People who will give up live more free and easy


People who will give up live more free and easy

The person in the retina will say that life is so tired, because he only sees his own efforts, but does not see his own income; the person who does not repeat is really tired, and will not complain about life, because he knows, losesGet always the same.

You know, not only does the rare earth not help, it will make things worse.

Therefore, no matter what the reality is, you should not refuse, but rely on your own efforts to change the status quo and get a happy.

銆€銆€Pascal said: “All human problems come from being unable to sit alone in a room.

“A quiet heart is the foundation of inner peace, and the inner peace will affect the external calm.

You can train your mind as long as you spend five to ten minutes a day meditating and meditating.

This serenity can be integrated into your daily life so that you won’t be anxious and have a broad vision.

銆€銆€A medical school has conducted a survey. The results show that people with heart disease are often not hard-working people, not hard-working people; the most serious cause of high blood pressure is that the appearance seems to be very quiet, but inside isStrong resentment is suffering.

銆€銆€Psychologists say that we cannot have two strong emotions at the same time. It is impossible to love and hate.

Resentment is mostly self-centered, so the best way to forget yourself is to help others.

銆€銆€How much land a person can own Tolstoy has told a story, and some individuals want to get a piece of land.

The landlord told him that in the early morning, you will run out from here, and when you run for a while, you will insert a flagpole. As long as you come back before the sun sets, the land with the flagpole will be returned to you.

The man wouldn’t want to run, and the sun is still not satisfied.

Before the sun set, he ran back, but he was exhausted and he didn’t get up again.

Then someone dug a pit and buried him on the spot.

When the pastor prayed for this person, he said, “How much is a person?”

It’s that big.

“At birth, we have nothing, but year after year, we have been overwhelmed by the burden of life.”

At the same time, we are also tormented by various desires.

Too much desire often makes people unsatisfied, so that psychology produces sorrow and anger.

Tolstoy said: “The smaller the desire, the happier the life.

“Be content, you can always be happy, you can avoid fear and anxiety, live easily, and live comfortably.”

銆€銆€Don’t spill the oil in the bowl. A little monk is told to buy oil.

Before leaving, the chef handed him a big bowl and warned: “You must be careful, you must never spill the oil.

After the little monk promised, he went down the mountain to buy oil.

He carefully carried the large bowl filled with oil, and did not dare to look around.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the entrance of the temple, I didn’t look forward to the road, stepped on a hole and sprinkled 1/3 of the oil.

The little monk was very upset and nervous and began to tremble.

When I finally returned to the temple, there was only a small amount of oil left in the bowl.

銆€銆€The chef got the bowl and yelled at the little monk. The little monk was very upset.

The old monk saw it and said to the little monk: “I will send you another oil.

This time I want you to observe the people and things you see on the way back, and to make a report to me.

On the way back, the little monk found that the scenery on the mountain road was really beautiful.

Seeing the majestic peaks in the distance, farmers are farming nearby.

After a while, I saw a group of children having fun on the side of the road, and two old gentlemen were playing chess.

When I walked and watched the scenery, I went back to the temple without knowing it.

When the little monk sent the oil to the chef, he found that the oil in the bowl was full and did not sprinkle at all.

銆€銆€Life journey, have to go for a long time.And the songs are ok, the optimistic and open-minded people can turn the boring journey into full of fun, so as not to lose the most precious things in life.

銆€銆€A fox that gave up a leg to keep a life and was unlucky was caught by a hunter with a cover, and he did not hesitate to bite the calf and escape.

Giving up one leg and preserving a life is a philosophy of giving up.

Life should be like this. Before life forces us to pay a painful price, it is the most sensible choice to take the initiative to give up local interests and preserve the overall interests.

The wise man said: “The two disadvantages are balanced, and the two interests are taken seriously.

“To benefit and avoid harm, this is the essence of giving up.

銆€銆€In life, sometimes bad circumstances will come unexpectedly, and we will be caught off guard. At this time, we must learn to give up.

Give up the anxiety and anxiety, wait for the turn of life safely, and let yourself have a transcendental attitude towards life. Even if we can’t reach this realm, we must learn to give up and strive to live freely and freely.

Even if “fish” is as important as “bear paw”, when you have to take only one, you must give up the other.

銆€銆€Life is a questionnaire with no answer. The hard pursuit does not bring life more complete.

Perhaps a little regret, a trace of sadness, which makes this answer more meaningful.

Pick up your mood and keep going.

Miss the sun and you will get the stars.

Do not care too much about sex.


Do not care too much about sex.

Girls should not care too much about sex when making love: Do you feel that your oversized chest is dangling like a jelly, stepping down, the lower abdomen is over-exposed, and the acne that can hardly be seen on your back is like red beans in your imagination.Big.

銆€銆€In fact, there are very few people who are as slim as a model and who are sexy and perfect.

銆€銆€According to experts, even if you buy a sexy underwear full of pits, the previous study of good people, cover up their flaws, the situation is very little, because the important thing is your mind, not change yourfigure.
A survey conducted in Virginia, USA, shows that women who are not worried because of their poor health are more likely to have a climax of more than 83% in her sexual behavior;In fact, the chances of women who are always worried about their body climax when they have sex are only 42%.

銆€銆€However, you feel that your body is not beautiful, in fact, many times you are scared yourself.

銆€銆€After visiting a few men, they said that they usually kiss for a while before they have a relationship with women, at this time, although they are separated by clothes.

But still can feel the “her” figure.

Therefore, even if you have not seen each other “naked”, you have already imagined your body.

Men are innocently paying attention to where you are. Men are very focused on sex, and what is 鈥渘ot in shape鈥?is not the point. Instead, women tend to be overly worried.

銆€銆€If your uneasiness about your body has affected your sexual life, you may want to communicate with each other in a self-deprecating manner.

For example: Sorry, I want you to lie on my swim ring.

Most of the partners will not only mind, but after establishing good communication, they will form your special intimate way.

And what you will fight against is that when you say it frankly, the other party will not care.

銆€銆€He is making love with you, not with your body.

Your gentle touch on him, or a few words of heartfelt praise, sometimes makes a difference to him.

If you regard making love as a contact between two bodies, it is a big mistake. It comes from the charm of your personality. Your reaction is a very important part of the process of making love.

There are also more males who say that having sex with women who are good but not resonating is full of stress and the results are worrying.

When you are embarrassed and worried, how do you know that he is not worried about himself?

銆€銆€Some women feel that their voice at the climax is terrible, and there is no way to be as perfect as Meg Ryan in the movie “When Harry Meets Sally.”

Some women still try to shrink their lower abdomen in bed, or cover their thighs with sheets, so that even if your partner will score a high score for your posture, you have sacrificed your own fun.

銆€銆€Be aware that no one can always look elegant in the process of making love.

A woman tells the story: You must let your heart be happy, let him and you enjoy it easily, if you need to choose “practical” when necessary, but not necessarily a good-looking posture.

Forget what the immature bastard once said, think about it, what the bastard used to attack you with your body, hurt your heart, do you have to pay a painful price for these wounded words?

The winter cold is so rampant that 5 quick-acting anti-virus methods you must know


The winter cold is so rampant that 5 quick-acting anti-virus methods you must know

Why is it easy to have a cold in the winter? A new understanding of the pandemic is unlikely to occur so quickly. About 5 million people in the flu season around the world suffer from a cold, and a quarter of them die from a cold.

Due to the rapid pace of virus mutations, people’s bodies cannot prepare for the next flu season.

Jane Metz from the University of Pristall said: “The antibodies in the body can no longer recognize the virus, so we lost immunity.

“It is also very difficult to develop an effective vaccine. Maybe a new vaccine can be developed every time the virus mutates, but the government often cannot call it someone to inject it.

The best solution is to understand why the cold spreads in the winter and disappears in the summer, and researchers can find simple ways to stop the spread of the virus.

The previous theory focused on our behavior.

In winter we spend a lot of time indoors, which means we are closer to those who carry viruses.

We are more willing to take public attention, being coughed and sneezing around, and the cold is so easy to spread in the crowd.

Another popular point of view is related to physiology: cold weather reduces the body’s defenses.

In winter, the sunshine time is reduced, there is no extra sunlight, and we absorb too much vitamin D. Vitamin D can help us increase our resistance and will not be easily infected.

When we breathe cold air, the blood vessels in our nose will shrink in order to prevent the loss of penetration.

This can cause white blood cells to reach the nasal mucosa, unable to kill the virus we suck in, and let these viruses enter our body unscrupulously.

Quick-acting anti-viral methods You must know that drinking more yoghurt is the most important digestive and absorbing organ in the human body and the largest immune organ.

Frank Lipman, the founder of the Double 11 Health Center in New York, said: “The strong immune system is dependent on healthy, dynamic interactions, because 70% of the immune cells in the body are concentrated in the body itself, more than 70%The immunoglobulin A is made from an intermediate.

Therefore, the high season of influenza should be supplemented with probiotics, which can be obtained through foods such as yogurt and cheese, which is beneficial to the regulation of the flora in the body, which helps to reduce decomposition and prevent infection.

Adhering to the study of Appalachian State University in the United States, it is found that five times a week, a 30-minute fast walk can effectively resist colds.

But be careful not to exercise too much.

Researchers at Loughborough University have found that sustained high-intensity endurance exercises such as marathons have increased the risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections (cold, flu, sinusitis and tonsillitis) by 2?
6 times.

A good night’s sleep, the results of research at Carnegie Mellon University show that people who sleep 7 hours a night may have a three-fold increase in the risk of catching a cold. People with good sleep quality are only likely to suffer from a cold.1/5.

In addition, people with low sleep quality between 3 am and 7 am will have a 23% reduction in immune cell activity and 7 per day.
8 hours of quality sleep.

Cleaning the nose Dr. Rona, a natural health medical expert in the United States, pointed out that personal hygiene is the gateway to the cold, so the nose is the first “filter” of the human respiratory system. It is recommended to use fresh water to clean the nasal cavity, sinuses, and, in addition, to clean the hair, eyebrows andA part such as a beard that is easily contaminated with dust and the like can prevent any cold from entering the body through the eyes, nose or mouth.

Dietary Zinc Supplement The White Paper published by the University of Wisconsin in the United States points out that zinc supplementation can increase resistance, help prevent colds, replace symptoms, and change the time of colds.

Significant zinc foods include shellfish, shrimp, red meat, entrails and nuts, among which oysters are recognized as zinc supplements.

Hongya, the livable capital of China, has everything to eat, drink and play.

Hongya, the livable capital of China, has everything to eat, drink and play.

This county is within the range of 102掳49′-103掳32′ east longitude and 29掳24′-30掳00′ north latitude. It is a 鈥渘ational ecological demonstration zone鈥? 鈥淐hina Ecological Civilization Award Advanced Collective鈥? and Sichuan 鈥淓cological Civilization Demonstration鈥?The pilot county of the project, the national TCM health and anti-aging industry demonstration base, and the first batch of 鈥渆cological counties鈥?in Sichuan Province.
In April 2018, he was awarded the title of 鈥淐hina’s livable health capital鈥?
Here, there is nearly 70% forest coverage, annual rainfall of 1435mm, 16.
Average annual temperature of 6 掳C.
At the same time, it is also known as 鈥淕reen Sea Pearl鈥? 鈥淣atural Oxygen Bar鈥?and 鈥淭ianfu Garden鈥? The average concentration of negative oxygen ions in the county reaches the national 6 standard, and the ecological environment quality ranks 3rd in 183 counties (cities, districts) in Sichuan.It is the county with the best ecological environment in Chengdu, which is Hongya.

Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter, Hongya’s beautiful landscapes will definitely make you feel relaxed and have a swim.
If you want to be in good health, you often go to Hongya.
To Hongya, you can not only view the mountains and rivers, camping sites, and ancient towns, but also enjoy the food, enjoy the ecology, and feel the beauty of the mountains and rivers.
Line 1: Chengdu – Chengya Expressway – Leya Expressway (under Dongyue exit) – Hongya Scenic Area Line 2: Chengdu – Chengya Expressway – Chengle Expressway – Yizimei Expressway – Leya Expressway(Dongyue exit) – Hongya scenic area line three: Chongqing – 閬傛笣 high-speed – 閬?鐪?Mei high speed – Leya high-speed (under Dongyue exit) – Hongya scenic area line four: Chongqing -Chengyu Expressway – Neiweirong Expressway – Lezi Expressway – Leya Expressway (under Dongyue exit) – Hongya Scenic Area.
The Wawu Mountain Scenic Area officially opened to the public this year, covering an area of 65,869.
80 hectares, rich in vegetation resources, mainly deciduous trees.
At the same time, it is also a national key ecological scenic spot, the National Forest Park’s top ten pacesetter units, the National Civilization Forest Park, the country’s first batch of AAA scenic spots and provincial-level geological parks.
The scenic area has a large number of wild animals, including 7 national first-class protected animals (such as giant pandas, wildebeests, etc.) and 36 secondary protected animals (such as red pandas, black bears, macaques, etc.).
Wawushan is the largest table mountain in Asia. The platform of the summit is 3,375 meters long and 3,475 meters wide, with an area of about 11 square kilometers.
The sun shines directly on the rock wall of the Wawu Mountain, and the Wawu Mountain presents a golden color. This is the sunshine of Jinshan.
Lanxi Waterfall is the largest stream on the top of Wawushan Mountain. Lanxi Waterfall is also the largest waterfall in Sichuan Wawushan National Forest Park. The total height of the waterfall is 1055 meters.
In the winter, the Lanxi Waterfall condenses into a huge ice waterfall, which is a blue spectacle.
The Wawushan ecstasy is located in the southeast direction of the Wawushan Dianchi. The fascinating terrain is complex and the geological structure is abnormal. Even the compass, the compass and the clock will fail.
At the same latitude as the Bermuda Triangle, it was called the 鈥淏ermuda Triangle鈥?on land by domestic geologists and explorers.
Swallow Cave is located in the Dashen Cave under the cliff on the east side of Wawu. It is more than 20 meters high. There is a “Giant Buddha” on the right, and there is a Optimus support on the left.
In the depth of the hole, there are thousands of people.
There are three major waterfalls in Lanxi, Tunxi and Tunxi.
Dianchi Lake is a swamp in the middle of the top of the Wawushan Mountain. It is covered with peat moss and surrounded by fir forests.
The cool shade of June is covered with cool weather.
When it freezes in winter, the pool surface becomes an ideal place for ice skating.
There are ancient ruins on the poolside, only wood carvings are kept, and there are hundreds of spectators on the farm.
Qiliping, a piece of jade treasure in the middle of Emei.
The scenic spot has the slogan of 鈥淲inter to Sanya Bay, Summer to Emei Half-mountain鈥? and dares to compare the summer brand with the Sanya winter vacation. Its summer advantage cannot be underestimated.
Cool temperature, mint air, high-quality mineral water, non-polluting humus, rare Yangshan, known as “Qiliping Wubao”, is a summer vacation resort.
Qiliping is about 1,300 meters above sea level. Due to the impact of the tribe’s microclimate, the climate here is unique.
When most cities such as Chengdu are hot in the summer, Qiliping is cool and pleasant. Most of the time, the temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius. No air conditioning is needed.
“There is no frown in the summer, and it is natural to be cool.”
In Qiliping, half-mountain of Emei, summer seems to be no season. During the hot days, summer tourists from inside and outside the province make Qiliping full of people.
In the summer, the wildflowers in the mountains and plains of Qiliping are open for the second time. In the slow-moving town between the secluded river and the blue sky, it is the most romantic thing to take a panoramic view of the sea with hot air balloons.灞卞湴杞﹂獞娓革紝鑳戒綋浼氬北鍦板害鍋囬瓍鍔涳紱涓冮噷鍧紝鐜板凡寮€鍚?鈥滃澶╄祻鑺遍伩鏆戙€佸啲瀛f俯娉夎祻闆€濈殑浼戦棽搴﹀亣妯″紡銆俆he Yawu Lake in Wawushan is under the tile roof, quiet and peaceful, with light wind and light clouds, gentle and quiet, just like an elegant woman.
Ya Nu Lake is just like the 鈥淴ia Nuo Tao, which is not known to the deepest people鈥? It is a city crowd who likes to take a weekend to drive away from the heat and cool down. It is the first time to enter Yawo Lake to enrich their summer travel log and will surely get many surprises.
As it is, the lush green is dripping.The forest coverage rate is 90%, the annual average is only 17 掳C pleasant climate, and the blue lake scenery makes the Ya Nu Lake become a leisure stop for the Emei Mountain, Wawushan and Zhougongshan Sanshan Tourism Circle.

If you drive around the Yawo Lake, 80 kilometers of the ring road, you can see the six core tourist distribution centers of 鈥淧rosperity Town, Active Wang Ping, Hunting Leiping, Busy Shooting Pavilion, Mature Revival, and Ecological Zhang Village鈥?

High mountain Pinghu scenery, unique local cuisine, rural pastoral style, Qinglan folk customs. all kinds of summer experience are coming!

Liujiang Ancient Town: Yanyu Liujiang, the hometown of elegant women.

The ancient town of Liujiang is located in the rain screen of Huaxi, with a humid climate. It is often shrouded in a fresh mist, and the 鈥淵anyu Liujiang鈥?itself comes.

Into the Liujiang River, the mountains have fairy tales, the water has aura, the trees have the spirit, the ancient town has a literary atmosphere, unique in the well-known ancient towns of Sichuan.

“Looking for her thousands of Baidu in her dreams,” Tao Yuanming’s poems are actually here.

?Old people, young people, children, can find a unique happiness in Liujiang!

Wandering the old streets, the buildings since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the century-old buildings with the characteristics of the times tell the past of Liujiang; Changyou Huaxi River, Yangcun River, ancient town drifting allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, thrills and excitement; or in the ancient banyan treeNext, in the shallow waters of the hustle and bustle, relax and cool, play small cards, drink some wine and love. to Liujiang, forget the hometown.

Here, you can leave all your worries and experience a cool and happy time.

Long live the cool powder on the old street, nine bowls, pheasant, thousand layers of pots and pans, special barbecue for you to enjoy.

Yupingshan Yejiping Holiday Camp: 鈥淪inging Yuping Mountain, romantic pheasant.

“Yu Ping three absolutely” Shan Xiang, voice, oxygen bar” is well-deserved.

Into the Yuping Mountain, the green sea is boundless, the plantation trees are neatly arranged, the cedars are straight and straight, and the fresh air of the scent of scent is coming from the nose. The undulating humming sounds like the summer forest symphony, people are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.Back to nature.

The camp is more than 1200 meters above sea level, with a forest area of over 20,000 mu and an average temperature of 25 掳C in summer. It can be used in a Buddhist temple villa, and it can be used for cycling, running, walking and experiencing the health and fitness on the 鈥渁ir corridor鈥?You can enjoy the natural atmosphere in the forest tea bar and forest cinema; explore the Yushui Valley on the hiking and recreation trails; you can also jump into the mountain spring pool to taste the coolness; you can cross the forest and challenge yourself; come to a live CSExperience the passion of field; you can experience high-altitude gliding, and enjoy the beauty of Hongshan Yashui in a high degree. The unique cooking techniques of Yuping, delicious wild vegetables make you not enough to eat. Enter Yupingshan, shakeFalling into glory, dialogue with the soul and nature, return to the spiritual home of mankind.

At night, Pillow Lin Tao sleeps, and the treetops cover the scenery. Each room has a terrace. Each bed faces the mountain view. Even if you don’t leave home, you can see the scenery!

Lawn camping is even more fun!

The scenic spot of the fishing beach, once famous, was once desolate.

Today, “Tianfu holiday.

The completion of the overall development project of Yuhu Lushan has activated the vitality of the development of trough fishing beaches.

Whether it’s prosperous or not, the surrounding natural scenery is breathtaking.

By the cruise ship, the fresh river wind slowly blows up, and it is very incomparable.

On the banks of the river, the national first-class protected plants, known as plant fossils, stand tall and stand upright, and the scorpions are spectacular.

Occasionally, it can be seen that a leaf boat is crossed, fishermen are fishing on the river, and live fish are fried, allowing visitors to enjoy ecological food.

In the trough fishing beach, you can forget the troubles of summer, explore the “Southern Silk Road ancient stack road ruins”, “Millennium squatting hang”, “away from the heap”, Shuimogou, Jinzhou Temple, Qianta Buddha, lyingBuddha, etc., the beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural history complement each other, the unique scenery of the river gorge will definitely make you forget to return.

Houjia Mountain Village is located in Lianghe Village, Liujiang Town, Hongya County, 3 km from Liujiang Ancient Town.

5 kilometers, above 850 meters above sea level, the cottage is simple and simple, and the tea is warm and hospitable.

The cottage industry is dominated by an ecological organic tea base (5000 acres of tea gardens) and rural tourism. The annual average temperature of the cottage is 16 掳 C, the air is pure, and natural spring water flows everywhere.

The front end is built with Houjia old house, Pengjia compound, dialogue Yuping, Dahaoheshan, vast heaven and earth, eight sides to the wind, Lujiazui, alpine residence and other rural tourist reception points, recreation and walking trails, fishing ponds, mountain spring swimming pools, sports fields, etc.The supporting functions and facilities are perfect, and the daily reception capacity is more than 1,000 people. It is the choice for spring festival, summer vacation, golden autumn moon, and winter ice.

Hong Ya food recommendation: Ya fish: meat tender and fresh, the fish’s head has a rope like a sword.

Pheasant: The ingredients are selected from the running chickens on the mountain.

There are a variety of dietary methods, and the unique vinegar and vinegar with the unique rattan oil is more delicious.

In 2004, Hongya County held the 鈥淭housands of People and Chickens鈥?campaign and created the Guinness Book of Records.

Blood Wang rice: usually use the fresh pig blood of the day, the whole pot is placed in the pot, cooked with a little fire, when served on the table, add onion, ginger, pepper noodles, chili oil and other condiments, fresh and tender taste,Fine, regular consumption can go to dust and clear the lungs.

Eco-mutton: Hongya local goats are slaughtered on the same day. The soup is cooked in the pot on the same day. The meat is lustrous, the fragrance is crisp and tender, the soup color is pure white, thick and not sticky, the soup tastes delicious, the mellow taste, and the aftertaste is endless.

Chen Da case dumplings: a century-old steamed dumpling shop, the dumpling skin is thin and tender, because the cooked dumplings are transparent, also known as crystal dumplings, the taste is soft and delicious, fat but not greasy.

There are so many foods in Hongya, and there are countless others.

All year round, we sincerely welcome everyone to come to the heart of the heart.

The landscape is Hongya, you can appreciate the charm of Kangyang, and taste Hongya on the tip of your tongue!Let the heart be light, quiet and free on this land!

The health effect of calligraphy is definitely one thing that should be promoted.


The health effect of calligraphy is definitely one thing that should be promoted.

Dai Weihua’s 閲戜功閲戝垰缁忓崄鍏崄鍏竴鍚屽悓瑙傚垎鍒嗗繀鏈夎彥鑿╂彁,鎰忔剰浜戜綍?

Is there a naked eye?

“If so, the world respects.”

If there is a naked eye.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?

Is there a blind eye?

“If so, the world respects.”
If you have a celestial eye.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If you have a good eye?

“If so, the world respects.”
If you have a glance.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If there is a law, is it not?

“If so, the world respects.”
If you have a law eye.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If there is a Buddha eye?

“If so, the world respects.”
If there is a Buddha eye.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
Like all the sand in the Ganges, does the Buddha say that it is sand?

“If so, the world respects.”
If it is sand.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
For example, all the sand in the Ganges River is like the Ganges River, such as the sand. It is the world of all the sands of the Zhuheng River. If it is more than Ning?

“A lot, the world.”

“The Buddha told Bodhi:” All the sentient beings in the land of the country are known.


For example, all the hearts are unintentional, the so-called heart.

“What is it?”

“Buddhist, the past is not available, now the heart is not available, the future is not available.”

Bodhi, what is it?
Is there a naked eye?
“If so, the world respects.”
If there is a naked eye.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
Is there a blind eye?”If so, the world respects.”
If you have a celestial eye.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If you have a good eye?
“If so, the world respects.”
If you have a glance.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If there is a law, is it not?
“If so, the world respects.”
If you have a law eye.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If there is a Buddha eye?
“If so, the world respects.”
If there is a Buddha eye.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
Like all the sand in the Ganges, does the Buddha say that it is sand?
“If so, the world respects.”
If it is sand.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
For example, all the sand in the Ganges River is like the Ganges River, such as the sand. It is the world of all the sands of the Zhuheng River. If it is more than Ning?
“A lot, the world.”
“The Buddha told Bodhi:” All the sentient beings in the land of the country are known.

For example, all the hearts are unintentional, the so-called heart.

“What is it?”
“Buddhist, the past is not available, now the heart is not available, the future is not available.”
[Five eyes]is the naked eye, the eye, the eye, the eye, the Buddha eye.

This is the five eyes of Buddhism in Buddhism, the classification of five kinds of eyes.

Dai Weihua, male, Guizhou native, born in 1976.

Good reading, hi calligraphy, Lin Chi is not tired, the beginning of the book is Yan Zhenqing, after the Ouyang Xun as the sect, trace the source, and explore its flow, in the two Wang Xiaoying, the early Tang dynasty and the scriptures, the Ming and Qing dynastiesThe heart is chasing after the hand, where more than twenty years.

The book style pursues elegance, refined spirit, and advocating the classical style.

“Know” the platform special art consultant.

Eating bloody glutinous rice effectively improves dry skin


Eating bloody glutinous rice effectively improves dry skin

Blood glutinous rice has the functions of nourishing the liver, nourishing the skin, and moisturizing the skin. It is suitable for malnutrition, iron deficiency anemia, pale complexion, dry skin and thin body.

In the cold and dry winter, young women do not hinder the proper consumption of blood glutinous rice, and the role of alkaline skin care.

銆€銆€The theory of TCM health care believes that the five colors into the five internal organs, that is, foods of different colors, have different effects on health care.

Usually, black into the kidney, yellow into the spleen, white into the lungs, blue into the liver, red into the heart.

銆€銆€Red bloody rice, into the heart.

According to Chinese medicine, the main blood of the heart, followed by its efficacy and nourishing qi and blood.

Taking blood glutinous rice can absorb the effect of convergence, and the auxiliary treatment month suffers from multiple diseases.

銆€銆€It should be noted that blood glutinous rice is easy to produce sputum due to its strong viscosity, so fever, cough, phlegm thick yellow and poor gastrointestinal function should not be eaten.

銆€銆€Three red blood and benefit porridge: 50 grams of blood glutinous rice, 10 red dates, 10 grams of medlar, brown sugar right amount.

Wash the red glutinous rice clean, soak it in water for 4-6 hours, pour red glutinous rice into the casserole, boil the red glutinous rice in the fire, continue to boil for 20 minutes, add glutinous rice and red dates, cook for 20 minutes on medium heat, replace the small fire鐔?1 hour.

After cooking, add brown sugar and serve.

It has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the face.

銆€銆€Jujube sheep bone glutinous rice porridge: sheep skull bone 1-2 (pork bone can also be), red dates 30, blood glutinous rice 100 grams.

The sheep skull bone (or pig bone) is broken, the red dates are removed, and the above materials are boiled in a pot by adding an appropriate amount of water.

It has the effect of replenishing spleen and nourishing blood, nourishing kidney and strengthening bone

The top ten life health rumors have been poked into a few tricks


The top ten life health rumors have been poked into a few tricks



Suspension is the truth of a health killer: there is no concept of “sinking” in any medical textbook.

If you believe this, and use laxatives to “stay in the house”, the function of the series connection will be affected. In severe cases, it may cause hydroelectric acid-base disturbance, coma and even death.


Acidic physique is the source of all diseases: “Acid physique” is just a “pseudo-concept.”

The pH values of different body fluids of the human body are also different, and some gastric juices are strongly acidic.

Under normal circumstances, the pH of the blood is 7.


Between 45.

Both acidosis and alkalosis are serious diseases that must be treated professionally.

Certain foods in the short term are unlikely to change the pH of normal human blood.


Fruit juice and seafood can’t be eaten together: these legends come from people’s inappropriate summaries of daily life, which comes from exaggeration and misunderstanding of scientific research.

Some scientists have verified the dozens of foods that have been circulated in the world.


Water knows the answer: people’s attitudes will affect the truth of food: water can’t perceive and react to human emotions.

The study 鈥淲ater knows the answer鈥?does not conform to the relevant technical process, and its nature is not enough.


Pregnant women need to wear radiation protection clothing to protect the truth of the food: this rumor deliberately distorted some research papers more than 20 years ago.

There is currently no evidence that daily non-ionizing radiation causes fluid weight in pregnant women, an increase in body weight deformity, and does not cause neonatal birth weight to be too low.

Pregnant women do not need special protection.


There are artificial eggs on the market, which can be used as a table tennis to make the truth: rubber eggs are actually just “unqualified” eggs, not artificially made fake eggs.

Although the research data indicates that the content of harmful substances does not affect the human body, it is still not recommended for everyone to eat.


Vitamin C can treat and prevent the truth of the cold: no modern medical research has proven that vitamin C can prevent and treat colds, which is just one of the many myths that have been produced since the early separation and purification of vitamin C.


Menstrual shampoo is prone to cancer, and the truth of the month is to wash your head and wash your head. It is not taboo to wash your hair during the menstrual period, and it is not contraindicated to eat cold drinks.


Papaya can breast the truth: papaya enzymes and vitamin A can not play a breast enhancement effect.

Rumors even confuse ancient Chinese papayas and papayas as fruits.


The crescent on the nail is the truth of the health barometer: the “crescent” on the nail is just a natural phenomenon formed during the growth of the nail. Although some changes in the body may change the size of the “crescent”, the number and size of the “crescent” are used.It is not correct to judge whether it is healthy.


Four strokes easily have charming thin legs


Four strokes easily have charming thin legs

Sexy thin legs “assembly number” blew, love the beautiful MMs pay attention, just take a little time every day to practice four steps, mini skirts for you to wear!

銆€銆€First, remember to warm up before exercising.

Because the warm-up is enough to effectively avoid the injury caused by exercise, and because the body-related parts are hot, the joints are flexible, the posture is more full, and the exercise slimming effect is more ideal.

Warm-up is actually very simple, sometimes walking for a few minutes, or climbing a few stairs is a good choice.

銆€銆€In fact, insist on doing a few simple plastic movements every day, whether at home or in the office, as long as you are willing, there is always a chance to exercise.


1 sitting posture elbow exercise part: the front part of the thigh movement process: sit on the chair, abdomen, deep breathing, while raising the left knee higher than the waist, keep 5 to 10 seconds.

Change to the right again and repeat 5 times.


2 Straight leg raising exercise part: The front part of the thigh movement process: sitting on the chair, abdomen, deep breathing, while raising the left foot until the knee is the same height (increase: the thigh leaves the chair 3 cm) for 5 to 10 seconds.
Change to the right again and repeat 5 times.

銆€銆€Note: The above two actions are suitable for home implementation.


3 erect knee flexion exercise part: the back of the thigh movement process: the body is upright, the center of gravity is moved to the right leg, keeping the spine straight.

When you exhale, slowly bend your knees and lift your left foot. When you breathe, put it down.

Repeat 10-15 times.

Change your right leg.


4 power-assisting bows and squats exercise parts: thighs, buttocks movement process: two feet into a bow, the forefoot toe tip forward, the back heel off the ground toe rushing front, the upper body erect, the hand on the body side support chair and other furniture as a support.

After that, it gradually sinks slowly and then slowly rises to the starting position.

Repeat 10-15 times.
Change your right leg.
銆€銆€Note: The above two actions can be done in the office, using lunch time, or work breaks.

銆€銆€Finally, after finishing the shaping movement, don’t forget to do the stretching.

Stretching after shaping plays a vital role in shaping the slim figure.

How to be a good aunt who has 10 foods, please detour


How to be a good aunt who has 10 foods, please detour

Cold and cold foods are not suitable for eating cold and cold foods, especially those with cold dysmenorrhea, but also away from cold food.

The snails of the snails can cool the heat, but women are not suitable for eating cold food such as snails during the period.

Chocolate chocolate is prone to emotional out of control, it can make the mood unstable and addicted to sugar, in addition to causing weight gain, it will increase the demand for vitamin b.

And the sugar fraction consumes vitamin B and minerals in the body, making it easier for people to eat sweets.

Ingesting high-sugar sweets can not improve the symptoms of menstrual discomfort, and can cause blood sugar instability, affecting the body’s hormone balance, aggravating dysmenorrhea, so dysmenorrhea can not eat anything, chocolate is one of them.

Pepper, clove, pepper, menstrual diet is mainly light, and eats a flat, nutrient-rich food, not suitable for stimulating alternative spicy food, such food will stimulate blood vessel expansion, leading to early menstruation and increased menstrual blood.

Pepper, clove and pepper are all seasonings. When cooking food, you can put some to make it more delicious, but in the menstrual period, female friends are not suitable for eating such spicy food, otherwise it will lead to increased dysmenorrhea and menstrual blood.

Pear women should not eat raw pears during menstruation.

Persimmon persimmon contains amino acids, which are easy to combine with iron, affecting the body’s absorption of iron in food. Women lose a lot of blood during menstruation, so they need iron supplementation, so menstruation is not suitable for eating persimmons.

Salt-salted women eat salty food before menstruation, which is harmful to the body. Salty foods can cause excessive salt and water in the body, which can cause symptoms such as menstrual headache, mood swings, and irritability.

Caffeine beverages contain caffeine-based beverages that gradually increase pain and cause anxiety, irritability and mood swings, which consume the stored vitamin b in the body. Destroying the eliminated metabolic wine consumes body vitamins b and minerals. Excessive drinking can destroyMetabolizes metabolism and produces too much estrus hormone, stimulating vasodilation, leading to increased menstruation or excessive menstrual blood.

During the menstrual period, green tea contains relatively high hemoglobin, plasma protein and hemoglobin. Therefore, female friends will lose a lot of iron after menstruation, so iron supplementation is very important.

Tea contains more than 30% of the implanted acid, which combines with iron ions in the interior to produce a precipitate, which blocks the absorption of iron by the intestinal mucosa, makes the breasts feel painful, and easily causes anxiety, irritability and emotional instability.


Listen to the doctor to teach you to drink tea in winter

Long drought without rain, moisture and moisture is a must for homework in this winter.

鎹湰鎶ユ槰鏃ユ姤閬擄紝浜斾簯鑼跺彾闆嗗洟鐨勨€滀竴缁夸竴绾⑩€濊幏寰楅噾铻嶆満鏋勬敮鎸侊紝鈥滄弧琛楀敖鏄€樹俊闃崇孩鈥欌€濃€︹€﹀姞涔嬫鍓嶅叾鏃椾笅鐨勯緳娼俊闃虫瘺灏栥€佷俊闃崇孩涓庨粍娌宠繋瀹鹃绛剧害The “national guest reception dedicated”, for a time, the trend of drinking tea.

銆€銆€The doctor reminded that it is suitable for drinking black tea in winter and drinking some tea every day, which not only moisturizes thirst, but also has the effect of keeping health.

Zhao Yuli, director of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion at the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan Province, said that green tea with heat-clearing effect is more suitable for drinking in the summer. In winter, it is best to drink black tea, oolong tea, cooked Pu’er and other fermented, semi-fermented tea.

Especially for the elderly, the winter is more afraid of cold, the spleen and stomach are not good, and drinking more green tea will increase the coldness and lead to disease invasion.

Black tea, oolong tea is warm, and the function of spleen and stomach is continuous green tea.

Through the fermentation and semi-fermentation process, the internal quality of the tea has changed, and some beneficial fungi have been produced, which helps digestion and can improve the flora imbalance in the body.

銆€銆€Zhao Yuli introduced that people with hot body should not drink more black tea.

Absolutely a certain type of heat, yin and anger, empirical heat, phlegm and heat, should drink less warm tea.

People who are damp and thick, people who are prone to bad breath, people who have dry stools, people who are too high blood pressure should drink less black tea.

銆€銆€In addition, it is easy to lose sleep at night, people with neurasthenia should not drink more tea, children should not drink tea, pregnant mothers and menstruating women should drink less tea.