard, it is raw lard, or it can be removed from fat.

Add the chopped chopped lard to a larger container and add: green onion, salt, pepper powder (can be replaced by thirteen incense), a small amount of chicken essence (lard cake with rice soup is the best, boil in advance before pancakesAdd a pot of rice soup, rice and millet according to personal preference, and then add an appropriate amount of dry flour (not too much, it is advisable to cover the lard with flour), stir well, and set aside after mixing.

Second, the noodles must be boiled with boiling water-prepare flour and use hot water for boiling (preferably do not use plastic containers, it is easy to be deformed and produce harmful substances), while using water, use chopsticksStir, master the amount of water, not too much, not too little. Forget about adding salt, it’s okay. At this time, make up a little bit. After mixing well, start rubbing, knead the noodles in the bowl, and knead them wellKnead the dough into a round stick, push it to the corner of the chopping board, and finish the dough.

Third, the pancake cuts the noodle sticks into the appropriate size, and then flattens. To prevent sticking, you can sprinkle some dry flour. Overall: This step is basically the same as bun bun rolling. In order to save time, you can giveThe pan or electric baking pan is heated up with electricity, and then add a little oil, preferably the cranberry oil or rapeseed oil squeezed in the home, and the ones in the city should use the supermarket brand!

Put an appropriate amount of lard on a good skin, wrap it in the same way as a bun, flatten it, roll it into a small pancake, and put it in a pot. When you turn it around, you can bake it for another 1-2 minutes.

The fire should not be too big.

When you bake, it will produce oil, and the cake will be tender and crispy inside and delicious.

Lard is a fat extracted from pork. At first, it is a translucent yellow edible oil. After solidifying, it is a white or light yellow solid, similar to cream.

However, the effect of lard will never increase the flavor and taste. It can nourish the five internal organs, especially the spleen, stomach and lungs, make the spleen and stomach strong, appetizers help digestion, and nourish lungs and cough.

In addition, eating lard can make people’s skin smooth and delicate, elastic, and can treat hair loss.

Not only that, lard also lubricates the initial function, which can make people defecate unobstructed.

The lard in pancakes can be refined on its own. The whole process of cooking lard is a small fire. Avoid too much oil residue and destroy the taste and composition of the oil. When the oil is low, you can gently heat evenly.

Put some salt or sugar before the lard is solidified to make it longer. After the lard is completely cooled, it will be white paste.

The boiled oil residue is not wasted, and the cooking or filling is good.

[Efficacy of mother-in-law Dinggen soaked in water]_ mother-in-law Dinggen _ effect _ benefits

[Efficacy of mother-in-law Dinggen soaked in water]_ mother-in-law Dinggen _ effect _ benefits

I believe people are relatively new to mother-in-law. In fact, this is the dandelion that everyone is very familiar with. The root of dandelion is a very good traditional Chinese medicine.As a material element, dandelion has a good cosmetic effect, and its medicinal value is also very high.

First: clearing heat and detoxifying dandelion is very suitable for various heat-toxic diseases. Among them, the effect of clearing liver heat is very good. For the treatment of severe redness, soreness and other wound infections caused by liver heatThe treatment effect of post or purulent diseases is also very good.

You can soak the leaves of dandelion with boiling water and take it. This can alleviate the dryness and dryness of some bodies. In addition, it has a good effect on the treatment of various fevers and purulent diseases.

Second: beauty beauty women can take more dandelion water in daily life, because not only it tastes good, but it can also have a good cosmetic effect.

As mentioned above, dandelion leaves contain a large amount of protein, traces, trace elements, and a small amount of vitamins. Taking dandelion water regularly can improve skin dermatitis or eczema.

In addition to the leaves contained in dandelion, which are good for the body, there are many benefits to the body after the flowers are taken. Some women with regular spots can drink more, because dandelion flowers have the effect of removing freckles.

Third: dissolve the dandelion. If the body has high fever or bloated sores, you can take more dandelion water.

In addition, dandelion water has a very good effect on the treatment of lactating crests, and postpartum women often take the role of guiding the milk flow.

In addition, dandelion can be taken not only internally, but also for external use. It is often used with honeysuckle.

If you want a better treatment of bowel disease, you can mix dandelion with rhubarb and tannin, so that the body can quickly recover.

Fourth: Preventing tumors Modern research has found that dandelion leaves have a very good role in preventing tumors.

Fresh dandelion leaves or dried dandelions are brewed with boiling water and taken instead of tea, which has a good effect of clearing heat and detoxifying and resisting tumors, and at the same time can better improve the body’s immunity.

Fifth: Some substances contained in the leaves of the antibacterial dandelion have certain inhibitory effects on typhoid and staphylococcus aureus.

Therefore, taking some dandelion soaked in water when it is fine is very good for the body.

[How to make claypot rice]_How to make_Making method

銆 愮 丛 浠 旈 キ 協 劆 抆 慱 莝 箝 筞 鍒 鍒 递 揂 珂 綠
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[Food that is forbidden during lactation _ those things that cannot be eaten during lactation]

[Food that is forbidden during lactation _ those things that cannot be eaten during lactation]

During breastfeeding, women must pay attention to good diet conditioning, and then diet can promote milk secretion and promote the role of nurturing children. In addition, it has a good effect on improving women’s body immunity. During this period, you should eat moreFoods that promote breast milk secretion, do not eat foods that return to milk, do not eat spicy foods, and understand the dietary contraindications during lactation.

Those things cannot be eaten during lactation.

Anti-milk foods such as meat: rabbit meat, squid, duck meat, pig heart, frog meat, etc.

Vegetables: pepper, pepper, raw garlic, fennel, leek, purslane, winter melon, cucumber, vegetable, bitter gourd, malt, ginseng, etc. will all inhibit milk secretion.


Foods that are too irritating after delivery are suitable for light, less irritating or non-irritating foods. Avoid irritating foods such as pepper, tobacco, coffee, and spicy condiments.

(1) Alcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption during lactation will cause women’s normal milk secretion and affect uterine contraction, and alcohol will interfere with the baby’s healthy growth through milk.

(2) Coffee: Drinking coffee can excite the central nervous system, stimulate heart muscle contraction, and affect the baby through milk. Women who are breastfeeding should take a break.

(3) Exciting seasonings: such as pepper, fennel, garlic, etc. Breastfeeding mothers tend to get angry and get sores after eating, which makes it difficult to defecate, and the baby has discomfort such as drooling and stomatitis, so it is not recommended.


High-fat, fried foods These foods are not easy to digest, and have high efficiency, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery, and it is not conducive to ensuring milk quality. They should be taken in moderation.


Allergic foods Some babies will have allergic symptoms. Breastfeeding mothers should pay more attention to whether the baby’s skin has rashes, etc., and take into account their dietary conditions to solve the cause of baby’s skin allergies.

Therefore, breastfeeding mothers should avoid eating foods that can cause allergies to your baby.


Cigarette smoking during lactation causes nicotine in cigarettes to quickly appear in breast milk and be sucked by the baby.

Studies have shown that nicotine has a damaging effect on the baby’s respiratory tract. Therefore, for the baby’s health, breastfeeding mothers must quit smoking and prevent second-hand smoke from harming the baby.


Medications Even lactating women do not have much effect on their babies after taking some medications, but new mothers should also consult the relevant doctor before taking the medicine, or explain the breastfeeding situation to the doctor when going to the hospital to see the doctor, so that the doctor can prescribe the appropriatedrug.