Decoction method of special Chinese medicine

Decoction method of special Chinese medicine

For some special medicines, when the doctor prescribes it, the first right corner of the drug is marked first fried, then down, fried, simmered, fried, washed, etc., special attention should be paid when cooking.

  1, frying first: shell, ore-like drugs, such as turtle plate, armour, vermiculite, stone cassia, keel, oysters, magnets, raw gypsum, etc., due to the hard and hard, the active ingredients are not easy to dissolve, can be broken and fried for 20?
For 30 minutes, add other medicines and fry.

For aconite, aconite and other drugs with side effects, must be fried 45?
60 minutes to reduce toxicity and ensure safe medication.

  2. After: Mint, Artemisia annua, Amomum villosum, white cardamom and other odors. The active ingredients in Jiujian are easy to volatilize.

Uncooked vines, rhubarb, senna, etc. are fried for a long time, and the active ingredients are destroyed. Therefore, these two kinds of drugs must be fried before the general medicine is finished?
Get off in 6 minutes.

  3. Frying: For the sticky, powdery and fluffy drugs with strong viscosity, such as terracotta, psyllium, sea gold sand, green daisies, talc, puhuang, and spinosa, it should be wrapped in a small gauze bag first, and then with otherUse the same medicine to avoid turbidity or irritation and cough.

  4. Gelatinization: Ejiao, turtle gum, antler gum, etc. In order to avoid entering the frying pan, they are often heated with water or rice wine and exchanged for cash.

  5, another fried: For ginseng, American ginseng, velvet antler, antelope horn and other valuable medicines, often fried separately, taken alone or mixed with the medicine.

  6, brewing: such as antelope powder, panax notoginseng powder, bezoar powder, pearl powder, thenardite and other precious and small quantities of drugs or powder drugs, in order to avoid waste, decoction is generally not used, other fried liquid or boiling water can be usedChongfu.

How to buy ripe fruits

How to buy ripe fruits

Apple-If the bottom is cyan, it means that it is not yet ripe.

Tap and see, if the sound is not crisp, it means it is not fresh.

  Pineapple-Look at the color of the skin first. The round black plump pineapple is the freshest.

If the leaves are dark green, it means that the sun is good, and the sweetness and juice are much.

The fragrance is the most delicious to help suppress the soft pineapple.

  Strawberries-Fresh strawberry pedicles are dark green.

The pedicle should be bright red all around, if the fruit still has white parts, it means that it is not yet ripe.

  Banana-The skin has many black spots and the darkest yellow banana is the most delicious.

5 ways to increase your explosive speed

5 ways to increase your explosive speed

Core tip: Speed refers to the ability of the human body to move quickly.

Armed policeman training is a comprehensive and complex movement. In order to hit the target or avoid the opponent’s attack, it must have the speed to complete various actions quickly. This is also an important condition for whether the opponent can be defeated in actual combat.

  (A) the main content of speed training1.
Speed of displacement.

That is, the ability to change direction suddenly in action, including balance and control of inertia.

Such as footwork, body movement, etc.

  2.Muscle speed.

That is, the ability to defeat the enemy with correct and fast movements is mainly the speed of muscle contraction.

  3.Mind speed.

That is, with agile thinking, think about how to defeat and defeat the opponent.

  4.Speed of action.

Attack from the correct state, correct posture, and technical action.

5.Visual speed.

It refers to whether the eye can quickly find its flaws when the opponent is moving or stationary.

  (Two) specific training methods 1.
Practice a 30-meter run: Physical fitness training runs at a speed of 30 meters.

Such a distance can give play to speed, improve lower limb strength, and improve coordination.

Changing conditions during running can also train trainees’ mental concentration and resilience.

Includes the following: 30-meter fast run, 30-meter change direction run, 30-meter acceleration run, 30-meter side run.

  2.Practice reaction speed: one side attack, one side defense.

The defender is required to find out the action before the opponent attacks and make a defensive action correctly.

  3.Quick skipping (half minute skipping, count): one is to jump once with both feet, and the rope is wound once; the second is to jump once with both feet, and the rope is to be wound for two weeks.

  4.Shooting practice: First, hit the target in the predetermined order and evaluate the time required to complete the specified number of moves; second, specify 30 seconds, and then hit the target multiple times in the predetermined order.

  5.Weight-bearing exercises: such as pushing bricks on horses, wearing heavy gloves and punching sandbags with legs or hitting hanging bags.

  Everyone should pay attention to the following issues in speed training: 1.
To complete the training movements at a speed of speed, the movements used are the correct movements that the trainee has mastered;
The duration of the hitting exercise will generally exceed 20 seconds; 3.
Specialized action speed exercises should be consistent with actual combat actions; 4.
When training, you must master the interval between exercises.

Do you know the principle of running fitness

Do you know the principle of running fitness

Core Tips: In the early stages of exercise, the speed of running is limited to no discomfort, and the distance to run should not be difficult.

After running, muscle pain in the lower limbs may occur. This is a normal reaction and will disappear after a few days of exercise.

  At the beginning of the exercise, the speed of running is limited to no uncomfortable feeling, and the distance to run should not be difficult.
After running, muscle pain in the lower limbs may occur. This is a normal reaction and will disappear after a few days of exercise.
  In order to determine the level of your exercise level, you can take some tests three to four months after taking a running exercise. The test starts with the distance run in 12 minutes.

  People in the 30-39 age group can’t reach a distance of 12 in 12 minutes.


8 kilometers, indicating a poor level of exercise; if it can reach 1.


6 kilometers, indicating a good level of exercise; if it can exceed 2.

6 kilometers, that is to reach an excellent level of exercise.

  For those in the 40-47 age group, those with poor exercise levels run 1 distance every 12 minutes.

Within 6 kilometers; 1 is good.


4 km; 2 for excellent.

More than 5 kilometers.

  Those who are over 50 years old are poor, and the distance between good and excellent people is 1 every 12 minutes.

Within 5 kilometers, 1.


4 kilometers and 2.

More than 5 kilometers.
  Don’t fantasize about getting the desired results in the short term, only regular exercise will increase your level of exercise.

If you only run once a week, you can run a long distance without many digits.

Because in the six days of interrupted running, the body’s tissue has consumed all the benefits of running.

Therefore, running must not interfere three times in a week.

People who usually lack exercise, once they decide to start regular exercise, often exercise too much, which will lead to adverse consequences.

Exercises should be carried out in an appropriate and gradual manner. The following items should be recorded in the diary every day: 1. The nature, content, duration of the exercise and the time spent in each exercise;  3, appetite and sleep conditions; 4, whether there is a desire to continue to exercise; 5, pulse beating.

  According to the above records, it is not difficult to analyze the amount of exercise and make necessary adjustments to exercise in time.

At least, the pulse beats more than 120 beats per minute after 5 minutes of running, and the pulse beats more than 100 beats per minute after 10 minutes of running.

If the pulse rate is too fast, the amount of exercise must be reduced.

Health Mistakes That Occur Every Day

Health Mistakes That Occur Every Day

Modern people pay special attention to health and wellness, but there are many misunderstandings in health and wellness. In addition to the limited cognitive ability of human beings, it also has a lot to do with misinformation by the people, misleading opinion, and false advertising induction.

Therefore, health and wellness need science as the sole guide.


hzh{display:none;}  以下是日常生活中经常出现的误区,你不妨对照一下。  Think that two meals a day can lose weight. Some women only eat two meals a day in order to pursue a slim figure, thinking that they can lose weight.

On the contrary, people who eat two meals a day are more likely to gain weight. Japanese sumo athletes are people who eat only two meals a day. Would you like to be as fat as them?

  It is believed that drinking milk reduces high blood pressure and increases Chinese milk consumption by less than 1/3 of the conversion. Many people do not consume milk because they feel that drinking milk has high blood pressure.

This is not the case. Studies have found that the cholesterol contained in milk is not high, and the orotic acid contained in milk also has an effect of inhibiting cholesterol.

Medical research has also confirmed that drinking milk can also help reduce coronary heart disease and treat high blood pressure.

It is worth reminding that drinking milk on an empty stomach is not conducive to the absorption and utilization of nutrients; drinking yogurt on an empty stomach will cause the acidity in the stomach to be too strong, and it is difficult for lactic acid bacteria to survive in gastric juice, which reduces the health effect of yogurt.

  Soymilk should be eaten daily without cooking soy products, which is very cracked.

However, soy milk must be cooked before drinking. Soy milk is not cooked and cooked thoroughly. The trace amount of protease inhibitors contained in the soy milk are destroyed and the soy milk is difficult to digest, which causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

  Some people like to eat pickled foods because they are refreshing and appetizing, but pickled foods contain a large amount of nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are two carcinogens.

Therefore, it is better to eat less salted food.

  It is believed that the more fish eat, the better. The traces of fish contain unsaturated fatty acids, which have an anti-atherosclerotic effect. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, enhance memory, protect vision, and eliminate complications.

But fish-eating is not the better, the fish’s fatty acid contains 20 pentacenoic acid, which can effectively inhibit the flakes’ coacervation effect. Long-term overdose of fish will lead to a decrease in the cohesion of the fragments and cause various spontaneous bleeding, such as subcutaneous purpura and cerebral hemorrhageWait.

  Many people think that boiling water does not make tea, but it is not necessary to use boiling water to make tea, because using boiling water to make tea will destroy many nutrients in the tea and dissolve excessive residual acids and aromatic substances., So that tea has a bitter taste, reducing the role of nourishing health.

The water temperature for making tea should generally be around 80 ° C, which can be appropriately higher in winter.

  It is believed that more vinegar is good for vinegar, which can increase appetite, appetite and spleen, and protect the absorption of vitamin C in vegetables.

It is also effective in lowering blood pressure and preventing flu.

So some people think that vinegar has many benefits, and excessive vinegar, even some people simply drink vinegar.

As everyone knows, excessive consumption of vinegar will burn the esophagus, burn the mucous membranes, and damage the spleen and stomach. It will soften the bone, increase osteoporosis, and cause fractures.

  It is believed that drinking alcohol can protect against cold and enhance sexual function. The conversion produced by alcohol burning in the body is minimal. The feeling of warmness after drinking is because alcohol can stimulate blood vessels to expand and accelerate metabolism, giving people an added series ofphenomenon.
At this time, the heat dissipation in the body is accelerated. If the sugar, trace amounts and protein are not available in the body, they will enter the cold environment to work or exercise, and colds, colds, and diseases will easily occur.

People swimming in winter should not drink alcohol before entering the water, otherwise it will be very dangerous.

People who work or exercise in a cold environment should eat more sugary, trace and protein foods to increase energy; others believe that drinking can enhance sexual function, and studies have found that alcohol has both an excitatory and inhibitory effect on the central nervous system.

In the early days, drinking a small amount of alcohol can promote sexual excitement, but long-term drinking will have an inhibitory effect, which will only weaken sexual desire, leading to impotence, premature diarrhea, impotence of ejaculation, inability to have sexual intercourse, and eventually loss of sexual function.

Alcohol also directly affects the production of spermatids, reduces the ability to reproduce, causes severe deformities, and affects offspring.

Actually, men are also made of water

Actually, men are also made of water

On the first day, God said, “Let there be light!

“So there was morning, and there was night.

  The next day, God said, “Let there be air.

“So there was sky above.

  On the third day, God said, “Let there be land.

“There is ground below.

  On the fourth day, God said, “Let there be light in heaven.

“So there was the sun and the moon.

  On the fifth day, God said, “Let there be souls on the earth.

“So there are beasts, birds, fish and birds.

  On the sixth day, God said, “Someone else .” So God created man in the image of himself in the water.

  On the seventh day, God accomplished the work of creation.

  In Chinese myths and legends, it seems that only Pangu opened up.

In Western Bible stories, it is even more obvious that God created man.

Creating man is the last and most sacred work of God in the seven days.

After God created man, he obtained all the rights of others in the world and allowed him to have all the emotional expressions of man in a balanced manner.

God named Adam.

I think when God created this work, he never thought of any difference between men and women.

God never thought that it would be necessary for future men to bear so many responsibilities. God just wanted to make people, like themselves, live a free and happy life on the earth.

But when God used Adam’s ribs to create another man named Eve, everything changed substantially.

Because when God brought Eve to Adam, Adam was immediately selected to connect this person with his life, and he said verbally, “This is the bone in my bones, the flesh in the flesh!

I want to call her a woman.

I want to cry with her, I want to laugh with her.

“But when Adam and Eve’s naked bodies gave them their perfect bodies, singing hand-in-hand in the Garden of Eden, sing together and sing the sweet fruit, Satan appeared before Eve in the shape of a snake.

At the temptation of the snake, Eve finally reached out and took the forbidden fruit, put it in her mouth, and she took another one for Adam . So, God said to them: From then on, this man must be crushed for the womanTorture, and the woman will suffer for her own life.

  Although this is only a myth, it is not so in our real world.

When a man was born, a woman kept telling him in his ear: you are a man, you must be strong!

Although he hadn’t opened his eyes at that time.

In the future, he didn’t dare cry when he toddler hurt, because he remembered that he was a man.

In the future, another or more women will continue to tell him in his ears that you are a man and you must be strong!

And when he gave her strength for her, he gave him a lifelong indulgence of vanity comfort.

Although he had opened his eyes at that time, he could not help himself at all, because it had swallowed the beautiful forbidden fruit that she had handed over.

He knew that he was destined to be only a symbol of strength. He had to accumulate the secrets and pains of his later life, and in this way he firmly confined his free emotions to collection.

As a man, he can’t solve it anymore, he even feels that secret can make himself look thick, but never thought of the heavy price.

  In fact, men don’t want to do this at all. From the deep inside of themselves, they want to sway the waist like a woman and be loved by others.

They want to go back to the womb and sway from the wind and rain.

Maybe they may not be willing to be born at all.

However, the past life and the present life are doomed to start at this moment. For their women, they can no longer shed tears easily and can no longer sing at will.They must be a hard animal!

A fierce animal!

They must be the lion who never fears in the jungle, or at least one wolf who has not tried to eat for a few days in the snow and ice and has to roar.

However, no one knows the thrilling encounter that lion has just had, and no one knows how many days and nights the wolf has been hungry.

This is the helplessness of men, this is the self-righteousness of men, men will pay the price whether they are willing or not.

  In the 21st century, the competition for survival is fierce.

Because they are men, the wind and rain they bear on their humerus can never be relieved, and the tremendous pressure they bear is even more indescribable.

At any time, no matter how aggrieved, the tears of a man will not belong to the eyes of a man.

They gritted their teeth for their woman, straightening their already injured body.

When they are sad, they can only smoke cigarettes alone. Fortunately, they still have cigarettes.

Because the fragile hearts of men can no longer bear the slight disdain of a woman, how worried are they that their women will leave themselves because of their softness, or that they look down on themselves.

As if their lives were for their own ribs, their hard work was for their toothy smile.

For their women, they endured all kinds of torture in their lives with their will.

As God said to Adam: You must be tortured by that woman for that woman!

But does that woman really understand the suffering of being a man?

No, never.

If one day, women can understand men in essence, then by then men will truly get their happiness.

Because in this world, everyone thinks that the strength of men is right, including men themselves.

Everyone has become accustomed to the appearance of men who are always strong, and ignore the weakness of men behind toughness.

Of course, men also bow to their own inexplicable responsibility and glory.

All of these make men conscious that only strong can stand, only strong can win a woman’s pity, only strong can be worthy of his life, and only strong can finally win the world.

The ridiculous thing is that they never know why they want to get the world, they only know that they have tried their best to hide their inner fragility with that thin mask.

They are most afraid to admit their softness in front of the world, and they are most afraid to admit that they are also made of water. They sometimes cry more than women, and their broad shoulders sometimes require the soft embrace of women.

However, because they are men, they must be like that, but not like that . Lao Tzu said: water is good, everything is good and there is stillness, which is evil among all people, so it ‘s a bit of a sorrow.

It means that water has all kinds of virtues, moisturizes all things without contending with all things, is at a low place that people do not want, and maintains the inherent calm invariably.

In a certain sense, the nature of water is closer to the essence of the Tao.

There are also reports that this is the age of new and bad men.

New and bad men bear some responsibility when they are willing to be responsible, and never wrong themselves when they are not responsible.

Women feel such men are kind.

So I said, men don’t have to work so hard for their so-called necessity.

Too many men will inadvertently and unknowingly express their coldness and feel that they are ice. Only below zero can they reflect their natural qualities.

As everyone knows, ice is the most tempting when it melts.

Men should understand this, don’t worry that the world will become wild because of your occasional melting, don’t worry that women will look down on you because you want to bury tears in their arms.

Men should tell their women rightly: In fact, we also do water.

That kind of man is more real!

  Let us release our tenderness together and quietly digest all the good things in this world .

Eight Commandments You Must Know When Educating Children

Eight Commandments You Must Know When Educating Children

Moms and dads who have already been parents must have heard of many educational experiences, but the eight precepts we introduce below cannot be stepped on. Let ‘s compare them together.

  Commandment 1: Education cannot be angered, and the more important thing is not to vent their restraint instead.

When children make us very angry, we must bear with it and don’t rush to get angry first, because no matter what we do, the first thought that comes up first is often problematic.

Sometimes the mistakes made by children may be nothing, but they are not what we want, or they hit the gun at the wrong time. Just like we often encounter this situation, we are exhausted from home and have to cook.But when they saw that the children were not doing homework, they also put toys on a pile of ground, and immediately the fire came up.

If you are going to “flatten” your child at this time, you might as well pull the curtains in the living room and look at the outside view. The weather is very bright, very beautiful, and calm yourself down.

Think of it this way, the anger is half gone, and then hold the child’s hand and tell him what should be done. As a result, the child packs the toy, and then starts to work again.

  For parents, the so-called restraint, avoiding “first thoughts”, that is, educating children also requires us to have a better balance.

To treat children, we should probably change the two idioms we know well: righteousness, righteousness and strictness, and more time should be replaced with “righteousness, righteousness, gentleness”.

Strict discipline is also about strict principles and strict thinking. Be honest, gentle, and patient.

  Commandment 2: You must not think about it. To educate and educate children must be persistent, and to educate children must not ignore the details.

You see, you are the one who walks with your child. You need to show your child how to go. The type cannot be three people walking side by side. When two people are walking, the adult or man should be outside.

  Paul Clark, a well-known elementary school teacher in the United States, wrote a book “Excellent Is Cultivated.” Teacher Clark pays special attention to the detailed education of children. Some ca n’t speak with food while eating. If there are people behind when pushing the door,It is necessary to turn the door for him to look at people with kind eyes and so on. There are 55 in total, all of which are details of the child’s growth. In fact, these details are also the “big end” of life, because the details are behind the bigend.

If you do not have the responsibilities that you should always remember, and you do not live with your children, you may miss the critical period of growth, and later education will be difficult.

  Commandment 3: You cannot educate your child in public. Even if they do the worst thing, you must educate him to take the child home. Scolding and beating in public are often very serious.

In a junior high school, there was an incident where the father slaps the child in front of the teacher and classmates, and the child immediately ran to the top of the building and jumped to commit suicide. This is a heart-breaking tragedy.There are many tragedies.

The most important thing in education is to respect the human dignity of the person, to protect the child’s heart, and to do this, there is no real education at all.

  We must oppose that both praise and criticism of children are an emotional interaction. Parents who are too strong often lead to unproductive children, parents who are too rude, and children often have the same manic temperament.

Even in schools, special attention should be paid to avoid rigorous education of students in public. You can praise someone for doing it in public or even grandly.

But you have to be critical of a person, and you have to be cautious, you might as well use a private, quiet, gentle way.

A wise teacher does not need to have a severe responsibility for resigning from a student, and a wise parent can always inform and educate children that they cannot pursue immediate results.

  Commandment 4: You ca n’t talk to your child and educate your child. The less you communicate with your child, the less you know how to communicate with your child. The less you know how to communicate with your child, the more you will definitely not understand your child.So, if you have a chance to talk to your child, what would you say to him?

  As a parent, do you know the stress and suffering of your child?

Can you approach your child’s inner world?

Children are better before the third grade of elementary school. After 10 years old, they almost don’t know how to communicate.

Once there was any distress, about 35% of the children talked to classmates and friends, and less than 10% talked to parents and teachers. The image of parents gradually faded from their emotional world or even absent.

In this case, the conversation between parents and children is more likely to become preaching, criticism, and refusal. After the child is 13 years old, the child will not even give you the opportunity to criticize.

  Commandment five: Try to avoid negative education. Our culture lacks sincere praise and encouragement for people, a tradition of experiencing happiness from a small thing, and a lack of awareness that “doing something that is meaningless makes life meaningful.”

We are used to “doing big things” and getting “great achievements”. Correspondingly, we like criticism, negation, and negative cues.

If you have n’t tried one thing, someone will remind you that you must not do it well. One thing is a little bit difficult. The immediate thought is to shrink back. If one thing is not in the parents ‘mind, it is likely to be ironic and ironic.

These situations are very serious in the family culture. As parents, changing oneself must start with the desire to restrain criticism, start from changing the habit of “backstory”, and change one’s “don’t believe, encourage, and expect.””” Begins.

It is not the child’s shortcomings, shortcomings, shortcomings, but when the child has the courage to try and change, to help him.

  Commandment 6: Try to avoid education when children eat and sleep. Dining time should be a warm time for the family, and it should be a thankful moment when we can live healthy and beautifully in this world.

Eating is a kind of enjoyment, eating is a kind of communication, a beautiful exchange, a beautiful party.

Adults want to increase good parties and reduce boring entertainment.

A good party should first be in the family.

So don’t let your children tremble when they eat, and they will eventually lose their appetite for food.

I also saw some children who eat very fast. Why is it fast?

Just to make you too late to criticize him.He eats so fast, it’s not good for the stomach, it’s not good for food, let alone the etiquette of a table.

  And when the child is going to sleep, education is not only ineffective, but also affects the child’s sleep.

When the child goes to sleep, his head is full of these critical messages, and he will have nightmares.

I also have a point of view, in fact, one person sleeps well. The next day, the way to look at the world is different. The next day when you open the window, wow, you will feel that the world is very beautiful.

If there are always evil dreams, if you don’t sleep well for three days, your eyes will be full of enemies.

So let the child sleep well, let the child eat well, even if he made a mistake, you must find a more reasonable and appropriate time, and then educate.

This is actually doing good deeds for children.

  Commandment No. 7: Don’t simply compare your own children with others’ children. Each child has a huge difference. Every child has a secret we don’t know. Every child has a reason to be “this way.”

To educate your child, you better target his “this look”.

Mozart played a good violin at the age of five, and composed at the age of seven. That was Mozart.

Li Bai, we also know that he has the story of grinding the iron pestle into a needle, but his talent as the great poet is still the most important.

  Commandment No. 8: Teach your children not to “severe crimes and punish them.” First, explain that you usually spend too little time with your children, too little concern, and have not fulfilled the minimum responsibility of parenting.

First of all, it also shows that you are more “revengeful” and like turning over old accounts.

Sometimes it’s not that your words are unreasonable, but that your way is wrong.

In the wrong way, education must be ineffective.

As parents, all power means responsibility, and this responsibility forces us to change.

How to treat night sweats

How to treat night sweats

Teach you six to plant a medicated diet for night sweats for night sweat patients.

1. Black bean floating wheat soup materials: Take 50 grams of black beans, 30 grams of floating wheat, 15 grams of lotus rice, 10 red dates, and 30 grams of rock sugar.

Usage: First wash the black beans and floating wheat separately, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, cook over low heat until the black beans are thoroughly cooked, remove the residue and extract the juice, and then use the above herbs to cook the washed lotus rice and red dates.When the lotus rice is ripe, add rock sugar to dissolve it and serve immediately after boiling.

Take one dose a day and finish it in 2 portions.

2, Huangdi two honey drink materials: Huangdi 30 grams, glutinous rice root 30 grams, ephedra root 15 grams, 30 grams of honey.

Usage: Put the above three flavor medicines in the same pot, add 3 bowls of water to cook. When it is cooked to 1 bowl, remove the medicine residue, add honey and dissolve, and stir 2 times a day.

3. Lily and lotus seed drink material: 20 grams of lily, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of rock sugar.

Usage: first wash the lily and lotus seeds, put a proper amount of water in the pot, slowly simmer until the lily is over low heat, the lotus seeds are ripe, add rock sugar to dissolve, and serve once a day for several days.

4, ginseng porridge material: take 10 grams of ginseng, 20 grams of Poria, 10 grams of ginger, 100 grams of rice, salt, MSG amount.

Usage: First, ginseng, Poria, and ginger are tortured with appropriate amount of water. Then, remove the juice and use the residue for later use. Then rinse the rice before putting it into the medicinal sauce and cook it with low heat.

Add salt when cooked until porridge is cooked, mix MSG evenly, eat 2 times on an empty stomach, one dose per day.

5. Ingredients of Tremella fuciformis jujube soup: take 30 grams of Tremella fuciformis, 20 grams of jujube, and moderate amount of rock sugar.

Usage: Soak the white fungus with warm water, remove the pedicle, and tear into small pieces after washing.

Wash and tear the red dates.

Add the right amount of water to the pot, slowly simmer to white fungus with low heat, and the red dates are cooked. Add the rock sugar to dissolve and mix well. You can eat the pot twice.

6, Longan ginseng drink materials: take 30 grams of longan meat, 6 grams of ginseng, 30 grams of rock sugar.

Usage: First clean the longan meat, slice the ginseng, then put it in a bowl with rock sugar, add an appropriate amount of water, steam in the steamer for about an hour, take it out and let it cool, and eat it twice a dose.

5 kinds of behaviors in life that hurt the cervical spine

5 kinds of behaviors in life that hurt the cervical spine

An epidemiological survey showed that the incidence of cervical spondylosis in this population is as high as 21%, which is much higher than the national average incidence-7% to 17%.

The reason is that poor living habits combined with high-intensity work rhythms are the main reasons for the high incidence of cervical spondylosis in modern people.

  Survey article 21% of white-collar workers have cervical spondylosis Many people are curious. If you give a list of certain risk factors that cause cervical spondylosis, what is the most dangerous?

According to the research, we found that the impact of our daily habits on the cervical spine in accordance with the degree of danger is: bowing time, working pressure, age, pillow height, allowing cold, stress, exercise, sleeping posture, consciousnessFatigue, throat infections, ventilation, smoking, drinking, and causing trauma.

  In previous epidemiological investigations of cervical spondylosis, almost all the literature considered that age was positively correlated with the incidence of cervical spondylosis.

However, recent epidemiological surveys have upset some of the previous signs.

  The influence of age on cervical spondylosis may no longer be the primary factor. Through the changes in working and living conditions, the intensity of work, and the prevalence of young people with more stress are increasing year by year.

IT staff, pharmaceutical staff, middle school teachers, media workers, office clerks, accountants, drivers, students, etc. have become high-risk groups of cervical spondylosis.

  Mistake area 1: Playing with a mobile phone while watching a computer at home. People want to be comfortable and comfortable. It is not uncommon to watch a TV while lying in bed or on the sofa.Hidden great risks.

  Action: When playing with the mobile phone, the muscles of the arm have been pulled to the preset muscles.

Unbalanced tension is a predisposing factor for cervical spondylosis.

Therefore, please raise the laptop or lower the seat to keep your eyes level with your computer screen. Looking down and looking up will bend the cervical spine, which can only be a burden.

  Misunderstanding 2: Pillows are too high or too low. Many people like to sleep on high pillows, and others prefer not to sleep on pillows to prevent wrinkles.

This is not good for cervical spine health.

  Suggestion: The pillow we replace should be able to fully support the calibrated lordosis, and its height is best to maintain the normal lordosis of the cervical spine during sleep.

  The ancients said: “Sitting like a clock, standing like a pine, walking like a wind, sleeping like a bow.

“This sentence clearly points out the most correct body posture of a person. In this state, the human body has the least pressure to reduce.

Unfortunately, few people can do this now. Maintaining a good posture is not only good for physical health, but also a manifestation of elegant manners.

  Misunderstanding 3: Large single-shoulder backpacks. Many urban women at work like large single-shoulder backpacks, which allow generous fashion, easy replacement, and put large and small things in the bag.

As everyone knows, this causes a great burden on the spine, and it is easy to cause scoliosis due to uneven force.

In addition, when carrying a backpack, people shrug their shoulders unconsciously, or consciously raise the front of the backpack. These small movements can cause injuries to the spine for a long time.

  Some people will say, “I’m holding the head office?”

In fact, the bag or the back or the puppet has the same pressure on one side of the human body.

  Reason: It needs to be reminded that this does not mean that the backpack has no effect on the human spine at all. Gravity acts on the shoulder, which causes a burden on the blood and also affects health.

In our daily life, we must try to keep the pressure on our shoulders even.

  Misunderstanding 4: Too little clothing, greedy, cool and windy summer, women are wearing less and less, sling, umbilical, backless, open hip grooves . even more and more styles, bare skinMore and more.

  At work, shopping and shopping, in the company, the mall is full of cool air blowing from the air conditioner, refreshing, so cool!

Your body temperature has dropped, but the cold air has penetrated into your body through your skin.

In particular, the retinal hair is cold and cold, which is particularly easy to induce cervical spondylosis.

  Reason: The cervical spine is the place where the du veins and bladder pass. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is the place where the body is yang.

If you are greedy and cold, the retina is prone to cold and stiffness, which means that there is obvious spot leakage of Qi and blood in your veins or bladder meridian, which will also cause the basic pathological changes of cervical spondylosis.

  Mistake area 5: Health care instead of treating some people’s complications. I like to use massage therapy shops everywhere on the road and let them use the trigger method. A little carelessness will cause the risk of vertebral body, spinal cord, blood vessel and nerve injury.

Dr. Zhu Guomiao once encountered a medical dispute in which a patient massaged a damaged massage in a massage parlour. The patient was finally determined by magnetic resonance to be a fracture of the fourth lumbar vertebrae.

  Prevention: Dr. Zhu reminded to go to the beauty salon to press and rub the muscles, but never let non-professional physicians use the trigger method.

In addition, if the patient has obvious neck pain and low back pain, he must go to a professional hospital for diagnosis and treatment, because the judgment and treatment of neck pain are very professional.

Eating eggs can help build muscle

Eating eggs can help build muscle

If people who regularly exercise and fitness can develop a diet that eats eggs, it is to increase muscle mass. It is very helpful for friends who want to strengthen their body. Then, the bodybuilder should eat a fewHow about eggs?

Yes, fitness experts point out that the number of eggs to eat should be determined according to age.

  For bodybuilders, eggs are a very effective nutrient. It can help men’s muscle growth plan be realized at an early date. Therefore, bodybuilders will consult to eat a few eggs. It ‘s better to eat a few eggs.Get up and understand.

  Recently, Jeff Wallerk, a professor of physiology in Connecticut, USA, wrote on a US fitness website that the nutritional mix in an egg is the most suitable for muscle growth and is the most economical supplement for strength training.

  Why Eating Eggs Helps Gain Muscle Professor Jeff Warlock pointed out that an egg weighs about 50 grams, contains 7 grams of protein, and 6 grams of auntie, and can produce 82 kcal. Its amino acid ratio is very suitable for human physiological needs, and it is very easy to beAbsorption by the body, and the utilization rate is as high as 98%.

Eggs are high in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins A and B. They are the best for growing muscle.

  In addition, Professor Warlock also pointed out that a large egg yolk containing 4-5 grams of aunt is also an unsaturated aunt that is good for heart health.

Its beneficial vitamin B can break down trace amounts, help repair cell membranes, and is good for muscle growth.

  Judging how many eggs should be eaten according to age Although the fitness effect of eating eggs is good, it should not be too much, especially for regular exercisers. Eating too many eggs can easily increase the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Professor Jeff Walleck pointed out that strength training is suitable for people of all ages. The optimal amount of food to eat should also be differentiated according to age. Usually, the elderly eat 1-2 a day, young and middle-aged eat 2 a day, and heavy laborers.Can eat 2-3 a day, children’s metabolism is fast, can also eat 2-3 a day.

  Tips from fitness experts: Eating eggs helps to build muscle. Eating a few eggs depends on the age of the bodybuilder. Fitness diet needs to pay attention to nutritional balance, so bodybuilders should not only eat eggs, but also supplement other foods, especiallymeat.