Having loved everything is enough

Having loved everything is enough

From his resentful eyes, carved into my heart, he will inadvertently stab wounds wrapped in layers.

  At this moment, I sat quietly alone under a dim lamp in the high-rise building, watching the night-falling capital city and the vast night sky in front of the window, and lonely turned over the past that never faded.

  There are too many stories about love in this world, but I believe that the story between us cannot be counted as a perfect love.

Meet quietly and break up quietly, and even didn’t say “precious” to each other when they broke up, only vaguely remembered that each other was drunk to the fullest, the figure faded away in the far night mist . I always thought I hadMy heart is like water, but when the night is quiet, I often remember those beautiful days.

  At that time, the sun was warmer and the sky was more lush, and I soared around the campus like a lively blue bird, squandering the sunny days until I met Feng.

  Feng is a handsome and gentle boy, with him like heaven.

When he was alone, he didn’t dare to stare into his eyes, lest the disobedient eyes conveyed his own affection.

So “I’m getting ridiculed for Iraq”, “People are thinner than Huanghua.”

The self-esteem of the girl made me unable to speak, letting my thoughts flutter like autumn leaves.

In the early morning, I leaned against the tree with regrets and looked at the maple running on the guide. I felt that the sky was very close, but the maple was too far and too far . This intoxicating pain lasted half a year, finallyAt dusk when the setting sun reached, I saw a tender girl, and the little bird leaned against Feng’s broad chest like a human. The overflowing happiness let me escape from that path, and the tender tenderness made me unable to restrainTo look back.

From then on, the gloomy eyes were engraved in my heart, and accidentally wounded the wounds that were wrapped in layers.

  At the graduation party, the candlelight was swaying and the moon was dim.

I have become accustomed to hiding in the crowd, and my heart is as calm as water, and even this seemingly calm water is often surging waves.

One of Feng’s friends approached with a glass of wine and drunk slightly, and inadvertently told Feng’s regret.

It turned out that Feng’s heart had been deeply in love with me, but his excessive restraint made him retreat.

One of the ways to suppress your feelings is to shift, as with many classic versions, clumsy and overwhelming.

  I was deeply distressed, and I would not let tears burst, and infinite remorse came to my heart.

A “snap”, I don’t know whose glass was broken, my heart fell apart that night, and I was drunk in the sadness of parting . Yeah, if everything can be pushed back, those yearsHow much regret will be left!

Bring a little and a half drunk, stay awake, years are flawless, it’s just us who are wrong.

  For many years, some people say that I am a chic girl, maybe because I used to express my feelings vividly and wipe out the clouds of past events.

It can come out of countless lonely days, but this chic did not forget, that pure emotion and unrepentant devotion is the best gift left by youth, and it is also the comfort of the soul in the middle of the night, because I hadLoved, deeply loved, all this is enough.

Loyal to love but not to lover

Loyal to love but not to lover

I got a call from Eva and I was surprised. We only met on one side. It was at a friend’s birthday party. When Eva got drunk that day, there was a big mess.

  ”I’m really sorry, that disappointed everyone that day.

Eva’s sincerity on the phone surprised me a little bit. Besides knowing that she was the PR director of an advertising media company, I met her strangely. How could a drunk be the reason to solemnly apologize?

“I really want to talk to you well, not to mention work, I think we should be good friends.

Eva’s sluggish voice made me feel a lonely soul eager to talk.

  ”Will you fall in love?

I think I am already.

Eva said that she can’t do without love. Only when she is in love can she feel the joy of life. “Loyal to love but not lover” has become a 29-year-old Eva’s holy book of love.

  One is probably the natural fear of marriage, or Pisces likes to be free and easy. In 1999, I decided to leave my boyfriend who fell in love for 3 years.

It was a fleeing marriage that was not an escape. Taking a wedding photo, the wedding was a matter of course.

But the word “marriage” hangs like a sharp sword, besides panic or panic, so the excuse for the beloved advertising business, the excuse of disagreement, I got that beautiful photo album and disappeared from my boyfriend’s life.
  My behavior not only made my parents antagonize, but also hurt my boyfriend deeply. I admit that it was an injury that affected his future love life.

In the material city of Shanghai, his material conditions are very good. The house and the car are all prepared for me. He is an excellent white-collar worker in his financial field and has a bright future at his fingertips.

Abandoning these material conditions, everyone thinks I am crazy, only I know that what I desire more is freedom.

  Freedom needs to be replaced by cost. Besides working hard, my relationship life is not smooth, but it can also be called gorgeous.

From the end of 1999 to the end of 2000, I experienced three more love affair in a year, several sexual encounters, the time was extended for only one month, I experienced the fireworks-like love, and knew what one-night stand is.

Sometimes love is like this, it can be a smelt of alcohol, or it can be a fleeting firework. When it is over, it will be smashed.

I like the taste of love. Women in love are the most beautiful. The kind of sweet nourishment makes women younger and more energetic.

Picasso’s phrase “Loyal to love but not to lover” makes sense, and I take it as my love motto.

  Do you believe in constellations?

I am convinced.

Pisces loves freedom, it is a complete complement to every love, love is alive; but love is gone, the fish will regain their mood and wait for the next love.

Pisces and Taurus are very compatible on the star edge. When I met Chen Er of Taurus, it really worked.

  When I saw Chen Er, I was returning to Shanghai under the sunshine of Shangri-La, when I just broke up with an admiring man.

I remember a friend called that day to say there was a poetry party in the evening. In an unknown little bar, the focus of the guest was Chen Er.

Chen Er, the name I saw in the newspaper faintly is strange, except I know he is a writer, poet, from Nanjing, I know nothing else.

  When I drove from Huashan Road to Zhenning Road and followed a friend’s direction into a lane, a small bar quietly flashed its sign in the depths of the lane.

It was past 11pm when I arrived, and I heard that the poetry conference was over. The tables in the bar were sculpted into strips. From here to there, more than 30 people sat around.

The table is full of beer bottles, empty or full, the background music is lined with smoke, and the loud poets, the bar atmosphere is psychedelically back to the 80s.

I greeted a few friends who did n’t know much and was about to slip away, “Eva, introduce a friend to you!

“Fat Xiaodou stood up from the other side of the crowd and smiled loudly at me.

I saw Chen Er sitting next to Xiaodou.

Thin, pair of black-rimmed glasses, a book full of annoyed men at first glance, I went forward and said a few words, leaving each other phone numbers.

Probably nothing to say, or poetry may be too unfamiliar to me. That day, I left the bar not long after that. What I can remember is that white scholar face.

  Later we started to make some phone calls. I told him that he could find me on the Internet, so he bought a laptop and went online.

That year, I was 26 and he was 40. What can we talk about?

From the very first greetings to the later life, art, religion, ideals, reality, we chatted across the sea, and finally the topic stayed in love.

He said that he had a failed marriage, and he said that if he found a good girl he wanted to marry again and build a stable family, the turbulent emotional life he was tired of was tired.I have nothing to say except comfort.

“I love you.

“I just entered the chat room one afternoon, and Chen Er’s words suddenly jumped out.

Looking at this sentence on the computer screen, I was stunned. To tell the truth, I hate people who easily say love. Love is sacred to me, true love is in my heart, not so easy to say.
Arithmetic and Chen Er realized that they were familiar for less than three months. We just stayed at the chat place of our friends and did not confide in love.

But as a chatter these days, I have a good impression of Chen Er, especially his talent, I really admire it.

I thought about it and sent him a past: “How long can you love me?

“After a few minutes, the other party did not respond, and I think this problem may embarrass our poet.

Then my phone rang, it was Chen Er.

“Whether you believe it or not, what I said is true, and my attitude is very sincere.

“I couldn’t help laughing, laughing at his sincere cuteness and the way he explained it.

  Three love is always wonderful, we merged the phone and talked through the night, neither side felt tired, and the spiritual dependence became our greatest happiness.

When the new year came in 2001, I finally took the first step and went to Nanjing to meet with Chen Er again.

That night, he took me to meet almost all his friends in Nanjing. His friends were happy for him, and everyone shared his happiness.

Avoiding the crowd at the New Year party, we kissed, stroked, made love in his hut, and the lava of love burst out.

Chen Er decided to leave Nanjing, where he hadn’t left for decades, to come to Shanghai to live with me. Before spring came, I looked around and thought about where our little home would be settled.

Finally, I rented a two-bedroom house on Xiangyang North Road, which was very close to the company, so I started busy furnishing the room again to welcome his arrival.

After Chen Er settled her mother on a vacation in the south, he came to Shanghai and we had a little life.

  Except for the occasional small douche, and except for Chen Er’s occasional poetic temper, our days together were happy.

Every day I go to work, he writes at home; I leave work on time and on time, he always picks me home from the first lane of my company.

The kind of gentle love after the fierceness I have never experienced before. I even thought that it would be okay to live like this for a lifetime.

  Three months passed quickly, Chen Er’s mother returned to Nanjing from a holiday in the south, and he will return to Nanjing.

Chen Er hoped that I could go to Nanjing to marry him, but I was unable to decide to leave Shanghai.

Nanjing has his mother, friends, and familiar writing environment. He can’t live without Nanjing, I can understand it. I can’t live without Shanghai. Although not an authentic Shanghai native, I have been studying and working in Shanghai for several years.Here is my job, not to mention that Shanghai’s development potential and space are much larger than Nanjing. I can’t make up my mind to come to Nanjing. What’s more important is how to give my parents a perfect account.

So these problems that broke down in our hearts broke out, quarreled, and doubt began to occur.

  ”Why can’t you go to Nanjing?

What’s so good about Shanghai?

“When can we get married?”

With such separation, the hope of marriage can only be getting smaller and smaller . “” Why don’t you introduce me to your parents?

What am I not seeing?

In the face of these questions, I cannot answer. In order to take care of the poet’s sensitive and fragile self-esteem, I can only be silent.

My parents’ objection is only my responsibility. He is divorced, the age is too different, and more importantly, he is a neurotic poet. No matter how talented he is, his parents will never accept him. They hope that I can findMan who really can live.

And I myself have a fear of getting married, always afraid that those trivial things destroy the purest love.

Helpless, sad, how many tears only swallowed.

  None of these Chen Er knows, maybe he can detect it sensitively, but I am afraid to talk about marriage, I only escape the problem again and again.

In this way he lived a single life with a nominal girlfriend in Nanjing. I was still busy in Shanghai and we became lovers on the telephone line.

  The last time I saw Chen Er was last fall, and it was also our love that lasted for two years.

In the name of lovers, we are more like long-distance relatives.

He came to see me in Shanghai, and we talked the same way as before and met friends, but we felt each other included something.

I have treated Chen Er numbly, and carried out certain obligations like proceduralization, and even made love, barely. I can no longer find the passion and tenderness.I began to wonder if I still loved him, what’s the point of maintaining this relationship if I don’t love it?

Chen Er also changed a lot, no longer arguing, just sitting silently on a stool and smoking, I could feel that his eyes had never left me, and those once familiar eyes were full of doubt, worry, anxiety and wandering.

  ”do you still love me?

“” Let’s talk about it.

“” If we don’t love, just break up.

“A series of questions made me speechless. I confessed that I was cowardly. I never dared to face his problems. I chose silence again.

After a silent night, Chen Er returned to Nanjing with grief and anger.

I didn’t keep him. I kept silent listening to his voice going down a long distance, and my heart was empty, presumably leaving him with indifferent scars.

  Memoirs drinking afternoon tea in the camphor garden and listening to Eva telling her story and love theory.

Sometimes mature and sometimes with girlish fantasy, Eva is changeable.

It was as if her pure face was keeping the 29-year-old secret.

She said that she would be sad every time she broke up with her boyfriend. After all, she was devoted to distorted feelings, especially to Chen Er, which was a kind of deep-seated love.

  Eva kept stirring the black tea in the cup with a spoon. The most she asked was: “Do I really have a marriage disorder?”

“She blamed herself once for cowardice and escaped, but her big bright eyes quickly told you that she could only find happiness in non-stop non-stop love.

  Towards the end, Eva said she smelled of love again, and now another man came into her life, “I cherish it.

I think I will be happy someday.

“Looking at her sunny smile, I can only wish Eva to take control of herself on the street car of Love Desire, stop building a love house in the sand and waste his youth, and find my true destination earlier.

Autumn weaning is just when the baby’s complementary food is over zero

Autumn weaning is just when the baby’s complementary food is over zero

Breastfeeding has been carried out for a certain period of time. Due to work reasons, the mother cannot breastfeed in time, or the baby has grown up. Breast milk replacement affects the addition of complementary foods. At this time, the baby needs to be weaned.

  Autumn is a good time to wean your baby. Weaning is an important sign that your baby is growing up.

Appropriately, the doctor will recommend that mothers replace breast milk until the baby is one year old or even longer. The mother can determine the time of weaning based on the baby’s physical condition and eating situation.

The best choice for weaning your baby is in autumn. This is because after the autumn, the weather gradually cools down. With the hot summer index, your baby’s digestive ability is better.Indicators of cold winter, weaning in autumn, baby will not catch cold and get sick at night because of disturbed sleep.

If it is calculated by time, if the baby should be weaned just in summer or winter, the mother can appropriately back up one or two months later, so that the baby is weaned in autumn or spring, which will cause much less harm to the body.

  Choose to wean when the baby is in good health. Weaning in the fall is just right, but we should also consider the baby’s physical condition. Choose to wean when the baby is in good health, otherwise it will affect the baby’s health.

Because the baby ‘s digestive system needs to adapt after breast milk is switched to milk and complementary foods. At this time, the baby ‘s resistance may decrease slightly, and some gastrointestinal problems may occur. Therefore, weaning should consider the baby ‘s physical conditionIt is not advisable to wean during illness.

  Weaning the baby should choose the appropriate moon age or the growth of the baby’s moon age, the amount of activity increases, and the demand for food and nutrients greatly increases.

At this time, the amount of breast milk has decreased, and the staple food is far from meeting the baby’s growth needs.

Weaning can usually be done around the age of 1 year.

  However, there are no hard and fast rules for weaning at the age of the month. If the mother feeds more milk, she can feed more, and there are also many babies who eat breast milk to about two years old.

Little breast milk, but the baby is willing to eat milk or other foods at the same time, can also eat more food; if the breast milk is small, and the baby does not want to eat dairy products and other foods, weaning should be early.

  Xiaobian has something to say: Although weaning in the fall is right, but the mother needs to pay attention, weaning the baby is actually weaning.

In infants and young children, your baby must have a lot of milk. Even if you are not breastfeeding, you can feed your baby milk, formula milk and other milk to allow your baby to absorb more nutrients and develop better.

Do more yoga for deep breathing health and vitality

Do more yoga for deep breathing health and vitality

Respiration can be divided into two types of chest breathing and abdominal breathing. The two breathing methods have different effects.

Chest breathing, also called upper lung breathing, is a kind of shallow breathing. This kind of breathing is easy to make people excited and even nervous. When people are emotionally stressed, they are prone to shortness of breath, and their chests are constantly undulating. Abdominal breathing is also calledDiaphragmatic breathing is a type of deep breathing. Some studies have shown that abdominal breathing can improve the ability to relax, stabilize the pulse and blood pressure, and there is a saying in the health regimen that “breathing to the umbilical cord is the same as life.”

Therefore, more abdominal breathing exercises can allow the body to obtain excess oxygen, which can effectively relieve stress and promote health.

  Doctors believe that most people breathe shallowly and can only inflate the middle and upper parts of the lungs, but the bottom of the lungs is completely inactive, so yoga exercises are particularly prominent for slow and deep abdominal breathing exercises.

During abdominal breathing, the abdomen bulges, and the diaphragm that is placed below the lungs is lowered, inflating the bottom of the lungs a lot. When exhaling, the stomach contracts inward, causing the diaphragm to rise, compressing the lungs, and extending the air insideThis breathing method using diaphragmatic membranes can give the lungs excess oxygen, making the cells full of vitality and making people full.

  The correct way of abdominal breathing is: proper or sit in a comfortable posture, lie down, relax the front naturally, take a deep breath with your nose to make the abdomen swell and belly bulge, the chest can not rest, when the breath is fullest, slowlyExhale through your nose, relax your belly, and shrink your navel at the same time, making the belly dent.

When you start to inhale, the whole body is forced. At this time, the lungs and abdomen will be filled with air and swell, but you can’t stop. You still have to try your best to continue inhaling, no matter if you inhale the air, just inhale and then inhale.

Then hold your breath for 4 seconds, at this time the body will feel nervous, and then use 8 seconds to slowly exhale the breath, the exhalation should be slow and long without interruption.

You can put your hands on the top when you start the exercise. When observing the abdomen bulge, don’t follow the undulation a little, you can catch the trick after a long time.

Practice better when you sleep.

How to give your baby calcium, teach you the correct calcium supplement posture

How to give your baby calcium, teach you the correct calcium supplement posture

Baby calcium deficiency can cause symptoms such as sweating, irritability, delayed teething, and disturbed sleep.

Severe calcium deficiency can cause bone deformation, such as chicken breasts, X-shaped legs, O-shaped legs.

Once the baby develops symptoms of calcium deficiency, mothers should pay attention to it.

Here’s to tell you how to give your child the right calcium supplement.
Although some parents can help the baby calcium, even a child 3 a day.

4 grams of calcium, but the child still shows signs of calcium deficiency.

The main reason is that certain factors affect the absorption of calcium.

In order to properly provide calcium to the baby, parents should pay attention to the following: calcium is not eaten with fat foods.

The fatty acids generated after the decomposition of fats are not easily absorbed after being combined with calcium.

  Calcium does not eat some plant foods with plant foods, such as cereals, especially whole grains, whole wheat, bran, etc., because of the high content of phytic acid, it affects the absorption of calcium.Vegetables, all containing oxalate, carbonate, phosphate, etc., will combine with calcium and hinder calcium absorption.

Or Beinmei’s mother buys websites to buy complementary foods for babies, which are appetizing and increase the absorption of calcium.

  The dosage of calcium supplement is generally needed for children under 2 years of age every day?
600 mg, 3?
12 years old 800 every day?
1000 mg.

According to the normal diet, children absorb only two-thirds of the calcium they need from food every day, so they must add extra calcium every day to introduce the lack of calcium.

If your child lacks vitamin D, the ability to absorb calcium will follow.

The preventive dose of vitamin D is 400 international units per day. Do not overdo it, otherwise it will cause poisoning.

  Eat more calcium supplements or foods that are high in content. For example: milk is rich in calcium and is fully absorbed; animal livers, egg yolks, fish, meat and beans are rich in vitamin D, which can promote the confiscation of calcium, but animals and plantsVitamin D in the body must be converted into endogenous vitamin D by ultraviolet radiation before it can be used by the human body. Therefore, children should be properly exposed to the sun.

Kelp, shrimp skin, and other seafood are high in calcium; seaweed and cauliflower are also rich in calcium, and broad beans can be eaten with skin to increase calcium absorption; bones and vinegar boil soup can increase calcium, and refined vinegar ribs are also rich in calciumQuality; fried fish with crispy bones can increase the calcium content, and so on.

Mommy often eats these calcium-containing foods, which can increase the calcium content of breast milk and have an axial calcium supplement for the baby.

Toddlers and children should be given these calcium-rich foods often to increase calcium.

A natural detoxifying power for dark yellow skin_1

A natural detox for dark yellow skin

Work pressure is often overtime?

Always take away food for three meals?

When you meet an acquaintance who hasn’t seen you for a few days, do you say that you have become stunned?

There are small fine lines in the dark yellow eyes of the race?

. Dear, your skin may need to be detoxified. Test it against the following 6 skin problems:.

hzh {display: none; }  你的肌肤需要排毒吗  - 肤色还可以,并不是很黑,但是暗沉、发黄;  -皮肤感觉干燥,缺乏水分,弹性减弱;  -眼角下方有轻微细纹;  -The corners of the eyes and nose are easy to be blown by the wind, and white dandruff is generated after sun exposure and before menstruation;

  If the above facts appear, you must immediately join the skin’s detox action!

  Don’t doubt, maybe you whiten and sunscreen all day, apply a mask during the day and apply it at night, but you may not take this set on your skin. Toxins can’t be drained out. Any maintenance is doing nothing.

  Different from targeted skin care such as whitening and acne treatment, the overall skin condition needs to be comprehensively improved. Brands have successively applied the Chinese health theory such as traditional Chinese medicine to launch various Chinese herbal medicines and various plant fruit extraction products, which can be adjusted from the inside outSkin, detoxifies the skin.

  Pomegranate red pomegranate fruit, one of the oldest fruits in the world, is extremely rich in biomedical value, and is regarded as a magical natural fruit treasure. It has a vivid color, a sweet smell and a unique effect.Since ancient times, people have been using a therapeutic agent, especially to maintain a young appearance and healthy state, and thus set a sacred alternative to skin beauty.

  Recommended use: Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrient Essence Lotion: RMB 560 / 30ml fused with multi-vitamins, minerals and high-efficiency seed extracts to continuously renew the natural luster and vitality of the skin, creating a dazzling, healthy and beautiful face.

Apple extract promotes the regeneration of skin cells and helps the skin to naturally renew.

Carnitine, creatine, adenosine phosphate and calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. improve skin energy, accelerate cell metabolism, strengthen and purify skin, and avoid skin elastic tissues from being injured by toxins and accelerating aging.

  Green tea has long been said to be used for self-cultivation. Green tea is rich in antioxidant essences, which can prevent damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays, smoking, pollution and other environmental damage.

  Recommended use: H2O Green Tea Youth Eye Essence Lotion Price: RMB 420 / 13ML Green Tea Youth Eye Essence Lotion has triple green tea antioxidant essence (Japanese green tea, Paraguay tea, compound vitamins (vitamins A, C, E)) to form skin protectionBarrier to block all kinds of external injuries and create a pollution-free environment for the eye skin.

Get rid of dark circles, remove yellow gas and brighten skin tone.

  Red and white.

hzh {display: none; }  赤芍药生长于野外自然环境,具有清热去浊和活血通达的双重功效,能帮助促进肌肤循环和代谢能力,调整水分和油脂的代谢平衡,并增强肌肤的抵抗力;Paeonia lactiflora has the main function of nourishing, softening and moisturizing the skin.

  Recommended use: Herborist Cleansing and Beauty Taiji Clay RMB 380 / 290g Herborist Cleansing and Beauty Taiji Clay, Tai Chi Ancient Formula is the leading black clay for cleansing and decontamination, and white clay after skin replenishment to form “Tai Chi-Qingjifang”The structure of “Tai Chi-Run Yu Fang” inspires clearer and more effective supplements.

After clearing and moisturizing, black and white two steps restore skin balance, leaving skin fully glowing and natural.

  Safflower extract improves the blood microcirculation, promotes cell metabolism, enhances cell vitality, removes active free radicals, antioxidant effects, and prevents rough skin, wrinkles and dark spots.

  Recommended use: AVENIR Ayurveda Herbal Gel Lotion: RMB 138 / 200ml Newly added safflower extract, which has been an effective ingredient in Chinese medicine since ancient times, with more concentrated ginseng root, peony root, scutellaria root, angelica, kernel, Huang Gentian root and other natural herbal formulas, make the skin achieve rapid and effective deep purification, giving the skin more effective and safer perfect skin care experience.

The upgraded herbal curd lotion can be more quickly integrated with the skin, and the rich, moisturizing feeling is quickly transmitted to the deep layers of the skin, effectively conditioning the skin.

  Ganoderma lucidum has been considered to be able to “reinforce the solid foundation” and “tonic and strengthen the body” since ancient times. It is a very precious and rare plant.

Ganoderma is also a beauty product that can fight wrinkles, reduce inflammation, eliminate skin, and reduce gloss.

The beauty effect of Ganoderma Lucidum is mainly the organic germanium inside the Ganoderma lucidum fruit body. This substance has the function of purifying blood, promoting cell metabolism and preventing aging.

  Recommended use: YSL Saint Laurent Ganoderma Repair Cream ¥ 2480 / 30ml silky and delicate cream, using cell regeneration complex ganoderma extract, almond protein, etc., can eliminate wrinkles, let the complexion shine, and the skin alternates day after day.

Diarrhea diet medicated 10

Diarrhea diet medicated 10

Diarrhea is mostly caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogens; it is a group of acute infectious diseases with diarrhea as the main symptom.

Diarrhea is a frequent disease in summer and autumn. Because the summer is hot and rainy, water droplets provide suitable natural conditions for the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. There are many fruits and vegetables, cold vegetarian vegetables or iced drinks in summer and autumn.The preparation process of these foods is slightly careless, and it is easy to cause contamination and increase the chance of infection after eating. Flies and cockroaches breed in summer and autumn, they can carry pathogens and spread diseases.

Therefore, a little carelessness will cause abdominal discomfort, especially in middle-aged and elderly people, whose long-term function is relatively poor, which is more likely to cause diarrhea and bacillary dysentery.

The following describes some medicinal diets for clearing and detoxifying bacteria for your reference.


hzh {display: none; }  鲫鱼羹 荜茇10g、缩砂仁10g、陈皮10g、大鲫鱼1000g、大蒜2头、胡椒10g、葱、食盐、酱油、泡辣椒、菜油各适量。Remove the scales, gills and internal organs, and wash them;

Fill with tangerine peel, sherbet, coriander, garlic, pepper, pickles, shallots, salt, soy sauce and set aside.

Add vegetable oil to the pot and boil. Add the anchovies to the pan and fry. Add an appropriate amount of water and cook.

Eat on an empty stomach.

This recipe has the effect of awakening the spleen and warming the stomach, and is suitable for chronic diarrhea and chronic ulcers such as spleen and stomach deficiency.

  Candied hawthorn raw hawthorn 500g, honey 250g.

Wash the raw hawthorn, remove the fruit stalks and stones, put them in an aluminum pan, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook until the seven ripe and rotten, add honey when the water is dry, and cook it on a low fire to collect the juice.

Allow to cool and store in a bottle for future use.

15 times 3 times a day?

This recipe has appetizers, digestion, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and is suitable for coronary heart disease and diarrhea.

  Yipi cake atractylodes 30g, dried ginger 6g, red dates 250g, chicken internal gold 15g, flour 500g, vegetable oil, salt amount.

Wrap Atractylodes and Dried Ginger with gauze and wrap it into a medicine. Tighten it, put it in the pot, add red jujube, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil with Wuhuo, and then boil for about 1 hour with gentle fire.Into jujube mud for use.

Crush the chicken internal gold into fine powder, mix well with flour, then pour the date puree, add salt, water, and dough.

Divide the dough into small balls to make pancakes, put vegetable oil in the pot, and cook with gentle heat.

This recipe has the functions of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, appetizing and digesting, and is suitable for loss of appetite, stomach pain after eating, chronic diarrhea, chronic diseases and so on.

  Ginger drink 15g of fresh ginger or 6g of dried ginger, 30g of brown sugar.

Ginger is broken or shredded, brown sugar is added, and 1 bowl of warm clothing is washed with boiling water.

1-2 times a day, the degree of diarrhea stops.

This recipe has the functions of relieving cold in moderate temperature, relieving pain and relieving diarrhea. It is limited to those who suffer from cold diarrhea caused by cold in the abdomen or overeating.

  Purslane soup fresh purslane 250g (or dry 60g).

Wash, decoction, and drink several times.

1 dose daily with 3 drinks
7 days.

This prescription has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, detoxifying and detoxifying, and accompanied by fever, abdominal pain, thirst, diarrhea and the like caused by infection.

  Huoxiang porridge dried Huoxiang 15g, previous rice 30g, Huoxiang grind finely.

The previous rice was washed out, and boiled with water until the rice grains were bloomed.

Take 1 dose daily and take it in portions for 3 days.

This recipe has the function of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and can relieve abdominal pain of mild acute enteritis, those with diarrhea, and those with moderate enteritis and diarrhea who have been relieved.

  Leek juice with root chives in moderation.

Wash and wring juice.

30ml each time, 2 times a day.3 days.

This prescription has the functions of bacteriostatic and detoxification, qi in the middle temperature, overcoming chills, not thirsty, and white greasy fur, which is a kind of acute enteritis in which the cold and dampness is more abundant and the abdominal pain is more severe.

  Lentil yam stir-fried lentils, 60g each.
Wash, add an appropriate amount of water, cook into a scoop, and add an appropriate amount of sugar to eat.

Take 1 dose daily for several days until the disease is healed.

This prescription has the functions of strengthening the spleen and invigorating qi, dehumidifying and stopping diarrhea. Sometimes the spleen and stomach are weakened in the summer, and the appetite is often diarrhea. It can also be used in the recovery period of acute infection.

  Radish cake 30g radish seeds, 30g brown sugar, 30g white sugar.

Bake the radish seeds into a fine powder, mix thoroughly with brown sugar and white sugar, and make small cakes, each weighing 3g.

Eat 3 times each time, 3 times a day, avoid cold and spicy food.

My side has the righteousness and the power of the middle, and treats red dysentery.

  Eggplant root pomegranate drink eggplant root 60g, brown sugar 20g, pomegranate peel 60g.

Burn eggplant roots into ash, grind the pomegranate skin into fines, and mix well.
9g, washed with brown sugar water.

This side has the function of converging and reducing diarrhea, treating patients with chronic ulcers who have not been cured for a long time, and patients with acute bacteremia are forbidden to take it.

Have you run out of energy?

Have you run out of energy?

A friend of the general manager who started his own company adhered to a philosophy of energy conservation.

His point is that everyone has their own energy balance point, and the energy produced in the body must be released in a timely and appropriate manner.

If you release too little land, you will feel insufficient; if you release too much land, you will also feel unwell.

  There is a case in point: after six months of continuous physical overdraft, he decided to take 14 consecutive days of vacation, doing nothing except eating and sleeping.

As a result, she became ill on the fourth day, had a headache, had a numb leg, and even lost vision.

The antidote for going to the hospital is “too much stress, so I recommend taking more rest.”

But until the end of the holiday, the stress was still no complications.

Strange things happened at the end of the holiday. On the first day of sitting in front of the phone, through the frequent harassment of telephone bells, the company’s conferences continued to squeeze, and everything in the body could not disappear.

On his first night at work, he slept better than any of the previous 14 days.

So he came up with the following crystal: With his body energy production ability, after three months of energy penetrating into the branch, a three-day rest is necessary, and the effect will decrease by one point after each additional day.

Therefore, after 11 more days of rest, he must double his overdraft energy and release the energy accumulated for many days in order to achieve energy balance.

  According to his theory, my friend Sisy’s energy production capacity is too small.

She was the director of an office in a state-owned enterprise. It looked and sounded like a fat man, but her mantra was “tired”.

Where are you tired?

Every day driving and commuting on the road is very tiring, it is tiring to participate, tiring to write reports, tiring to talk with the leader, it is difficult to get home from 5 o’clock, but it is tiring to get home.

Her ideal is to read novels without interruption at work every day, and to make tea at home and listen to music on time at 5pm.

It is interesting that throughout the Spring Festival, the national 7-day holiday plus the 7-day holiday she invited, she was all staying at home.

Look at the dishes every day, listen to songs, flip through books, cook and cook, clean up at home, and go to sleep at night.

When we ushered in the first day of work after the holiday in a blink of an eye, we were “tired” before the end of work.

“Everyone’s body is a power station, but every power station has a different fracture.

Some food is extremely high. I sleep for four or five hours a day, and when I walk into the office, I feel refreshed.

Low-yield people suffer from work-like torture and disheveled.

Unfortunately, in order to live a more decent life, these two people are inexplicably drawing their own energy.

Of course, small power stations will certainly be more tiring and may not necessarily go far on the road to success.

For example, a friend who opened a public relations company clearly had a power generation capacity of 10,000 watts. She was singled out with a workload of 30,000 watts. The company opened less than a year ago and she first got lymphoma and fell.

After getting better, she took a new look and found a stable company as a marketing specialist. The salary is not much, but the responsibilities are not large. She guarantees that she can not take home the work every day and generally does not work overtime.

Finally found a job to balance his energy.

  What if the person with high energy lives a low achievement?

The conclusion is that their prolific energy needs to find an outlet: or suffer from mania and squander the energy with brute force; or become the eighth wife and use the tongue to dissipate the energy;energy.
  Unfortunately, hospitals today cannot provide services to test this energy.

However, this provides another solution for psychological problems, which is relieved, depressed, and irritable. Think about energy problems.

If it’s an energy deficit-get out, go to bed.

If the energy is stagnant-free, find something to make money.

Ask small details for dialysis-free headache

Ask small details for dialysis-free headache

In fact, headaches are not necessarily caused by diseases. When some disease factors are ruled out, headaches may first be due to unscientific lifestyle habits.

  Low mood When the mood is low, the mental depression and discomfort of the internal metabolism of the body become slow, causing headache and dizziness.

  The social competition is getting more and more fierce, and it seems that most white-collar workers work normally.

Violation of the normal physiological clock of the human body will cause an imbalance in the physical state. In addition to fatigue, some people will often have an inexplicable headache.

  Hidden tension in the body When someone is in a stressful state or in a stressful work environment, they will obviously feel the stress that this tension puts on themselves.

This unnoticeable state of tension is called “hidden tension”, which is also very harmful to our health, and it is especially easy to cause headaches.

  Researchers have found that when people are in a state of recessive stress, their heart rate does not increase but their blood pressure rises significantly.

Mental tension is one of the more lethal ones among many “hidden tensions.”

Other factors that can cause “hidden tension” include smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and poor physical sensation.

The human tension caused by these factors is not manifested in a rapid heartbeat, but it virtually causes us to have headaches and physical discomfort for unknown reasons.

  Therefore, for non-disease headaches, you should pay attention to adjusting your work and rest time, balance your mentality, learn to reduce stress, and you can also eat some food that has a beneficial effect.

Fat-reducing body-building exercises for big belly men

Fat-reducing body-building exercises for “big belly men”

First, the pedal lunge squat 1.
Stand with your feet naturally about 1 meter in front of the pedal, hold a dumbbell in each hand and hang it on your side, the weight of the dumbbell is moderate.
Keep your chest straight and look ahead.

Take a step forward with your right foot, place your foot on the pedal, keep your right thigh parallel to the ground, and press your left knee down.
Then return the right leg to the starting position and repeat the above action with the left leg.
  Second, barbell squat 1.
Stand with your feet as wide as your shoulders, carry a barbell of the right weight on your shoulders, keep your back straight, and look forward.
  2.The hips sink gradually until the thighs are almost parallel to the ground.
After a short pause, stand up slowly.
Keep your back straight.
  Third, double-arm dumbbell curls 1.
Stand with your feet naturally, hold a dumbbell in each hand and place it in front of your thighs with your palms back.
  2.Turn your wrists 90 degrees inward, and bend your elbows at the same time until the dumbbells touch your shoulders, then return to the starting position.
  Fourth, the hind arm flexion and extension 1.
Hold your hands against the edge of the stool, with your heels on the ground, and slowly move your feet forward until your legs are completely straight.
Note that your arms should be as perpendicular to your shoulders as possible.
  2.Lower your upper body slowly until your upper arms are almost parallel to the ground.
Later, raise your arms and return to the starting position.
  Five, supine press 推 1.
Lie on your back with a dumbbell in each hand, your elbows bent, your shoulders outstretched, and your palms facing each other.
  2.With both hands, slowly push the dumbbells upwards, and at the same time, rotate the wrists outward until the forearms feel struggling.
Later, return to the starting position.
  Six, leaning over the rowing boat 1.
Stand naturally, hold a dumbbell in each hand, keep your upper body straight, and then lean forward slowly, while flexing your legs slightly and keeping your back straight.
  2.When the dumbbells hang right below the shoulders, lift the dumbbells up as far as possible, while holding the shoulder blades firmly.
Later, lower the dumbbell to the starting position.
  Seven, referrals on the shoulders 1.
Bend your elbows, hold a dumbbell on your shoulders, palms down.
  2.Then, push up the dumbbells with both arms, while rotating your hands 180 degrees outwards, palms forward.
Stop for a while and return to the starting position with both hands.
  Eight, knees bent supine body 1.Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and your elbows extended.

Then, lift the right foot and place the joint on the left knee.

The left knee is bent and raised, and the left heel is about 10 cm from the ground.

  2.Use the power of the abdominal muscles to lift the scapula and head, shoulders up, left leg approaching chest, calf parallel to the ground.

After holding this position for about 2 seconds, return to the starting position and repeat the above action with another leg.

  Do 2 exercises in each section above?
3 sets of moves, each doing 15?
20 times, practice 3 times a week?
4 times.

I believe that after gradually training, your good figure will gradually show up.