Easy spinal exercises in the office

Easy spinal exercises in the office

Lowering your head for a long time can easily cause cervical spine strain, and some people suffer from so-called occupational diseases such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis.

For this occupational disease, we have developed a set of aerobics that take care of all parts of the human body. The whole set of exercises consists of 20 main actions, which can be done in about 15 minutes, and can be completed in the office.

  Basic posture: Before doing one training movement each time, first look at the natural world with your eyes flat, your feet slightly apart, the width of your shoulders, and your hands hanging down naturally.

Relax all over.

  Lean forward and backward: raise your head with your hands on your hips, inhale at the same time, inhale, look into the sky with your eyes, and stay for a while; then slowly lean forward and lower your head while exhaling, looking at the ground with both eyes.

When doing this, close your mouth to prevent your lower jaw from clinging to your chest. After staying for a while, repeat it up and down four times.

The main points of the action are: stretch, relax, slow, it is better not to feel uncomfortable.

  Raise your arm and turn: first raise your right arm, palms down, look up at the palm of your hand, slowly turn your body, stay for a while.

When turning, pay attention to the heel turning 45 degrees, the body’s center of gravity leans forward, and then the body turns to the right back side, slowly inhale when rotating, exhale slowly when rotating, the whole movement should be slow and coordinated.

  When turning the neck and waist, try to turn as far as you can’t, stop for a while, return to the natural style, and then change the left arm.

When changing the left arm, the lowered hand should be slowly pressed along the base of the ear. Do the same after changing the arm, and do it back and forth twice.

  Rotate left and right: Turn your hands on your hips first, and gradually turn it forward, while inhaling on your chest, let the right side straight forward, stay for a while, then slowly turn forward, while exhaling, let the left straight, stay for a while.
Do this alternately four times.

  Shoulder raising and neck constriction: Before doing exercises, you should first look at the natural world with your eyes flat, your feet slightly apart, parallel to your shoulders, and your hands should hang down naturally.

Lift your shoulders slowly when you move to shorten as much as possible. After staying for a while, your shoulders are slowly relaxed and lowered. The natural shape of the head and neck is restored.

  Then sink your shoulders down, pull your head up and out again. After a short pause, relax your shoulders and exhale naturally.

Note that you should inhale slowly while contracting and stretching your neck, hold your breath when you stay, and try to relax your shoulders as you relax your shoulders.

After returning to the natural style, do it four more times.

  Swing from side to side: Before doing exercises, naturally and naturally, with both eyes looking up, feet slightly apart, parallel to shoulders, hands on hips.

During the movement, the head slowly tilted to the left, so that the left ear was attached to the left shoulder, and after a short stay, the head returned to the middle position; then the left shoulder was attached to the left shoulder to the right shoulder, and after a short stay, the right returned to the middle position; thenThe right shoulder and the left ear are placed on the left shoulder, and after a short stay, the right side is returned to the middle position; then the left shoulder is placed on the left shoulder and placed on the left shoulder, and the right side is returned to the middle position.

  In this way, do the left and right swing four times repeatedly. Inhale when swinging at the top, exhale slowly when returning to the neutral position, shoulders while doing exercises, adjust to relax and try to move slowly and stably.

  Wave flexion and extension: Before doing exercises, first look at the natural world with your eyes flat, your legs slightly apart, parallel to your shoulders, and your hands will naturally sag.

During the movement, the lower jaw moves forward and downward in a wave-like manner. During this movement, the lower jaw tries to be close to the front chest, shoulders are lifted, the lower jaw is slowly bent, the chest is forward, and the shoulders are moved slowly up and down.

  Inhale slowly during mandibular flexion, exhale slowly when you lift your head, relax your shoulders, and do two pauses for a while; then turn upside down to do mandibular extension and flexion, inhale from top to bottom, exhale during recovery,Twice, practice each time twice.

  It should be noted that the whole movement should be slow and coordinated, and the muscles should be slowly tightened and exposed. After that, do an appropriate amount of relaxation movements and rest appropriately when you are tired.

If you can’t do well in the beginning, you must do it step by step. Don’t risk it, so as not to damage the spine and other parts.

Having loved everything is enough

Having loved everything is enough

From his resentful eyes, carved into my heart, he will inadvertently stab wounds wrapped in layers.

  At this moment, I sat quietly alone under a dim lamp in the high-rise building, watching the night-falling capital city and the vast night sky in front of the window, and lonely turned over the past that never faded.

  There are too many stories about love in this world, but I believe that the story between us cannot be counted as a perfect love.

Meet quietly and break up quietly, and even didn’t say “precious” to each other when they broke up, only vaguely remembered that each other was drunk to the fullest, the figure faded away in the far night mist . I always thought I hadMy heart is like water, but when the night is quiet, I often remember those beautiful days.

  At that time, the sun was warmer and the sky was more lush, and I soared around the campus like a lively blue bird, squandering the sunny days until I met Feng.

  Feng is a handsome and gentle boy, with him like heaven.

When he was alone, he didn’t dare to stare into his eyes, lest the disobedient eyes conveyed his own affection.

So “I’m getting ridiculed for Iraq”, “People are thinner than Huanghua.”

The self-esteem of the girl made me unable to speak, letting my thoughts flutter like autumn leaves.

In the early morning, I leaned against the tree with regrets and looked at the maple running on the guide. I felt that the sky was very close, but the maple was too far and too far . This intoxicating pain lasted half a year, finallyAt dusk when the setting sun reached, I saw a tender girl, and the little bird leaned against Feng’s broad chest like a human. The overflowing happiness let me escape from that path, and the tender tenderness made me unable to restrainTo look back.

From then on, the gloomy eyes were engraved in my heart, and accidentally wounded the wounds that were wrapped in layers.

  At the graduation party, the candlelight was swaying and the moon was dim.

I have become accustomed to hiding in the crowd, and my heart is as calm as water, and even this seemingly calm water is often surging waves.

One of Feng’s friends approached with a glass of wine and drunk slightly, and inadvertently told Feng’s regret.

It turned out that Feng’s heart had been deeply in love with me, but his excessive restraint made him retreat.

One of the ways to suppress your feelings is to shift, as with many classic versions, clumsy and overwhelming.

  I was deeply distressed, and I would not let tears burst, and infinite remorse came to my heart.

A “snap”, I don’t know whose glass was broken, my heart fell apart that night, and I was drunk in the sadness of parting . Yeah, if everything can be pushed back, those yearsHow much regret will be left!

Bring a little and a half drunk, stay awake, years are flawless, it’s just us who are wrong.

  For many years, some people say that I am a chic girl, maybe because I used to express my feelings vividly and wipe out the clouds of past events.

It can come out of countless lonely days, but this chic did not forget, that pure emotion and unrepentant devotion is the best gift left by youth, and it is also the comfort of the soul in the middle of the night, because I hadLoved, deeply loved, all this is enough.

Do more yoga for deep breathing health and vitality

Do more yoga for deep breathing health and vitality

Respiration can be divided into two types of chest breathing and abdominal breathing. The two breathing methods have different effects.

Chest breathing, also called upper lung breathing, is a kind of shallow breathing. This kind of breathing is easy to make people excited and even nervous. When people are emotionally stressed, they are prone to shortness of breath, and their chests are constantly undulating. Abdominal breathing is also calledDiaphragmatic breathing is a type of deep breathing. Some studies have shown that abdominal breathing can improve the ability to relax, stabilize the pulse and blood pressure, and there is a saying in the health regimen that “breathing to the umbilical cord is the same as life.”

Therefore, more abdominal breathing exercises can allow the body to obtain excess oxygen, which can effectively relieve stress and promote health.

  Doctors believe that most people breathe shallowly and can only inflate the middle and upper parts of the lungs, but the bottom of the lungs is completely inactive, so yoga exercises are particularly prominent for slow and deep abdominal breathing exercises.

During abdominal breathing, the abdomen bulges, and the diaphragm that is placed below the lungs is lowered, inflating the bottom of the lungs a lot. When exhaling, the stomach contracts inward, causing the diaphragm to rise, compressing the lungs, and extending the air insideThis breathing method using diaphragmatic membranes can give the lungs excess oxygen, making the cells full of vitality and making people full.

  The correct way of abdominal breathing is: proper or sit in a comfortable posture, lie down, relax the front naturally, take a deep breath with your nose to make the abdomen swell and belly bulge, the chest can not rest, when the breath is fullest, slowlyExhale through your nose, relax your belly, and shrink your navel at the same time, making the belly dent.

When you start to inhale, the whole body is forced. At this time, the lungs and abdomen will be filled with air and swell, but you can’t stop. You still have to try your best to continue inhaling, no matter if you inhale the air, just inhale and then inhale.

Then hold your breath for 4 seconds, at this time the body will feel nervous, and then use 8 seconds to slowly exhale the breath, the exhalation should be slow and long without interruption.

You can put your hands on the top when you start the exercise. When observing the abdomen bulge, don’t follow the undulation a little, you can catch the trick after a long time.

Practice better when you sleep.

Small details of winter skin care: no hot water with warm water


Small details of winter skin care: no hot water with warm water

In the winter, the skin activity is low, the secretion of oil and sweat is reduced, and people of all skin types will appear to be tight, dry and wrinkled.

In order to keep the skin beautiful and moist, in addition to drinking more water, people should pay more attention to washing the face, some small details when bathing.

銆€銆€Some people think that washing their face with hot water helps the pores to open and facilitates more thorough pore cleansing.

In fact, winter should reduce and avoid washing your face with hot water, because the temperature in winter is low. After washing your face with hot water, the temperature changes too much and the microvessels rupture.

The skin that has been dried in the hot water wash area evaporates more moisture and promotes decomposition of the oil.

銆€銆€It is recommended to try to wash your face with cold or warm water, which can promote the skin to absorb moisture, enhance skin elasticity and luster, and improve skin resistance.

銆€銆€Do not use scrubs frequently when using less abrasive products, and do not wash your face with scrubs every day, especially for dry and neutral skin.

Oily skin depends on the amount of oil and the thickness of the keratin. Generally, it is enough to make a scrub for half a month.

Instead of skin cream for your skin, morning and evening skin care, once or twice a week, moisturizing mask, after the operation is completed, immediately apply skin cream to maintain skin and sunscreen.

銆€銆€Do not use alkaline shower gel when bathing water is moderate, do not use alkaline shower gel, otherwise the skin will lose too much oil, causing pruritus.

In winter, it is best to use a shower gel and body lotion containing natural honey, glycerin, petrolatum and other nourishing ingredients to prevent skin tension and water and chapped.

Four recipes for fattening (meat)_1


Four fattening recipes (meat)

The principle of fattening diet 1.

If a thin person wants to get fat, he should make more conversions in the supplement than in the consumption.

In this way, excess traces can be converted into adults in the body, making the body full and gaining weight.


In addition, ensure adequate supply of protein and conversion.

Animal protein and legume protein in food account for 40-50% of the protein volume.


Eat a little bit, not partial eclipse.

To achieve the combination of fine grains and miscellaneous grains and beans, and mix and match the food.

In addition, pay attention to the color and flavor of the food, it is also very good for improving appetite and promoting digestion and absorption.


Appropriately increase the number of meals or add some traces of sweet food.

The lean body is not enough in the body, and the gastrointestinal function is poor. For example, if the amount of food intake is too much, the digestion and absorption will not be possible, and it will be harmed.

The meal is separated too long, and the food is small, and the food nutrition is distorted, which is not conducive to gaining weight.

銆€銆€Four recipes for fattening recipes (meat) are introduced for your reference.

銆€銆€Mushroom stewed lamb.

銆€銆€50g of mushrooms and 500g of mutton.

The mushrooms are washed and washed, boiled in boiling water, the mushrooms are recovered, and the remaining soup is reserved.

Grab the mushroom with salt, then simmer it with boiling water and remove the slice.

Wash the lamb and cut into cubes. Soak in cold water for 2 hours and remove.

Heat the pot, add water, add mutton, add ginger, diced green onion, fennel, star anise, cinnamon, boil the boiled tongue, simmer the wine, pour the mushroom soup, turn the simmer until 80% rotten, add soy sauce, salt, mushrooms, MSG, stewed until cooked, ready to serve.

Serve as a dish and take it at will.

The effect is to replenish qi and blood and strengthen the body.

銆€銆€Lotus seeds and pig belly.

銆€銆€Lotus seeds 30g, pig belly 1 .

Wash the lotus seeds, soak them in cold water, go to the lotus core, and set aside.

After washing the pork belly, cut into a block, add it to the pot with the lotus seeds, add some water, add sesame oil, salt, onion, ginger; cooking wine and other spices, stew until roast, Serve.

Serve as a dish and take it at will.
The effect is to strengthen the kidney and strengthen the spleen.

銆€銆€Braised pork.

銆€銆€Five-ribbed meat 500g.

Wash the five-ribbed rib meat, cut into 7cm, 4cm wide, lcm thick pieces of meat, put in a bowl, add soy sauce, rock sugar (breaking), cooking wine, allspice, MSG, etc. and pickle for 5 minutes.

Marinate the marinated ribs with green onion and ginger, pour in the marinade, heat in the pan, and cook the appropriate amount of vegetable oil. When the heat is 70%, the meat is placed in the pan and the amount of water is added. After boiling, turn from the fire to the fire.Then, put the appropriate amount of soy sauce, cover the lid tightly, cook until the ribs are cooked, and serve as a pan.

Serve as a dish and take it at will.
The effect is to supplement the vital energy, and increase the fat.

銆€銆€Longan red dates sweet.

銆€銆€Longan meat 30g, red dates 10, white sugar 30g.

Wash the longan meat, red jujube cold water foaming (nuclear), add sugar to the pot with the same amount of sugar, add some water, simmer on the simmer to make a sticky sweet simmer, sprinkle with osmanthus.In the morning, when you are on an empty stomach.

The effect is to appetite and spleen, tonic and fattening.

How to be a good aunt who has 10 foods, please detour


How to be a good aunt who has 10 foods, please detour

Cold and cold foods are not suitable for eating cold and cold foods, especially those with cold dysmenorrhea, but also away from cold food.

The snails of the snails can cool the heat, but women are not suitable for eating cold food such as snails during the period.

Chocolate chocolate is prone to emotional out of control, it can make the mood unstable and addicted to sugar, in addition to causing weight gain, it will increase the demand for vitamin b.

And the sugar fraction consumes vitamin B and minerals in the body, making it easier for people to eat sweets.

Ingesting high-sugar sweets can not improve the symptoms of menstrual discomfort, and can cause blood sugar instability, affecting the body’s hormone balance, aggravating dysmenorrhea, so dysmenorrhea can not eat anything, chocolate is one of them.

Pepper, clove, pepper, menstrual diet is mainly light, and eats a flat, nutrient-rich food, not suitable for stimulating alternative spicy food, such food will stimulate blood vessel expansion, leading to early menstruation and increased menstrual blood.

Pepper, clove and pepper are all seasonings. When cooking food, you can put some to make it more delicious, but in the menstrual period, female friends are not suitable for eating such spicy food, otherwise it will lead to increased dysmenorrhea and menstrual blood.

Pear women should not eat raw pears during menstruation.

Persimmon persimmon contains amino acids, which are easy to combine with iron, affecting the body’s absorption of iron in food. Women lose a lot of blood during menstruation, so they need iron supplementation, so menstruation is not suitable for eating persimmons.

Salt-salted women eat salty food before menstruation, which is harmful to the body. Salty foods can cause excessive salt and water in the body, which can cause symptoms such as menstrual headache, mood swings, and irritability.

Caffeine beverages contain caffeine-based beverages that gradually increase pain and cause anxiety, irritability and mood swings, which consume the stored vitamin b in the body. Destroying the eliminated metabolic wine consumes body vitamins b and minerals. Excessive drinking can destroyMetabolizes metabolism and produces too much estrus hormone, stimulating vasodilation, leading to increased menstruation or excessive menstrual blood.

During the menstrual period, green tea contains relatively high hemoglobin, plasma protein and hemoglobin. Therefore, female friends will lose a lot of iron after menstruation, so iron supplementation is very important.

Tea contains more than 30% of the implanted acid, which combines with iron ions in the interior to produce a precipitate, which blocks the absorption of iron by the intestinal mucosa, makes the breasts feel painful, and easily causes anxiety, irritability and emotional instability.