Banana stewed rock sugar has cough relief

Banana stewed rock sugar has cough relief

Can banana stewed rock sugar cure perennial cough?

I’m dubious.

But because the cost was not much, and the practice was not complicated, I tried to try it. However, I did not expect that after a week, the cough eased, and I continued to take it for a few days. I did not expect that not only would I no longer cough that winter.Last year’s autumn and winter, the cough did not cause, I will introduce this to everyone below, if you often cough, you can try: Method: 2 bananas, 50 grams of rock sugar.

First cut the banana into one-inch pieces (peeled), then mash the rock sugar, then put it in a bowl, add half a bowl of water, then put it in a pot, and simmer for about ten minutes, let the rock sugar melt and coolAfter eating.

  Tip: Although the banana at this time is rotten and astringent, it is difficult to swallow, but it can work wonders for cough.

Initial treatment, once a night, will be effective in a week.

There are many causes of cough, you can try this prescription, if there is no obvious effect, you should also go to the hospital for prescription.

30+ crazy woman maintenance


30+ crazy woman maintenance

Are you a scumbag?

Have you successfully promoted to the 30+ light mature female circle?

After 25 years of age, the traces of time have quietly come to knock on the door, so 30+ defeated dog girls, you must also grab the tail of youth and start crazy maintenance.


hzh {display: none; }  随着偶像剧《败犬女王》的热流而过,随便在路上、办公室或者其他公共场所都能听到在念叨着里面的故事情节,讨论着胜犬秘诀.

So are you a scumbag?

Have you successfully promoted to the 30+ light mature female circle?

Today, Maizi will teach you a few “naughty spells” and make you a wondrous dog.

  The term stubborn dog dialysis Japanese manga refers to a woman over 30 years old, high income, high education, successful career, but no emotional end.

It is true that the losing dog in your mind is essentially, in fact, after 25 years of age, the traces of time have quietly knocked on the door, so 30+ losing dog girls, you must also grab the youthful tail and start crazy maintenance.
  Are you doing this now?

  The most common condition is that the skin’s ability to self-recovery is worsened. In the past, I stayed up late singing or K-Books, but I did n’t wake up in the morning, but I did n’t get tired in the morning.Apply the mask to strengthen the essence to recover.

In addition, the lines of eyes, eyebrows, forehead, etc. caused by expressions will gradually become apparent.

  How does the scumbag care for her skin?

  The skin of the female dog is not as old as many years of wind and frost, so the maintenance focus is on prevention and maintenance. Usually the basic moisturization may not be enough, and the concept of anti-aging needs to be strengthened.

  The common skin problems of the female dogs include fine lines, pores, rough and dull skin, but because the female dogs mainly work, excessively complicated maintenance procedures are also a burden, so if you strengthen the maintenance of essences and creams, you canProvides moderate hydration and nourishment to the skin.

  In daily life, normal work and rest is always the most stable cornerstone of youth. Diet should be kept as light as possible, less oil, less salt, less sugar, and at the same time can be supplemented with appropriate nutritional supplements such as SOD and antioxidants.

  Must-have dogs-they are wild Lancome beauty skin rejuvenating lotion 30ml / 780 yuan for 6 hours: As a single subversive “essential muscle base”, Genifique beauty rejuvenating lotion becomes the first step in daily skin care routineIt can refresh the skin in just 6 hours.

  7 days: Daily skin care starts with “Essence of Muscle Base”. In just 7 days, the skin’s touch will become more and more delicate and silky, become more pure and brighter, and the skin texture will be tight and elastic.

The most surprising thing is that as long as the skin is started from “gene care”, the bottom layer of the skin will become better, and the follow-up skin care products will be more effective.

  Netizen Water Blue Xiaoyu: Open the small lid, its size is translucent milky white, squeezed a little at the tiger’s mouth, but it is as transparent as jade, water and water.

Gently spread it evenly, and it will be easily pushed away. It is not greasy or sticky, only light and moist.

The skin also absorbs quickly. In this hot and dry summer, it is very comfortable to use. After use, the skin is hydrated and smooth, and it is no longer as dry as before and a little elastic.

This feeling from the inside out is great!

  Estee Lauder’s new instant repair special moisturizing essence 50ml / 880 yuan Estee Lauder’s latest global synchronization ANR on September 1, 2009, 30 years of genetic research, 20 international patents, irreplaceable mysterious formula, 24 hours race against time magic repairWitness the miracle of youthful skin for 10 years!

  Xiaobian experience:

hzh {display: none; }  新版ANR PK 旧版ANR   气味:跟旧版没差异,或者说是我鼻子没闻出太大的差异来,依然是那股特别的味道,用过的姐妹应该都知道啦。   Slight: It is slightly thinner than the old model, but it is easier to absorb. It is absorbed by the skin after two shots.

Delicate and refreshing, good ductility, one drop is enough to apply on the entire face.

  Effect: The first feeling is very moisturizing and very fast absorption.

The skin feels instantly filled with moisture and nutrients-this is probably due to its 1500 times stronger moisturizing formula that instantly nourishes the skin.

Then follow the usual procedure to apply and apply the night cream I have been using.

The next morning I got up and observed the skin carefully. It was very clean, and I felt the skin was quite hydrated. It seems that the new water-locking function is indeed very powerful, which makes me very satisfied.

  Must-have for dogs-you can get a unique formula of Sihily All-In-One Emulsion 125ml / 1180 Yuan in one bottle. It combines many precious plant extracts such as ginseng, Centella Asiatica, Horsetail, Rosemary., Hops, etc., and formulated in accordance with the precise and perfect ratio, can fully meet all the needs of skin health, and comprehensively enhance the skin’s own immunity and resistance, help the formation of collagen, can promote skin metabolism, maintain skin health。
Provide skin with vital energy in all aspects, realize the skin’s comprehensive moisturizing, nourishing, firming, elasticity, repair, anti-pollution, anti-aging, etc., or completely improve the overall quality of the skin on the basis, and supplement the skin energy from time to timeBalance skin condition and improve overall health and vitality.

  Netizen: The town’s treasure of the big plant brand!

As a beauty enthusiast, how can you and me not try this once in this life?

I want to say that this lotion absorbs really well. After use, the skin is obviously smooth, delicate and refreshing, and the taste is also the favorite of many people. It is a must-have for men, women and children, all year round, and home travel.
  Estee Lauder Platinum Flower Chrysanthemum Cream 30ml / 2500 Yuan Designed for the dreamy development of platinum women under 35 who are pursuing luxury quality. It contains Estee Lauder’s epoch-making development results-Huayang Time Factor (Youth Molecule).The 23 patents under application are the true fountain of youth on the skin!
  It incredibly freezes time, quietly wipes away the “primitive lines” of the years, and infinitely extends the precious youth and vitality of young skin.

Day after day, the delicate skin enjoys the ultimate respect, showing unparalleled ultimate brilliance and youthful health, blooming in our exclusive platinum elegance!

  Netizens: I like the feeling of essence milk staying on the skin, a touch of natural fragrance.

With the opening, smearing, the skin was transformed into a pearl color in an instant.

Self-confidence and contentment arise spontaneously.

Adds a firm, hydrated feel to the skin.

Actually, men are also made of water

Actually, men are also made of water

On the first day, God said, “Let there be light!

“So there was morning, and there was night.

  The next day, God said, “Let there be air.

“So there was sky above.

  On the third day, God said, “Let there be land.

“There is ground below.

  On the fourth day, God said, “Let there be light in heaven.

“So there was the sun and the moon.

  On the fifth day, God said, “Let there be souls on the earth.

“So there are beasts, birds, fish and birds.

  On the sixth day, God said, “Someone else .” So God created man in the image of himself in the water.

  On the seventh day, God accomplished the work of creation.

  In Chinese myths and legends, it seems that only Pangu opened up.

In Western Bible stories, it is even more obvious that God created man.

Creating man is the last and most sacred work of God in the seven days.

After God created man, he obtained all the rights of others in the world and allowed him to have all the emotional expressions of man in a balanced manner.

God named Adam.

I think when God created this work, he never thought of any difference between men and women.

God never thought that it would be necessary for future men to bear so many responsibilities. God just wanted to make people, like themselves, live a free and happy life on the earth.

But when God used Adam’s ribs to create another man named Eve, everything changed substantially.

Because when God brought Eve to Adam, Adam was immediately selected to connect this person with his life, and he said verbally, “This is the bone in my bones, the flesh in the flesh!

I want to call her a woman.

I want to cry with her, I want to laugh with her.

“But when Adam and Eve’s naked bodies gave them their perfect bodies, singing hand-in-hand in the Garden of Eden, sing together and sing the sweet fruit, Satan appeared before Eve in the shape of a snake.

At the temptation of the snake, Eve finally reached out and took the forbidden fruit, put it in her mouth, and she took another one for Adam . So, God said to them: From then on, this man must be crushed for the womanTorture, and the woman will suffer for her own life.

  Although this is only a myth, it is not so in our real world.

When a man was born, a woman kept telling him in his ear: you are a man, you must be strong!

Although he hadn’t opened his eyes at that time.

In the future, he didn’t dare cry when he toddler hurt, because he remembered that he was a man.

In the future, another or more women will continue to tell him in his ears that you are a man and you must be strong!

And when he gave her strength for her, he gave him a lifelong indulgence of vanity comfort.

Although he had opened his eyes at that time, he could not help himself at all, because it had swallowed the beautiful forbidden fruit that she had handed over.

He knew that he was destined to be only a symbol of strength. He had to accumulate the secrets and pains of his later life, and in this way he firmly confined his free emotions to collection.

As a man, he can’t solve it anymore, he even feels that secret can make himself look thick, but never thought of the heavy price.

  In fact, men don’t want to do this at all. From the deep inside of themselves, they want to sway the waist like a woman and be loved by others.

They want to go back to the womb and sway from the wind and rain.

Maybe they may not be willing to be born at all.

However, the past life and the present life are doomed to start at this moment. For their women, they can no longer shed tears easily and can no longer sing at will.They must be a hard animal!

A fierce animal!

They must be the lion who never fears in the jungle, or at least one wolf who has not tried to eat for a few days in the snow and ice and has to roar.

However, no one knows the thrilling encounter that lion has just had, and no one knows how many days and nights the wolf has been hungry.

This is the helplessness of men, this is the self-righteousness of men, men will pay the price whether they are willing or not.

  In the 21st century, the competition for survival is fierce.

Because they are men, the wind and rain they bear on their humerus can never be relieved, and the tremendous pressure they bear is even more indescribable.

At any time, no matter how aggrieved, the tears of a man will not belong to the eyes of a man.

They gritted their teeth for their woman, straightening their already injured body.

When they are sad, they can only smoke cigarettes alone. Fortunately, they still have cigarettes.

Because the fragile hearts of men can no longer bear the slight disdain of a woman, how worried are they that their women will leave themselves because of their softness, or that they look down on themselves.

As if their lives were for their own ribs, their hard work was for their toothy smile.

For their women, they endured all kinds of torture in their lives with their will.

As God said to Adam: You must be tortured by that woman for that woman!

But does that woman really understand the suffering of being a man?

No, never.

If one day, women can understand men in essence, then by then men will truly get their happiness.

Because in this world, everyone thinks that the strength of men is right, including men themselves.

Everyone has become accustomed to the appearance of men who are always strong, and ignore the weakness of men behind toughness.

Of course, men also bow to their own inexplicable responsibility and glory.

All of these make men conscious that only strong can stand, only strong can win a woman’s pity, only strong can be worthy of his life, and only strong can finally win the world.

The ridiculous thing is that they never know why they want to get the world, they only know that they have tried their best to hide their inner fragility with that thin mask.

They are most afraid to admit their softness in front of the world, and they are most afraid to admit that they are also made of water. They sometimes cry more than women, and their broad shoulders sometimes require the soft embrace of women.

However, because they are men, they must be like that, but not like that . Lao Tzu said: water is good, everything is good and there is stillness, which is evil among all people, so it ‘s a bit of a sorrow.

It means that water has all kinds of virtues, moisturizes all things without contending with all things, is at a low place that people do not want, and maintains the inherent calm invariably.

In a certain sense, the nature of water is closer to the essence of the Tao.

There are also reports that this is the age of new and bad men.

New and bad men bear some responsibility when they are willing to be responsible, and never wrong themselves when they are not responsible.

Women feel such men are kind.

So I said, men don’t have to work so hard for their so-called necessity.

Too many men will inadvertently and unknowingly express their coldness and feel that they are ice. Only below zero can they reflect their natural qualities.

As everyone knows, ice is the most tempting when it melts.

Men should understand this, don’t worry that the world will become wild because of your occasional melting, don’t worry that women will look down on you because you want to bury tears in their arms.

Men should tell their women rightly: In fact, we also do water.

That kind of man is more real!

  Let us release our tenderness together and quietly digest all the good things in this world .

Late Autumn Health Recipe Tomato Burdock Burdock

Late Autumn Health Recipe Tomato Burdock Burdock

Rosemary has a spicy and tea aroma and is a good partner for cooking beef and sheep. One of the reasons is that it can enhance the taste and stimulate the cerebral cortex of the human body to form an aroma.

This time, tomatoes and rosemary are cooked with burdock, which is suitable for eating in the current weather.

  Ingredients: 200 grams of tomato, 10 grams of rosemary, 400 grams of burdock, 50 grams of onion, 15 grams of onion segments, tangerine peel, star anise mixture, salt, chicken soup, Korean-style sauce, tomato sauce, peanut oil.

  Method: Wash the tomatoes and chop them for later use; smash the rosemary for later use; wash and chop the burdock and use salt, ginger, citrus peel, star anise, and soy sauce for future use; wash and slice the onion for later use;Pat the garlic and spring onions, stir-fry the sirloin and onion, then add the right amount of chicken broth and tomato sauce, sautéed sauce, rosemary, simmer for 20 minutes on medium heat, and season the juice to serve.

Hidden rules for summer toddler diet

“Hidden” rules for summer toddler diet

Infants and young children have weak gastrointestinal functions and slow absorption. Therefore, it is easier to lose appetite in the summer. Let us talk about what needs to be paid attention to in the summer baby diet!
In fact, take a look at the suggestions in various aspects. There are some potential rules for the addition of summer children’s diet!
  Precautions for infants and young children in the summer: Follow the appropriate amount of rehydration but not more than 200 ml each time. In the summer, babies are prone to lose water unknowingly, so proper rehydration is especially important.
But you should pay attention that you can’t remember to let him drink water when he is very thirsty, this will dilute the stomach acid, and it is not good for food digestion and sterilization.
The correct method of hydration is to urge the baby to drink more water and increase the frequency of hydration, and the amount of water should not exceed 200 ml each time, so as to help the baby’s body full of water.
At the same time remind parents to never let your baby drink ice water on an empty stomach.
  Precautions for infants and young children in summer: More salt and less sugar. In summer, the baby sweats more. As the sweat is expelled, a large amount of salt in the body will be lost, leading to electrolyte imbalance in the body and affecting normal metabolism. The baby is more prone to fatigue and anorexia.
Therefore, it is necessary to add salt in the summer, but at the same time, it is necessary to limit the sugar intake in the daily diet.
Eating sweets to your baby in the summer will cause your child to have high blood sugar levels and lack of appetite, which will affect the baby’s normal nutritional intake for three meals, and will also be accompanied by toddlers’ tooth decay and obesity.
  Precautions for infants and young children in the summer: more vegetables and fruits are fried, and fried foods are not easy to digest. Accumulation in the stomach may cause the baby’s bloating and discomfort, and the increased demand for oxygen in the stomach will cause the child’s mental weakness and physical and mental fatigue.
Therefore, this kind of fried food, try not to give it to your baby in summer.
If your baby is hungry, give him more fresh fruits and vegetables. The cooking method is recommended to be light, which will help digestion more easily.
At the same time, the digestive summer diet rules also give the baby more milk and more eggs, lean meat, fish and other high-quality protein.
The nutritious breakfast recommended by Smart Mom is oatmeal with milk and fruit. This kind of breakfast sounds very helpful for digestion, doesn’t it?
It can also sustain the calories your baby needs for a day.

How to give your baby calcium, teach you the correct calcium supplement posture

How to give your baby calcium, teach you the correct calcium supplement posture

Baby calcium deficiency can cause symptoms such as sweating, irritability, delayed teething, and disturbed sleep.

Severe calcium deficiency can cause bone deformation, such as chicken breasts, X-shaped legs, O-shaped legs.

Once the baby develops symptoms of calcium deficiency, mothers should pay attention to it.

Here’s to tell you how to give your child the right calcium supplement.
Although some parents can help the baby calcium, even a child 3 a day.

4 grams of calcium, but the child still shows signs of calcium deficiency.

The main reason is that certain factors affect the absorption of calcium.

In order to properly provide calcium to the baby, parents should pay attention to the following: calcium is not eaten with fat foods.

The fatty acids generated after the decomposition of fats are not easily absorbed after being combined with calcium.

  Calcium does not eat some plant foods with plant foods, such as cereals, especially whole grains, whole wheat, bran, etc., because of the high content of phytic acid, it affects the absorption of calcium.Vegetables, all containing oxalate, carbonate, phosphate, etc., will combine with calcium and hinder calcium absorption.

Or Beinmei’s mother buys websites to buy complementary foods for babies, which are appetizing and increase the absorption of calcium.

  The dosage of calcium supplement is generally needed for children under 2 years of age every day?
600 mg, 3?
12 years old 800 every day?
1000 mg.

According to the normal diet, children absorb only two-thirds of the calcium they need from food every day, so they must add extra calcium every day to introduce the lack of calcium.

If your child lacks vitamin D, the ability to absorb calcium will follow.

The preventive dose of vitamin D is 400 international units per day. Do not overdo it, otherwise it will cause poisoning.

  Eat more calcium supplements or foods that are high in content. For example: milk is rich in calcium and is fully absorbed; animal livers, egg yolks, fish, meat and beans are rich in vitamin D, which can promote the confiscation of calcium, but animals and plantsVitamin D in the body must be converted into endogenous vitamin D by ultraviolet radiation before it can be used by the human body. Therefore, children should be properly exposed to the sun.

Kelp, shrimp skin, and other seafood are high in calcium; seaweed and cauliflower are also rich in calcium, and broad beans can be eaten with skin to increase calcium absorption; bones and vinegar boil soup can increase calcium, and refined vinegar ribs are also rich in calciumQuality; fried fish with crispy bones can increase the calcium content, and so on.

Mommy often eats these calcium-containing foods, which can increase the calcium content of breast milk and have an axial calcium supplement for the baby.

Toddlers and children should be given these calcium-rich foods often to increase calcium.

Older people are alert to anal health care


Older people are alert to anal health care

When people are 50 years old, the function of body organs begins to slowly decrease, and various organs are prone to problems. As one of the important organs of the human digestive system, prostate cancer is prone to diseases such as acne and cracks. How do the elderly do anal health care


Develop the habit of arranging once a day.

The best time is about 20 minutes after breakfast.

Pay attention when you are defecation, don’t read or read newspapers, and don’t have personality with people. You should control the time of each defecation within 5-10 minutes, so that you can get out of the way and don’t develop an empty toilet.habit.

Eat more foods rich in cellulose.

Such as fresh fruits and vegetables and coarse grains, eat spicy spicy food, so as not to affect bowel movements, causing hemorrhoids.

Drink a cup of warm water or light salt water on an empty stomach every morning.


Keep the anus clean.

After the stool, try to wipe the anus clean to avoid residual feces.

Conditional, after the stool, you can wash the anus with warm water, but do not use strong alkaline soap.


Prevent diarrhea and constipation.

Digestive diseases such as diarrhea and constipation can put pressure on the anus.

In addition, should avoid eating too thick food, so as not to cause damage to the anus during defecation, causing infection.


Avoid prolonged, sedentary, long standing.

It is necessary to change positions and strengthen physical exercise.


Learn to do anal exercises.

The method is: put a finger cot on the index finger, apply a small amount of erythromycin ointment on the finger sleeve, then massage the anal finger at the anus mouth for 10-20 times, then put the finger into the anus and slowly extend into the anus.Can not reach into, then the fingers extending into the anus to expand the anal canal in the direction of the front and rear, the force should be moderate, can be extended for about 2-3 minutes, then dry the anus, stand up, and force the anus upwards20-30 times.

TCM does not get sick experience, teaches you how to nurse the five internal organs, longevity people will have a health trick


TCM does not get sick experience, teaches you how to nurse the five internal organs, longevity people will have a health trick

Chinese medicine believes that: our body’s internal organs are in the body, but “there are internal, must be shaped outside,” meaning that there must be a reaction to the function of the organs outside the body.

If you want to nurse the five internal organs, you must first learn how to observe the performance of the five internal organs.

When the five internal organs are raised, the body will be healthy and longevity.

The mouth and spleen appetite are the gateway to food entry and are related to the spleen and stomach.

From the appearance of the lips, you can polish some spleen and stomach problems.

For example, the lips are black, the spleen and stomach may be cold, the color of the lips is too red, and the spleen and stomach may have fire. If the lips are pale, there may be problems such as insufficient blood in the body, anemia, malnutrition, and poor spleen and stomach. If the mouth is festering, it may beIt is caused by excess spleen and stomach.

The nose and lungs are the passages and organs of the breath that are associated with the lungs.

If the nose looks very red, it may be caused by lung heat, or it may be caused by a strong internal fire.

If the nose is bleeding or abnormally dry, it may be due to insufficient yin in the body and excessive yang.

Eyes and liver The eye is the most important sensory organ. The so-called “liver is open to the eye” and the eye is closely related to the liver.

When you get liver disease, it will appear on your eyes. The eyes will appear yellow and the eyes will be blue.

Eyes can not see things, may be related to liver blood deficiency, if the eyes appear red and swollen, may be related to the liver fire in the body, if the eyes are dry, it may be caused by insufficient blood.

The ear and the kidney ear are auditory organs. In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, there is a statement that “kid is open to the ear”, and people with kidney disease may have deafness and tinnitus symptoms. Conversely, if the hearing is sharp, the kidney organ is better.

Tongue and heart tongue are taste organs associated with the heart.

If the tip of the tongue is very dark, it may be that the heart has a fire. If there is congestion, ecchymosis, it may be that the blood circulation is not good, and the tongue is sore, it may be too hot.

Some heart diseases can cause problems such as inflexibility of the tongue and contracture of the tongue.

How do we go to nurse the five internal organs?

We can start with the diet of life, which is cheap and convenient.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” puts forward “grain for raising”, that is, “grain” is the foundation of diet and health care. Chinese medicine has the idea of raising five grains and grains. Because of regional differences, there are many different sayings about grains, but millet, wheat, rice,Soybeans, sorghum This grain is most common on the table of ordinary people.

Millet spleen millet is the first of the grain, it has a good effect on the spleen and stomach.

If you want to raise the five internal organs, you must first raise the spleen and stomach. Therefore, Xiaomi is the top grade for the weak and weak people, which can supplement the vitality and prolong life.

Nourishing to eat: 鐔?a pot of millet porridge, take the top layer of rice oil to eat, this is the essence of millet porridge.

Rice Runfei rice includes rice, glutinous rice, etc. It has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, and also has the effect of nourishing the stomach.

Nourishing to eat: When you have lung heat, cough and other symptoms, you can drink some rice soup cooked with rice.

Wheat-raising wheat is planted in autumn, winter growth stops, spring long leaves, summer results, become the essence of the four seasons, so it is called “the price of the grain.”

Chinese medicine also believes that it can raise the mind and calm the nerves.

Nourishing eating method: Take the whole wheat porridge with skin, which can help eliminate irritability; female climacteric syndrome, when sweating and sweating, you can go to the Chinese medicine shop to buy some floating wheat and water.

The black bean in soybean kidney-soybean is the valley of the kidney. Chinese medicine believes that it also has the effect of strengthening the kidney, detoxifying and moisturizing, especially suitable for kidney deficiency.

Nourishing to eat: make black soy milk, or boil black bean porridge.

Sorghum nourishing liver sorghum and soybeans are all miscellaneous grains, but it is an indispensable supporting role in the grain. Sorghum has the function of nourishing the liver and benefiting the stomach. It is nourishing to eat: the sorghum noodles are fried and fried, have the effect of astringent and antidiarrheal, and have chronic diarrhea.People can continue to eat.

The health effect of calligraphy is definitely one thing that should be promoted.


The health effect of calligraphy is definitely one thing that should be promoted.

Dai Weihua’s 閲戜功閲戝垰缁忓崄鍏崄鍏竴鍚屽悓瑙傚垎鍒嗗繀鏈夎彥鑿╂彁,鎰忔剰浜戜綍?

Is there a naked eye?

“If so, the world respects.”

If there is a naked eye.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?

Is there a blind eye?

“If so, the world respects.”
If you have a celestial eye.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If you have a good eye?

“If so, the world respects.”
If you have a glance.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If there is a law, is it not?

“If so, the world respects.”
If you have a law eye.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If there is a Buddha eye?

“If so, the world respects.”
If there is a Buddha eye.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
Like all the sand in the Ganges, does the Buddha say that it is sand?

“If so, the world respects.”
If it is sand.

“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
For example, all the sand in the Ganges River is like the Ganges River, such as the sand. It is the world of all the sands of the Zhuheng River. If it is more than Ning?

“A lot, the world.”

“The Buddha told Bodhi:” All the sentient beings in the land of the country are known.


For example, all the hearts are unintentional, the so-called heart.

“What is it?”

“Buddhist, the past is not available, now the heart is not available, the future is not available.”

Bodhi, what is it?
Is there a naked eye?
“If so, the world respects.”
If there is a naked eye.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
Is there a blind eye?”If so, the world respects.”
If you have a celestial eye.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If you have a good eye?
“If so, the world respects.”
If you have a glance.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If there is a law, is it not?
“If so, the world respects.”
If you have a law eye.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
If there is a Buddha eye?
“If so, the world respects.”
If there is a Buddha eye.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
Like all the sand in the Ganges, does the Buddha say that it is sand?
“If so, the world respects.”
If it is sand.
“” Bodhi, what is the cloud?
For example, all the sand in the Ganges River is like the Ganges River, such as the sand. It is the world of all the sands of the Zhuheng River. If it is more than Ning?
“A lot, the world.”
“The Buddha told Bodhi:” All the sentient beings in the land of the country are known.

For example, all the hearts are unintentional, the so-called heart.

“What is it?”
“Buddhist, the past is not available, now the heart is not available, the future is not available.”
[Five eyes]is the naked eye, the eye, the eye, the eye, the Buddha eye.

This is the five eyes of Buddhism in Buddhism, the classification of five kinds of eyes.

Dai Weihua, male, Guizhou native, born in 1976.

Good reading, hi calligraphy, Lin Chi is not tired, the beginning of the book is Yan Zhenqing, after the Ouyang Xun as the sect, trace the source, and explore its flow, in the two Wang Xiaoying, the early Tang dynasty and the scriptures, the Ming and Qing dynastiesThe heart is chasing after the hand, where more than twenty years.

The book style pursues elegance, refined spirit, and advocating the classical style.

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Listen to the doctor to teach you to drink tea in winter

Long drought without rain, moisture and moisture is a must for homework in this winter.

鎹湰鎶ユ槰鏃ユ姤閬擄紝浜斾簯鑼跺彾闆嗗洟鐨勨€滀竴缁夸竴绾⑩€濊幏寰楅噾铻嶆満鏋勬敮鎸侊紝鈥滄弧琛楀敖鏄€樹俊闃崇孩鈥欌€濃€︹€﹀姞涔嬫鍓嶅叾鏃椾笅鐨勯緳娼俊闃虫瘺灏栥€佷俊闃崇孩涓庨粍娌宠繋瀹鹃绛剧害The “national guest reception dedicated”, for a time, the trend of drinking tea.

銆€銆€The doctor reminded that it is suitable for drinking black tea in winter and drinking some tea every day, which not only moisturizes thirst, but also has the effect of keeping health.

Zhao Yuli, director of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion at the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan Province, said that green tea with heat-clearing effect is more suitable for drinking in the summer. In winter, it is best to drink black tea, oolong tea, cooked Pu’er and other fermented, semi-fermented tea.

Especially for the elderly, the winter is more afraid of cold, the spleen and stomach are not good, and drinking more green tea will increase the coldness and lead to disease invasion.

Black tea, oolong tea is warm, and the function of spleen and stomach is continuous green tea.

Through the fermentation and semi-fermentation process, the internal quality of the tea has changed, and some beneficial fungi have been produced, which helps digestion and can improve the flora imbalance in the body.

銆€銆€Zhao Yuli introduced that people with hot body should not drink more black tea.

Absolutely a certain type of heat, yin and anger, empirical heat, phlegm and heat, should drink less warm tea.

People who are damp and thick, people who are prone to bad breath, people who have dry stools, people who are too high blood pressure should drink less black tea.

銆€銆€In addition, it is easy to lose sleep at night, people with neurasthenia should not drink more tea, children should not drink tea, pregnant mothers and menstruating women should drink less tea.