Autumn, dry and moisturizing conditioning as a flower

Autumn, dry and moisturizing conditioning as a flower

Chrysanthemum and Laoya Tang Chrysanthemum, pleasing to the eye and removing dryness, “You can see Nanshan leisurely under the fence of the chrysanthemum,” which shows Tao Yuanming’s carefreeness, and also made countless people pay tribute to the little chrysanthemum.

Every autumn, it is the season for chrysanthemums blooming. When you are walking around Zhejiang, you will surely find that the streets and alleys are always selling “Hangbaiju”.

Chrysanthemum can be used for sencha or cooking.

A small chrysanthemum has a value that cannot be underestimated, which is rare.

  The editor recommends hot text: “Compendium of Materia Medica” has detailed records of the medicinal effects of chrysanthemum tea: sweetness, coldness, and the effect of dispersing wind and heat, and calming the liver and eyesight.

The “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” believes that white chrysanthemum tea can “the main wind dizziness, swelling and pain, loss of eyes, skin dead muscles, rheumatism paralysis, Jiufu Qi, light and durable.

Experts say autumn is a great time to eat chrysanthemums.

Eating more chrysanthemums can help the body to replenish qi, tonicity, remove dryness, and detoxify.

Modern medicine has proven that chrysanthemums have a good conditioning effect on chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension and sub-health in modern people.

  The chrysanthemum and duck soup is suitable for the crowd: in the autumn, it is tired and boring for no reason, is listless, is in a sub-health state, and is recovering from a serious illness.

  Method: Soak 10 grams of chrysanthemum and 12 grams of wolfberry in water, and then put a peeled old duck, 5 grams of Cordyceps sinensis and five or six slices of American ginseng in a casserole.

When it is cooked to a half-seven degree, pour in chrysanthemum and wolfberry.

It is recommended to eat it twice a week, with duck and soup, and it is best to eat it at dinner, so that one month later, there can be a significant improvement in refreshing qi.

  Tip: As far as possible, chrysanthemum can also be put into chrysanthemum porridge, chrysanthemum cake, chrysanthemum cooking, and you can also brew our most common chrysanthemum to detoxify eyesight.

Experts point out that jujube chrysanthemum tea can also help cancer patients to restore their sense of taste.

  The sweet-scented osmanthus coconut cake Dangui Piaoxiang is famous from far and away. Even in the hot and noon time, as long as there is a breeze, you can smell this sweet smell.

If you have a heart, just collect a fragrance, that is, a delicious.

As early as the Warring States Period, Qu Yuan’s “Li Sao” had the sentence “Assisting the North to Discuss the Guijiang Pulp”, which is a record of osmanthus making food.

  Osmanthus and rose flowers are brewed together, which has the effect of relieving the qi and warming the stomach and cold; osmanthus flowers and chrysanthemum flowers are brewing together, which has the function of fragrant and clearing the stomach, and is suitable for stomach heat and bad breath;Analgesic, suitable for cold pain in the abdomen.

When eating ginkgo, lotus seeds, chestnuts, put a handful of sweet-scented osmanthus, the smell is fragrant, and it can increase appetite.

  The introduction of traditional Chinese medicine, sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus, has the effects of strengthening the stomach, reducing phlegm, regenerating sputum, dispersing sputum, and calming the liver, and can cure phlegm and cough, intestinal wind and blood stasis, toothache, bad breath, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain.

The effect of warming and dispersing cold as much as possible, warming the stomach and relieving pain and resolving phlegm and silt.

  Osmanthus coconut juice cake is suitable for the crowd: autumn is dry, and coconut juice is sweet and smooth, rich in vitamin C with antioxidant ingredients, which promotes human metabolism.

The dessert made with sweet-scented osmanthus is refreshing and pleasant, and it is really enjoyable.

  Method: Mix 50g of horseshoe flour and 50g of corn starch, divide into two and pack in two containers.

Use 50ml coconut juice and water to mix the horseshoe flour and corn starch to a grain-free powder slurry. Add the sweet-scented osmanthus to the bowl with water.

Add 150ml of water to the sugar and bring to a boil.

Then pour the boiled sugar water into the coconut milk powder and osmanthus powder to stir up.

After the water is boiled, pour a thin layer of powder into a dish and steam for 5 minutes.

Then pour another kind of slurry into a dish and steam for another 5 minutes. Steam between the two powders.

Put the sweet osmanthus on the last layer.

  Xiaobian recommended hot text: Tips: There are many ways to eat Osmanthus.

Osmanthus fragrans is boiled in boiling water and picked up to dry. It is stained with white sugar and sealed in a bottle. It can be used as a food spice.

Take the first-class jujube, steam it with sugar, and add osmanthus to make the spleen and appetizing osmanthus candied dates.

Laugh at yourself

Laugh at yourself

I have a friend who has a black hair on her head that looks prematurely older than ten years old.

Whenever someone guesses his age wrong, he smiles with tolerance: “Nothing, you are not the first.

Didn’t anyone say that?

The lively road is not grassy, and the smart head is not hairy!

“This kind of self-deprecation and tolerance is very rare.

  Self-deprecation is a self-joke, a self-confidence and free and easy expression. Only a confident person dares to laugh at himself, because he knows that self-deprecation will not affect his mentality and the impression on others.


Fosty once said, “The golden rule of laughter is, just laugh at yourself first if you want to laugh at others.

“British writer Jestadon is a fat man, and he has difficulty moving due to excessive reasons.

He once told his friend: “I’m a man who cuts three times more than others.

When I made a seat on the bus, I broke down and let the three ladies sit down.

“This is a kind of self-deprecation.

This lighthearted self-deprecation created a lighthearted humor, while at the same time showing Jestadong’s high confidence.

  When we encounter an embarrassing situation, if we can use self-deprecating to create a humorous position appropriately, we can effectively place our own embarrassing situation, and at the same time, we can give the other party an easy experience and get the other ‘s goodwill, soThe atmosphere became more harmonious and more conducive to the purpose of communication.

  After Reagan became president of the United States, he paid a state visit to Canada.

At the beginning of his speech, Reagan’s speech was constantly interrupted by the chanting and martyrdom of the anti-American protesters.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre?

Trudeau was embarrassed by this situation, but Reagan smiled and said to him, “This kind of thing happens from time to time in the United States. I think these people must have come to your country from the United States on purpose.

They want to make me feel at home.

“After Trudeau heard this, he suddenly smiled at both ends, and Reagan caused an embarrassing situation.

When the crowd on the field heard Reagan saying this, they became quiet.

  The famous Chinese painting master Zhang Daqian once toasted Mei Lanfang at the banquet and said: “Mr. Mei, you are a gentleman-move; I am a villain-move.

“Here, Zhang Daqian ridiculed himself as a” little man “according to the characteristics of his work, and immediately activated the banquet atmosphere.

5 kinds of behaviors in life that hurt the cervical spine

5 kinds of behaviors in life that hurt the cervical spine

An epidemiological survey showed that the incidence of cervical spondylosis in this population is as high as 21%, which is much higher than the national average incidence-7% to 17%.

The reason is that poor living habits combined with high-intensity work rhythms are the main reasons for the high incidence of cervical spondylosis in modern people.

  Survey article 21% of white-collar workers have cervical spondylosis Many people are curious. If you give a list of certain risk factors that cause cervical spondylosis, what is the most dangerous?

According to the research, we found that the impact of our daily habits on the cervical spine in accordance with the degree of danger is: bowing time, working pressure, age, pillow height, allowing cold, stress, exercise, sleeping posture, consciousnessFatigue, throat infections, ventilation, smoking, drinking, and causing trauma.

  In previous epidemiological investigations of cervical spondylosis, almost all the literature considered that age was positively correlated with the incidence of cervical spondylosis.

However, recent epidemiological surveys have upset some of the previous signs.

  The influence of age on cervical spondylosis may no longer be the primary factor. Through the changes in working and living conditions, the intensity of work, and the prevalence of young people with more stress are increasing year by year.

IT staff, pharmaceutical staff, middle school teachers, media workers, office clerks, accountants, drivers, students, etc. have become high-risk groups of cervical spondylosis.

  Mistake area 1: Playing with a mobile phone while watching a computer at home. People want to be comfortable and comfortable. It is not uncommon to watch a TV while lying in bed or on the sofa.Hidden great risks.

  Action: When playing with the mobile phone, the muscles of the arm have been pulled to the preset muscles.

Unbalanced tension is a predisposing factor for cervical spondylosis.

Therefore, please raise the laptop or lower the seat to keep your eyes level with your computer screen. Looking down and looking up will bend the cervical spine, which can only be a burden.

  Misunderstanding 2: Pillows are too high or too low. Many people like to sleep on high pillows, and others prefer not to sleep on pillows to prevent wrinkles.

This is not good for cervical spine health.

  Suggestion: The pillow we replace should be able to fully support the calibrated lordosis, and its height is best to maintain the normal lordosis of the cervical spine during sleep.

  The ancients said: “Sitting like a clock, standing like a pine, walking like a wind, sleeping like a bow.

“This sentence clearly points out the most correct body posture of a person. In this state, the human body has the least pressure to reduce.

Unfortunately, few people can do this now. Maintaining a good posture is not only good for physical health, but also a manifestation of elegant manners.

  Misunderstanding 3: Large single-shoulder backpacks. Many urban women at work like large single-shoulder backpacks, which allow generous fashion, easy replacement, and put large and small things in the bag.

As everyone knows, this causes a great burden on the spine, and it is easy to cause scoliosis due to uneven force.

In addition, when carrying a backpack, people shrug their shoulders unconsciously, or consciously raise the front of the backpack. These small movements can cause injuries to the spine for a long time.

  Some people will say, “I’m holding the head office?”

In fact, the bag or the back or the puppet has the same pressure on one side of the human body.

  Reason: It needs to be reminded that this does not mean that the backpack has no effect on the human spine at all. Gravity acts on the shoulder, which causes a burden on the blood and also affects health.

In our daily life, we must try to keep the pressure on our shoulders even.

  Misunderstanding 4: Too little clothing, greedy, cool and windy summer, women are wearing less and less, sling, umbilical, backless, open hip grooves . even more and more styles, bare skinMore and more.

  At work, shopping and shopping, in the company, the mall is full of cool air blowing from the air conditioner, refreshing, so cool!

Your body temperature has dropped, but the cold air has penetrated into your body through your skin.

In particular, the retinal hair is cold and cold, which is particularly easy to induce cervical spondylosis.

  Reason: The cervical spine is the place where the du veins and bladder pass. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is the place where the body is yang.

If you are greedy and cold, the retina is prone to cold and stiffness, which means that there is obvious spot leakage of Qi and blood in your veins or bladder meridian, which will also cause the basic pathological changes of cervical spondylosis.

  Mistake area 5: Health care instead of treating some people’s complications. I like to use massage therapy shops everywhere on the road and let them use the trigger method. A little carelessness will cause the risk of vertebral body, spinal cord, blood vessel and nerve injury.

Dr. Zhu Guomiao once encountered a medical dispute in which a patient massaged a damaged massage in a massage parlour. The patient was finally determined by magnetic resonance to be a fracture of the fourth lumbar vertebrae.

  Prevention: Dr. Zhu reminded to go to the beauty salon to press and rub the muscles, but never let non-professional physicians use the trigger method.

In addition, if the patient has obvious neck pain and low back pain, he must go to a professional hospital for diagnosis and treatment, because the judgment and treatment of neck pain are very professional.

Food recommendations for kidney and impotence in men

Food recommendations for kidney and impotence in men

Shrimp-Shrimp is delicious with high tonic and medicinal effects.

Chinese medicine believes that its sweet, salty, warm nature, aphrodisiac and kidney, nourishing essence, and breast milk.

Anyone who has long been ill, has shortness of breath, is weak, and does not think about eating or drinking, can use it as a tonic food.

eating prawn helps us to strengthen our body.


hzh {display: none; }  淡菜–淡菜又名珠菜、壳菜。 Rich in protein, iodine, B vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc.

Its salty taste, warm nature, warm kidney solid essence, Yiqi tonic effect.

It is suitable for men with sexual dysfunction, nocturnal emission, impotence, room labor, and thirst.

Men’s regular food can strengthen the body and enhance sexual function.

  Loach-Loach contains high-quality protein, trace amounts, vitamin A, vitamin B1, niacin, iron, phosphorus, calcium and so on.

It has a sweet taste and a flat nature, and has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing kidney and nourishing essence.

It has a better effect on regulating sexual function.

Loach contains a special protein that promotes sperm formation.

Adult men often eat loach to nourish their body.

  Donkey Meat-As the saying goes, “Dragon meat in the sky, donkey meat on the ground.

“Donkey meat is delicious and is a high protein, low feces, low cholesterol meat.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that donkeys have a sweet flavour, have qi and nourish blood, nourish yin and aphrodisiac, and soothe the nerves.

Donkey kidney, sweet and warm, is beneficial to kidney impotence, strong muscles and strong bones.

Can treat impotence, waist and knees and so on.

  Oysters-Oysters are also known as oysters.

Rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium, high-quality protein, sugars and other vitamins.

Its salty taste, slightly cold nature, nourishing yin and yang, nourishing kidney and astringent essence.

Men eat oysters regularly to improve sexual function and sperm quality.

It has better effect on male nocturnal emission, fatigue and fatigue, kidney deficiency impotence and so on.

  Quail-The quail saying goes, “Eat birds and count quails.”

The quail meat is tender and fragrant, not fragrant, and has always been listed as a top quality wild bird.

Quail meat is not only delicious and nutritious, it also contains a variety of inorganic salts, lecithin, hormones and a variety of essential amino acids.

The meat and eggs of quail are good tonics, which have a beneficial effect.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that men who eat quail meat can “replenish the five internal organs, benefit the essence and blood, and warm the kidney and help the yang.” Regular consumption of quail can enhance sexual function and strength, and strengthen bones and bones.

  Eggs-Eggs are the nutritional carrier of human sexual function and the best “reducing agent” to restore vitality after sex.

A few days before the wedding, the Arabs mainly use scallions and eggs to ensure that the sex on the wedding night is happy.

Indian doctors recommend that couples drink more rice porridge made from eggs, milk and honey before having sex.

Chinese folk also spread the custom of fried eggs for wedding dinner.

Newlyweds have frequent sexual lives and prolonged physical exertion. Supplementing eggs can help to restore physical strength quickly.

  Snake meat-parasitic, snake meat has become a fashion.

When two snakes mate, they last for a long time (vipers can reach 6?
24 hours), snake meat can effectively extend the time of sexual life.
  Pigeon meat-White pigeons have strong reproductive power, very strong sexual desire, and male and female mating are very alternating. This is due to the particularly strong secretion of sex hormones in white pigeons.Kidney qi, strong sexual function.
The efficacy of white pigeon eggs is better than that of white pigeon meat. According to the determination, white pigeon eggs are rich in protein, vitamins and iron, and have high nutritional value.

The following diet recipes have better effects on strengthening the kidney.

  (1) Take half of white pigeon meat, Morinda officinalis 10 g, Huai yam 10 g, wolfberry 10 g, stew and eat soup and meat.

Or use a medicine with a pigeon, if the service is too dry, you can also stew the pigeon with an appropriate amount of white fungus, then make up without drying.

  (2) Or take 2 white pigeon eggs, 10 grams of wolfberry, 5 grams of longan meat, take white pigeon eggs in the pot, and add rock sugar when eating.As a drug into the kidney.

  Dog meat-Dog meat is sweet, salty, and warm in nature. It has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach and nourishing aphrodisiac.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” contains dog meat with “an five internal organs, light body and qi, kidney and stomach.

Warm waist and knees, strong strength, make up five labor and seven injuries, blood and other effects.

Burning dog meat with black beans and eating soup can treat impotence and premature ejaculation.

The cooked dog meat with simmered ginger can warm the kidneys and aphrodisiac, relieve cold and relieve pain.

Dog meat is warm, and eating more can get angry.

It is not suitable for anyone who has a hot guide and Yang Shenghuowang.

Difficulties in finding jobs for graduate students

Difficulties in finding jobs for graduate students

For graduate students graduating this year, job search competition is particularly fierce.
Not only are undergraduates playing the “low pay” card, but also a large number of international students returning home to apply for jobs.
So, for this group of highly educated graduates, how to stand out from many job applicants?
The reporter interviewed several graduate students who are looking for jobs, and their experience may give readers some inspiration.
  Cherish the opportunity for internships. Do n’t put Miao Chennian upside down in journalism. Since the second half of last year, she has successively gone to many media units for internships.
Because of her master’s degree, it was easy to get an internship, but Xiao Chen failed to stay.
Investigating the reason, she felt that it was the failure to persist.
去年7月,小陈进入某主流媒体实习,不过实习的同时,她还忙着搜罗其他公司的招聘信息,实习期间花了很多精力做“网申 ”,结果本末倒置,报社觉得她做事不够积极,She persuaded her to go home early in less than a month.
Later, Chen went to several TV stations. The media units usually hope that the applicants can practice for a while to observe their abilities. However, Chen also quits because of the long time.
  Now thinking about it, Xiao Chen thinks that if he could bear his patience and stay for a longer period of time, he would have more opportunities to show himself, and maybe he would stay.
In addition, she also realized that she should distinguish between the primary and secondary, concentrate on the internship during the internship stage, and put aside the job search in advance.
She suggested that graduate friends take each internship seriously and summarize the experience after each internship, which will be very valuable in the future job search process.
  Demonstrate your own advantages, sober to know myself Xiaotang is from Shanghai International Studies University, and recently just finished an internship in a unit, waiting for the final result of the offer.
Because of his sober understanding of himself and his own advantages, Xiao Tang was praised by the unit leaders.
“Foreign language is my strength. I have been proactive in highlighting this ability since the interview.
Xiao Tang said that no matter whether the company has English documents that need to be translated or act as temporary interpreters, she has volunteered and tried actively.
Several times, the company leaders met the intern.
“It’s important for newcomers to get familiar with the company.
“Xiao Tang said that she has a more outgoing personality and enjoys communicating with people.” My internship position is related to marketing and sales, and my personality can help me achieve better results in my work.
“Xiao Xiaotang said that undergraduate teaching exercises practical and operational abilities, while graduate students focus more on theoretical research. Master students must combine the two well.” From the perspective of learning ability and cultural heritage, graduate students are absolutelyA win for undergraduates.
In addition, Xiao Tang also suggested that graduate students should not focus on job hunting in foreign companies and banks. Although these positions are better treated, they may not be suitable for themselves.
Foreign companies pay attention to the language expression and appeal of students, while some graduate friends are inherently introverted and more adept at learning, and will lose out in competition with undergraduates.
Therefore, graduate students must undergo necessary training to improve their competitiveness in the workplace.
  Interviewing is an important step in a job search.
Workplace experts conclude that graduate friends are apt to make some “advanced mistakes” during interviews.
To sum up, these “advanced errors” are mainly caused by graduate students’ failure to “put down their own shelves”.
  不善于打破沉默  因为长期在“象牙塔”中学习,或者自认为学历高,研究生面试时不擅长主动与面试官交流;还有些时候,研究生遇到面试官是位本科毕业的年轻后生,心中就Will mutter: “How can he be qualified to interview me?
“It turned out to be cold.
In fact, proactive conversations leave an initial good impression on the interviewer.
  To answer some questions from the perspective of space caves, graduate students are good at dealing with theories, but forgot to give examples.
Graduate students themselves give the impression of “only reading” and talk more about their own experience, which not only adds points to the answer, but also implies that the examiner has relevant practical experience.
  Pretending to be perfect When you are in the “group”, some people hold the view that “graduates should be better than undergraduates”, answering questions smoothly and steadily, and rarely have their own views.
When it comes to yourself, it is a “perfect person” with no shortcomings.
This type of answer will only make you lose points.
  Asking for salaries voluntarily: At the end of the interview, the examiner took the initiative to ask the question without mentioning the salary. In fact, he made a “taboo”, which would make professional interviewers very disgusted.
Now that undergraduates have taken the initiative to reduce their salaries, asking about salary makes people feel that you care.
In fact, if the recruitment unit is interested in you, it will naturally ask about the salary situation.

A natural detoxifying power for dark yellow skin_1

A natural detox for dark yellow skin

Work pressure is often overtime?

Always take away food for three meals?

When you meet an acquaintance who hasn’t seen you for a few days, do you say that you have become stunned?

There are small fine lines in the dark yellow eyes of the race?

. Dear, your skin may need to be detoxified. Test it against the following 6 skin problems:.

hzh {display: none; }  你的肌肤需要排毒吗  - 肤色还可以,并不是很黑,但是暗沉、发黄;  -皮肤感觉干燥,缺乏水分,弹性减弱;  -眼角下方有轻微细纹;  -The corners of the eyes and nose are easy to be blown by the wind, and white dandruff is generated after sun exposure and before menstruation;

  If the above facts appear, you must immediately join the skin’s detox action!

  Don’t doubt, maybe you whiten and sunscreen all day, apply a mask during the day and apply it at night, but you may not take this set on your skin. Toxins can’t be drained out. Any maintenance is doing nothing.

  Different from targeted skin care such as whitening and acne treatment, the overall skin condition needs to be comprehensively improved. Brands have successively applied the Chinese health theory such as traditional Chinese medicine to launch various Chinese herbal medicines and various plant fruit extraction products, which can be adjusted from the inside outSkin, detoxifies the skin.

  Pomegranate red pomegranate fruit, one of the oldest fruits in the world, is extremely rich in biomedical value, and is regarded as a magical natural fruit treasure. It has a vivid color, a sweet smell and a unique effect.Since ancient times, people have been using a therapeutic agent, especially to maintain a young appearance and healthy state, and thus set a sacred alternative to skin beauty.

  Recommended use: Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrient Essence Lotion: RMB 560 / 30ml fused with multi-vitamins, minerals and high-efficiency seed extracts to continuously renew the natural luster and vitality of the skin, creating a dazzling, healthy and beautiful face.

Apple extract promotes the regeneration of skin cells and helps the skin to naturally renew.

Carnitine, creatine, adenosine phosphate and calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. improve skin energy, accelerate cell metabolism, strengthen and purify skin, and avoid skin elastic tissues from being injured by toxins and accelerating aging.

  Green tea has long been said to be used for self-cultivation. Green tea is rich in antioxidant essences, which can prevent damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays, smoking, pollution and other environmental damage.

  Recommended use: H2O Green Tea Youth Eye Essence Lotion Price: RMB 420 / 13ML Green Tea Youth Eye Essence Lotion has triple green tea antioxidant essence (Japanese green tea, Paraguay tea, compound vitamins (vitamins A, C, E)) to form skin protectionBarrier to block all kinds of external injuries and create a pollution-free environment for the eye skin.

Get rid of dark circles, remove yellow gas and brighten skin tone.

  Red and white.

hzh {display: none; }  赤芍药生长于野外自然环境,具有清热去浊和活血通达的双重功效,能帮助促进肌肤循环和代谢能力,调整水分和油脂的代谢平衡,并增强肌肤的抵抗力;Paeonia lactiflora has the main function of nourishing, softening and moisturizing the skin.

  Recommended use: Herborist Cleansing and Beauty Taiji Clay RMB 380 / 290g Herborist Cleansing and Beauty Taiji Clay, Tai Chi Ancient Formula is the leading black clay for cleansing and decontamination, and white clay after skin replenishment to form “Tai Chi-Qingjifang”The structure of “Tai Chi-Run Yu Fang” inspires clearer and more effective supplements.

After clearing and moisturizing, black and white two steps restore skin balance, leaving skin fully glowing and natural.

  Safflower extract improves the blood microcirculation, promotes cell metabolism, enhances cell vitality, removes active free radicals, antioxidant effects, and prevents rough skin, wrinkles and dark spots.

  Recommended use: AVENIR Ayurveda Herbal Gel Lotion: RMB 138 / 200ml Newly added safflower extract, which has been an effective ingredient in Chinese medicine since ancient times, with more concentrated ginseng root, peony root, scutellaria root, angelica, kernel, Huang Gentian root and other natural herbal formulas, make the skin achieve rapid and effective deep purification, giving the skin more effective and safer perfect skin care experience.

The upgraded herbal curd lotion can be more quickly integrated with the skin, and the rich, moisturizing feeling is quickly transmitted to the deep layers of the skin, effectively conditioning the skin.

  Ganoderma lucidum has been considered to be able to “reinforce the solid foundation” and “tonic and strengthen the body” since ancient times. It is a very precious and rare plant.

Ganoderma is also a beauty product that can fight wrinkles, reduce inflammation, eliminate skin, and reduce gloss.

The beauty effect of Ganoderma Lucidum is mainly the organic germanium inside the Ganoderma lucidum fruit body. This substance has the function of purifying blood, promoting cell metabolism and preventing aging.

  Recommended use: YSL Saint Laurent Ganoderma Repair Cream ¥ 2480 / 30ml silky and delicate cream, using cell regeneration complex ganoderma extract, almond protein, etc., can eliminate wrinkles, let the complexion shine, and the skin alternates day after day.

Female premature aging signal flash Chinese medicine diet to help

Female premature aging “signal flash” Chinese medicine diet to help

A few days ago, a survey from an authoritative department showed that 30% of the 30- to 40-year-old female middle-aged women in China had menopausal symptoms.
Experts pointed out that medically known as recessive menopause, which occurs before the arrival of true menopause, is characterized by autonomic dysfunction and is a signal of premature aging in middle-aged women.
銆€銆€Experts say: pressure from work and living environment often causes middle-aged women to fall into irresistible anxiety and depression. Over time, they will interfere with their autonomic functions and have symptoms of premature aging such as recessive menopause.
In addition, some gynecological diseases will also reduce the ovarian function and low levels of hormone secretion in middle-aged women, making the menopause advanced.
銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicine experts believe that the traditional medicine of the motherland has always attached importance to the role of diet therapy. Middle-aged women can also start from the following three types of diet treatment.
銆€銆€First, Ganoderma lucidum stewed pig’s trotters to prevent premature aging skin wrinkles: take 15 grams of Ganoderma lucidum, 1 pig’s trotters and cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, onion, ginger, lard and so on.
Wash the pig’s trotters and remove the hair. Ganoderma lucidum is washed and sliced.
Put the lard in the pot, add the onion ginger and musk after the heat, add the pig’s trotters, water, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, and ganoderma lucidum. After the fire is boiled, use a simmer until the pig’s trotters are cooked.
銆€銆€Second, pork porridge porridge to prevent dry skin, hair is not honor: take 60 grams of pork tenderloin, 90 grams of rice and sesame oil, salt, pepper.
Wash and slice the pork first, stir fry with sesame oil, add water, and add rice porridge.
When the porridge is cooked, add salt and pepper, then boil and serve.
銆€銆€The third is the silver oyster eyesight porridge control colorless: take 15 grams of white fungus, 鏋告潪 10 grams, 100 grams of chicken liver, 10 grams of jasmine, 100 grams of glutinous rice and seasonings.
The white fungus is shredded into small pieces with water, and the chicken liver is cut into thin slices and glutinous rice is used together to cook porridge.
When the porridge is cooked until six minutes, add 鏋告潪, continue to cook, then add seasoning and jasmine, then you can eat.

Tianren Group Hu Wei Music Health Base 13th Music Salon Golden Microphone grand antique!

Tianren Group Hu Wei Music Health Base 13th Music Salon “Golden Microphone” grand antique!

Golden August, Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates.

On September 23, in the multi-function hall of Guangdong Tianren Health Industry Group, the 13th 鈥淕olden Microphone Special鈥?of 鈥淗u Wei Music Health Base路Music Salon鈥?was grand and antique, and more than 100 high-quality 鈥淕olden Microphone鈥?songs.Friends, senior scholars of “Unbounded Singing” gathered together to listen to the Chinese “Unbounded Singing” advocate, the soprano singer, and the vocal professor Professor Hu Wei on-site to share a special lecture entitled “The Spring of Untitled Singing” in the Development of Chinese Vocal Music.After the lecture, I would like to admire Professor Hu Wei’s live performance and experience the unique charm of 鈥淯nbounded Singing鈥?

In the “Unbounded Singing” lecture, Professor Hu Wei mentioned the theoretical origin and the origin of the “Unbounded Singing” that she put forward more than ten years ago, pointing out that the “singing split theory” has brought to the vast number of vocal learners for decades.The problem, as well as the achievements brought about by the development of Chinese vocal music, and expressed the concept that a singer needs to focus on the work itself when singing, and at the same time: there is no difference in singing method, only singing styleThe difference.

At the same time, Mr. Hu Wei has been a vast indigenous vocal educator and learner, to update the concept and jointly save the road of vocal development in China.

At the scene of this salon, Professor Hu Wei used his own performance to show the essence of 鈥淣o Singing Method鈥?for the public, and specifically sang the method of 鈥渞esonance鈥?with the guests participating in the conference. At the same time, invited to participate in this music.Salon’s singers and scholars show their talents and perform different styles of songs, pushing the portrait of the salon to a climax.

The professional performances of the singers let everyone pay tribute, and they were also recognized by Professor Hu Wei and made specific comments.

Prof. Hu Wei’s wonderful comments directly hit the unfinished part of the performance guests, and proposed specific and feasible corrections and improvement paths. The applause continued, and everyone said that it was worthwhile.

After the guest performances and the site’s name, Professor Hu Wei also thoroughly answered the questions on the music one-on-one to support everyone to climb the peak of art.

This is a high-standard on-the-spot interaction and interaction, and fellow students in art life.

Undoubtedly, Professor Hu Wei not only helps students to improve their singing level, but also accurately drives various singing styles in the process of music teaching. It also finds that the body parts of the singer can be greatly improved and the mind is greatly delighted.

Based on this phenomenon, and based on Hu Wei’s identity as the chairman of the Tianren Health Group, Professor Hu Wei has melted 鈥淢usic and Health鈥?in a furnace and developed a 鈥淔ive-tone Health Training Method鈥?that is beneficial to people’s health.””, and was tested in the teaching process, and was recognized and trusted by many musicians and friends who are interested in health.

After two years of development, Professor Hu Wei and Tianren Group jointly established the 鈥淗u Wei Music Health Base鈥? which has matured and carried out a series of salon lectures for the public public welfare to better link music lovers and jointly spread music health.Wisdom, serving the elderly and music lovers group life and health upgrades.

Do not care too much about sex.


Do not care too much about sex.

Girls should not care too much about sex when making love: Do you feel that your oversized chest is dangling like a jelly, stepping down, the lower abdomen is over-exposed, and the acne that can hardly be seen on your back is like red beans in your imagination.Big.

銆€銆€In fact, there are very few people who are as slim as a model and who are sexy and perfect.

銆€銆€According to experts, even if you buy a sexy underwear full of pits, the previous study of good people, cover up their flaws, the situation is very little, because the important thing is your mind, not change yourfigure.
A survey conducted in Virginia, USA, shows that women who are not worried because of their poor health are more likely to have a climax of more than 83% in her sexual behavior;In fact, the chances of women who are always worried about their body climax when they have sex are only 42%.

銆€銆€However, you feel that your body is not beautiful, in fact, many times you are scared yourself.

銆€銆€After visiting a few men, they said that they usually kiss for a while before they have a relationship with women, at this time, although they are separated by clothes.

But still can feel the “her” figure.

Therefore, even if you have not seen each other “naked”, you have already imagined your body.

Men are innocently paying attention to where you are. Men are very focused on sex, and what is 鈥渘ot in shape鈥?is not the point. Instead, women tend to be overly worried.

銆€銆€If your uneasiness about your body has affected your sexual life, you may want to communicate with each other in a self-deprecating manner.

For example: Sorry, I want you to lie on my swim ring.

Most of the partners will not only mind, but after establishing good communication, they will form your special intimate way.

And what you will fight against is that when you say it frankly, the other party will not care.

銆€銆€He is making love with you, not with your body.

Your gentle touch on him, or a few words of heartfelt praise, sometimes makes a difference to him.

If you regard making love as a contact between two bodies, it is a big mistake. It comes from the charm of your personality. Your reaction is a very important part of the process of making love.

There are also more males who say that having sex with women who are good but not resonating is full of stress and the results are worrying.

When you are embarrassed and worried, how do you know that he is not worried about himself?

銆€銆€Some women feel that their voice at the climax is terrible, and there is no way to be as perfect as Meg Ryan in the movie “When Harry Meets Sally.”

Some women still try to shrink their lower abdomen in bed, or cover their thighs with sheets, so that even if your partner will score a high score for your posture, you have sacrificed your own fun.

銆€銆€Be aware that no one can always look elegant in the process of making love.

A woman tells the story: You must let your heart be happy, let him and you enjoy it easily, if you need to choose “practical” when necessary, but not necessarily a good-looking posture.

Forget what the immature bastard once said, think about it, what the bastard used to attack you with your body, hurt your heart, do you have to pay a painful price for these wounded words?