Blue Flame Holdings (000968) Quarterly Report Comment: The first three quarters of performance growth and cash flow improved significantly

Blue Flame Holdings (000968) Quarterly Report Comment: The first three quarters of performance growth and cash flow improved significantly
The company’s profit in the first three quarters increased by ten years.9%, the cash flow has improved significantly. The company released three quarterly reports. The company achieved net profit attributable to its mother in the first three quarters of 20195.06 ppm, an increase of 5 in ten years.9%, EPS is 0.52 yuan.The company’s increase in profit in the first three quarters was mainly due to the company’s continued promotion of the old wells in the old blockchain and the transformation of old wells to achieve stable production and increase production.At the same time, the company strengthened its operation and management, and strived to increase revenues, reduce costs, and reduce costs and efficiency.The company’s other revenues recognized in the first three quarters of 2019 (mainly including subsidies for CBM sales and alternative tax refunds) were 2.24 ppm, a reduction of 0 per year.1.1 billion.The company’s net operating cash flow for the first three quarters of 2019 was 4.50,000 yuan, an increase of 61 in ten years.5%. In terms of quarters, the company achieved a single quarter net profit attributable to its parent in 19Q1-31.2.6 billion, 2.08 ppm and 1.7.3 billion, an increase of 16 in the first half of 19Q3.0%, down 16 from the previous month.9%. In the first half of the year, the company’s coalbed methane sales and tonnage increased by 5.7% and 13.4% coalbed methane sales business: CBM extraction in the first half of the year7.400 million cubic meters (previously +2.6%), sales of coalbed methane3.700 million cubic meters (decade +5.7%), the number of units is calculated according to the sales volume1.74 yuan / square (ten years +13.4%), unit cost is 0.95 yuan / square (ten years +15.5%), the unit gross profit is 0.79 yuan / square (ten years +11.1%).In addition, in the first half of the year, the company has temporarily confirmed the compensation for the development and utilization of coalbed methane based on the previous year’s standard1.3.9 billion, an increase of 0 every year.1.6 billion or 12.7%. Gas well construction engineering business: revenue in the first half of the year 1.81 ppm, a decrease of 1 per year.11 ppm or 38.0%, mainly due to the decline in the demand for gas well construction engineering construction business of related coal enterprises in the first half of the year, resulting in excessive reduction in engineering construction business volume. The subsidiary newly won the bidding of the Heshun Mafang East exploration block, and the commitment of the coal mining methane right of Jinmei Group has been completed. According to the interim report, the company won the bids of Liulin Shixi, Wuxiang South, Heshun Hengling and Heshun West in November 2017. 4Blockchains.As of July 31, 2019, geological mapping of 610 square millimeters and two-dimensional earthquakes of 369 were completed in four blocks.At 31 inches, 122 holes were drilled, 53 were fractured, and 19 wells were tested. According to the announcement of the Natural Resources Department of Shanxi Province, in the first half of this year, Shanxi Province conducted public tenders for 10 new exploration blockchain projects. 合肥夜网 Hongdong West Blockchain, Hongdong Blockchain, Linfen Blockchain, Linfen West Blockchain, LinfenThe South Blockchain and other five blockchain bidding units are less than three and do not meet the requirements of the Bidding and Bidding Law. The above five blockchain tenders will be reorganized in a timely manner, and the subsidiary Lanyan CBM has won the remaining five districts.Heshun Mafang East Blockchain (block area 253.82 square inches).According to the company’s announcement, on August 15th, the subsidiary Lanyan Coalbed Methane has gradually contracted with the Shanxi Provincial Department of Natural Resources for the exploration right.In addition, the controlling shareholder Jin Coal Group’s coalbed methane mining rights commitments have been completed, and Lanyan Coalbed Methane has obtained the Chengzhuang Coal Mine, Sihe Coal Mine (East District), Zhengzhuang Minefield’s coalbed methane mining rights, and Hudi Minefield’s coalbed methane exploration.Rights and resources security capabilities have been further enhanced. Profit forecast and investment advice The company has good internal epitaxy growth, reintegration of low-production wells, redevelopment of old wells to increase production, further improvement of gas pipelines, clear coalbed gas mining rights, etc. The company’s subjective and objective emptying rate will decline, and the sales gas volume is expected to gradually increase; Reorganization, the new successful bidding for blockchain exploration and development is progressing smoothly. As a state-owned enterprise in Shanxi Province, the company’s ability to acquire resources has been transferred, and its expansion can be expected.The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.78, 0.84 and 0.94 yuan / share, taking into account the company’s historical estimation of the hub and the company’s performance growth rate, given 19 times 18 times PE, corresponding to a reasonable value of 14.1 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: the price of natural gas and coalbed methane will decrease; the preferential treatment will be reduced and the sales compensation policy will be changed;

Chinese companies in Lagos and overseas Chinese are actively fighting domestic epidemic of new crown pneumonia

Chinese companies in Lagos and overseas Chinese are actively fighting domestic epidemic of new crown pneumonia
Chu Maoming, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos, met with Chinese-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese representatives (Photo courtesy of the Consulate General in Lagos) People’s Network Lagos February 21 (Reporter Jiang Xuan) faced in the past few daysIn the new crown epidemic, Lagos’s Chinese-funded employees and the vast majority of overseas Chinese have a heart-bound relationship with the motherland and support the domestic fight against the epidemic in various ways.The Lagos Chinese Enterprises Association and major overseas Chinese organizations actively donated and gradually became the most urgently needed medical protection materials in China.On the 21st, Consul General Zhu Maoming in Lagos met with representatives of Chinese-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese who donated donations to the internal fight against the new crown epidemic, expressing heartfelt thanks to everyone for their love, saying that it showed the 夜来香体验网 blood of Chinese children.The sincere emotion and unity of Yu Shui, the national spirit of unity.Chu Maoming introduced the latest progress in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in China. He said that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the spread of the epidemic has been initially curbed and prevention and control work has achieved staged results.Chinese companies and overseas Chinese in Lagos should actively pass on the firm confidence of the Chinese government and people to unite against the epidemic, and gradually improve international understanding and support. At the same time, remind everyone to take effective measures to ensure local infections such as Lassa fever.Disease prevention and control work.After the meeting, the consulate general in Lagos held a donation ceremony and accepted donations from some Chinese-funded institutions and overseas Chinese.According to statistics, in the Southwest Division Manager of Nigeria Company of Nigeria, China National Ocean Shipping, CNOOC, Gezhouba Group, Shaanxi Construction Engineering, Sany Heavy Industry, Seventh Chemical, Sinoma International and Ogun Free Trade Zone and other companies and NigeriaOverseas Chinese Association, Chinese Business Enterprise Association, Huazhu Foundation, Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, Fujian Tongxiang Association, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Tongxiang Association, China Timber Association, Huaxing Art Troupe, Anhui Chamber of Commerce, Shandong General Chamber of Commerce, Overseas Chinese Chinese Women AssociationDiaspora organizations such as the General Conference, the Lagos China Assistance Center, the Jiangxi United Chamber of Commerce, the Lagos Confucius Institute and other organizations have donated to the country through the Central United Front Work Department, the Chinese Overseas Chinese Federation and the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos.4.7 billion naira (about 279 million yuan) and 64 million yuan, 810,000 masks, and more than 10,000 pieces of protective clothing.Ni Mengxiao, head of the Huaxing Art Troupe and chairman of the Nigerian China Business Enterprise Association, said that the epidemic prevention and control should be extremely serious. The Nigerian overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese groups, and overseas Chinese leaders are in Africa, care about the motherland, donate gifts, and support the motherland.The patriotic feelings of overseas Chinese.

BYD (002594): Complementing significant downhill Q3 results under pressure

BYD (002594): Complementing significant downhill Q3 results under pressure

Complementary excellent decline, Q3 results exceeded expectations. On August 21, the company released its 2019 semi-annual report and 2019 Q3 performance forecast.

In H1 2019, the company realized revenue of 62.2 billion yuan, +14 in ten years.

8%, net profit attributable to mother 14.

500 million, previously +203.


Of which Q2, the company realized operating income of 318.

800 million, previously +8.

4%, net profit attributable to mother 7.

5.0 billion, previously +87.

1%, deducting non-returning mother 3.

28 trillion, +195 a year.

3%, second-quarter results were in line with expectations.

The company foresees that in Q3 2019, it is expected that net profit attributable to mothers will be RMB 120 million to -90.


3%, we believe that the new energy vehicle supplementary transition period ends from Q3, and terminal price increases and cost reductions cannot fully cover the impact of subsidy decline on profitability. The company’s performance in the second half of the year is under pressure.

93\1.07\1.22 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The sluggish demand for new energy vehicles + supplement the optimal recession, Q3 performance under pressure According to the company’s interim report, the company’s auto revenue in the first half of the year was about 34 billion yuan, an increase of +16.

3%; revenue from mobile phone parts and assembly business was approximately 233.

2 ‰, +14 a year.

4%; revenue from secondary rechargeable battery and photovoltaic business is approximately 44.

5 ‰, at least -1.


Revenue from new energy vehicles was 254.

500 million, +38 a year.


The company received various government subsidies of 700 million yuan, and government subsidies contributed most of the company’s profits.

The increase in profit or net profit in Q3 was mainly due to factors such as supplementary expansion and sluggish automobile demand, which slowed down the sales of new energy vehicles. The decrease in costs was not enough to supplement the impact of substitution on profitability. The fierce competition in the fuel vehicle market and the demand for mobile phone componentsIncreased total volume and increased market competition have weighed on profitability. The photovoltaic business may have recovered in the third quarter, but it must still decrease.

From January to July, the growth rate of new energy passenger vehicles was strong, with negative growth in July due to demand overdrafts. According to the company’s announcement, BYD’s wholesale sales from January to July were 260,000 units, each time -1.

1%; sales of new energy passenger cars15.

70,000, previously + 75%; new energy buses 2,279, -45 each time.

5%; fuel vehicles are gradually sold 9.

70,000, -42% per year, not optimistic.

The company’s new energy passenger car sales in July 1.

60,000, -12% a year, we believe that the first increase in sales is in June before the end of the transition period, rush installation, overdraft demand.

According to data from the China Automobile Association, the wholesale sales of new energy passenger cars in July6.
70,000, at least -9.

Due to the largest number of supplements, 北京夜网 the growth rate of new energy passenger car demand has temporarily decreased. We estimate that the company’s first-class new energy passenger car sales will be around 350,000 units.

In July, the company launched the Song Pro. In the second half of the year, e2, e3, new Qin EV and other models are successively launched. Sales are worth looking forward to.

The supplementary decline affects profitability and maintains the “overweight” rating. The company is the leader in new energy vehicles. The “Dynasty” series has launched a number of models with sales growth exceeding the industry and the market share continues to increase.The first-mover advantage is obvious; technology accumulation, improved design and open supply system have significantly improved product power.

Considering that terminal price increases and cost reductions cannot fully cover the impact of supplementary decline on earnings, and the forecast of new energy vehicle demand growth rates, we expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-20.

29, 29.

07, 33.

2.6 billion (down 26%, 22).

6%, 22.

9%), corresponding to EPS0.

93\1.07\1.22 yuan.

Considering that the business of each part of the company is relatively large, we use the segment PE estimation method to give the company a target price of 53.


65 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk reminder: New energy vehicle policy fails to meet expectations; New energy vehicle industry sales do not meet expectations; Accounts receivable recovery risk.

Five effective psychological cues before the college entrance examination

Five effective psychological cues before the college entrance examination

The results of a survey conducted by psychologists on more than 300 college entrance examination candidates show that the key to the success of the college entrance examination is firstly the knowledge and use of knowledge by the candidates; the second is the psychological state of the candidates before the college entrance examination.

The higher the college entrance examination, the more important it is to adjust your mindset.

  Through continuous training, exploring a set of effective and positive self-psychological suggestion methods that are effective for themselves is the key to ensuring the success of candidates’ sprint.

Here are some commonly used methods of self-psychological cues: Musical cues: Musical cues are the most common form of psychological cues and relaxation exercises. They are beautiful and moving music, which acts on the cerebral cortex through the auditory organs, giving the nervous system a goodstimulate.

It can invigorate your mind and cause a feeling of relaxation, enjoyment and comfort, so that the function of the brain is improved and strengthened.

It should be noted that in order to avoid text information entering the brain, the suggestive music selected should be pure music without lyrics.

  For senior high school candidates, if there is a piece of music that can relieve your anxiety and stir up fighting spirit, then this music should be your first suggestive music.

From now on, you must continue to combine and use before each test, cooperate with music to imitate the image of the success of the imagination test, adjust the emotional state, and increase the chance of success.

  Linguistic cues: Linguistic cues are also a common method of psychological cues.

Psychological research shows that the suggestive role of language can greatly stimulate human potential.

Especially in the state of hypnosis, one’s thinking activity can be completely dominated by language hints.

In fact, humans have been accepting its cues since they had language.

For example, the idioms such as “Wangmei to quench thirst” and “painting cakes to satisfy hunger” all change people’s state of mind through language cues.

  For senior high school candidates, if there is a sentence that can enhance your fighting spirit, then this sentence should become your first suggestive term. From now on, you must continue to use and cooperate with each test beforeAction, imagine the success of the exam, give yourself the greatest motivation.

Common language hints are: I must take the exam today!

  Born to me!

  Persistence is victory!

  A few times in life!

  I choose, I like!

Only fight to win!

. Food Hint: It is the function of transforming the mood of pleasure and adjusting the mood by eating a certain food or a certain beverage.

As the saying goes, it is a good luck to find psychological comfort.

In fact, what people usually like to eat and drink may have a certain effect on their mood.

  Some students will eat “Pizza Pizza”, “KFC” before eating, and “Red Bull” and “Meng milk” to drink water. They also want to strengthen their confidence and spirit.

  Senior 3 candidates, if there is some food or drink that can enhance your fighting spirit, then it should be your first suggestive food. From now on, you should also use it before each test to give yourself the greatest encouragement.

  Clothing suggestion method: It is to achieve a happy mood and adjust the mood by wearing a certain favorite clothing.

For senior high school candidates, if there is any clothing that can make you feel happy and enhance your fighting spirit, then this clothing should be your first suggestive clothing, and it should be continuously used in the gradual examination to consolidate the realization.

  Beyond the high-level college entrance examination, students need to know and master some alternative and practical means to relax, apply brakes on their own tension, worry, annoyance, tiredness and pain, and quickly restore their physical and mental strength.

  There are also some simple but very useful adjustment methods, for example: the method of deep breathing: is to find a comfortable position to sit down with your eyes slightly closed, to make your breathing process very slow, when you slowly inhale from the nasal cavity,You feel your belly bulging. When you can’t move, hold for three seconds, then slowly exhale through your mouth and nose.

Repeatedly, and in the process of doing it, I silently hinted at myself in the first person “how did I”: I breathed calmly and slowly, I felt very quiet, warm, and relaxed, and all parts of my body wereFeeling sinking and relaxing.

During the process of exhaling slowly and inhaling, experience and feel, in order to achieve a completely relaxed state.

  Methods of exercise: Proper exercise is an effective way to eliminate brain fatigue and improve mood.

In the final stage of the sprint, we must pay more attention to physical exercise, not because of excessive physical exhaustion, can not play their normal level in the college entrance examination.

Students can take jogging, walking, playing basketball, doing gymnastics and other exercises according to their actual situation, but must avoid the following sports to avoid injury.

  Massage the Neiguan acupoints: Use the thumb of the right hand to gently and rhythmically massage the Neiguan acupoints on your left forearm (the Neiguan acupoints are on the horizontal line of the wrist and the middle line of the three points upwards), and generally 36 times.

Massage the Neiguan point can adjust the mood, massage 36 times clockwise can distract attention, and predict smooth and smooth, have a positive suggestion effect.

5 ways to increase your explosive speed

5 ways to increase your explosive speed

Core tip: Speed refers to the ability of the human body to move quickly.

Armed policeman training is a comprehensive and complex movement. In order to hit the target or avoid the opponent’s attack, it must have the speed to complete various actions quickly. This is also an important condition for whether the opponent can be defeated in actual combat.

  (A) the main content of speed training1.
Speed of displacement.

That is, the ability to change direction suddenly in action, including balance and control of inertia.

Such as footwork, body movement, etc.

  2.Muscle speed.

That is, the ability to defeat the enemy with correct and fast movements is mainly the speed of muscle contraction.

  3.Mind speed.

That is, with agile thinking, think about how to defeat and defeat the opponent.

  4.Speed of action.

Attack from the correct state, correct posture, and technical action.

5.Visual speed.

It refers to whether the eye can quickly find its flaws when the opponent is moving or stationary.

  (Two) specific training methods 1.
Practice a 30-meter run: Physical fitness training runs at a speed of 30 meters.

Such a distance can give play to speed, improve lower limb strength, and improve coordination.

Changing conditions during running can also train trainees’ mental concentration and resilience.

Includes the following: 30-meter fast run, 30-meter change direction run, 30-meter acceleration run, 30-meter side run.

  2.Practice reaction speed: one side attack, one side defense.

The defender is required to find out the action before the opponent attacks and make a defensive action correctly.

  3.Quick skipping (half minute skipping, count): one is to jump once with both feet, and the rope is wound once; the second is to jump once with both feet, and the rope is to be wound for two weeks.

  4.Shooting practice: First, hit the target in the predetermined order and evaluate the time required to complete the specified number of moves; second, specify 30 seconds, and then hit the target multiple times in the predetermined order.

  5.Weight-bearing exercises: such as pushing bricks on horses, wearing heavy gloves and punching sandbags with legs or hitting hanging bags.

  Everyone should pay attention to the following issues in speed training: 1.
To complete the training movements at a speed of speed, the movements used are the correct movements that the trainee has mastered;
The duration of the hitting exercise will generally exceed 20 seconds; 3.
Specialized action speed exercises should be consistent with actual combat actions; 4.
When training, you must master the interval between exercises.

Liver nourishing and nourishing-spinach with ginger juice

Liver nourishing and nourishing-spinach with ginger juice

[Therapeutic effect]Spinach is sweet, cool in nature, can nourish yin and moisturize, nourish liver and nourish blood, clear away heat and purify fire, and be used for yin deficiency and defecation, thirst, liver blood deficiency, anemia, and liver yangRedness, headache, constipation (constipation food) and hypertension (blood pressure food).

Food for the elderly (senile food) can increase appetite.

  [Raw materials]500 grams of tender spinach, 25 grams of ginger, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil (oil food) each amount.

  [Production method]Cut the spinach from it, cut into the boiling water to cut off the water, remove the drain water, pour in the sesame oil and mix well, and put it in the dish.

Peel the ginger, cut into small pieces and add to the bowl. Add salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and MSG to ginger juice.

Serve the spinach and ginger scoring plate at the same time, with spinach dipped in ginger juice.

  [Operating method]Spinach should be simmered for a short time.

Ginger should be finely cut.

  [Special reminder]Spinach should not be eaten with Scutellaria baicalensis.

Among them, oxalic acid and calcium will combine to form crystals of calcium oxalate (calcium food), so patients with nephritis or kidney stones should not eat more.

Chi Caixin rolling Luoding fish rotten lung and spleen Liang soup

Chi Caixin rolling Luoding fish rotten lung and spleen Liang soup

The famous comic actor Mr. Huang Junying likes to eat the fish rot in his hometown Luoding.

The fish rot is made of bonito spinach chopped into a succulent shape and mixed with egg whites and fried slightly. The most famous are the two produced by Shunde Lecong and Luoding. Local people must have it on festive tables.

The Luoding fish rot production is more particular about it, known as “light as tulle”, also known as “silk yarn fish rot”, it is rich in nutrition, soft and smooth, no wonder Mr. Huang eats three or four times a week.

Now is also the time when Zengcheng Chi Caixin is listed.

Chicai heart roll Luoding fish rot, can be described as a combination of seasonal vegetables and fine products, delicious and smooth, moisturizing the lungs and spleen, men and women of all ages.

  Ingredients: 500 grams of Zengcheng Chi Caixin, 200 grams of Luoding fish tofu, 50 grams of straw mushrooms, 100 grams of vermicelli, 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking system: Wash everything separately.

Chi Caixin cut into sections; straw mushrooms “simmered in water”;

Add 1,250 ml of clear water (about 5 bowls) and ginger to the boiled water, boil the boiled boiled heart, and roll until the fish rot is just cooked, just a few moments, add sesame oil, and salt.

For 3?
For 4 people.

Home cooking for anemia

Home cooking for anemia

Jujube and lotus seed porridge: Jujube has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing spleen, nourishing blood and soothing nerves; lotus seed has nourishing spleen and stomach, stopping diarrhea, nourishing kidney astringent essence and nourishing heart qi.

Take 15 grams of red dates, 15 grams of lotus seeds, and 100 grams of glutinous rice. Add the right amount of brown sugar and cook until thick.

  Pork liver and peanut porridge: liver foods are rich in protein, trace elements and vitamins; peanuts contain vitamin B1 in all foods.

Use 20 grams of peanuts and 200 grams of rice to cook porridge. Cut 50 pieces of pork liver into the porridge and add the sauce to eat.

Jujube rice porridge: Previous rice is rich in B vitamins; jujube is very rich in vitamin C.

Take 15 jujubes, make 100 grams of rice porridge and add brown sugar to eat.

  Longan wolfberry porridge: Longan can nourish the heart and spleen, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves; wolfberry can nourish the stomach and kidney, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves, take 15 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of wolfberry, 20 red dates, 200 grams of rice before porridge.

  Mulberry spinach porridge: Mulberry can nourish liver and kidney, nourish yin and nourish blood; spinach is rich in essential amino acids of the human body; use 30 g of mulberry and 200 grams of rice to make porridge until thick, then add 150 grams of spinach for 10 minutes, add seasoningReady to eat.

Ask small details for dialysis-free headache

Ask small details for dialysis-free headache

In fact, headaches are not necessarily caused by diseases. When some disease factors are ruled out, headaches may first be due to unscientific lifestyle habits.

  Low mood When the mood is low, the mental depression and discomfort of the internal metabolism of the body become slow, causing headache and dizziness.

  The social competition is getting more and more fierce, and it seems that most white-collar workers work normally.

Violation of the normal physiological clock of the human body will cause an imbalance in the physical state. In addition to fatigue, some people will often have an inexplicable headache.

  Hidden tension in the body When someone is in a stressful state or in a stressful work environment, they will obviously feel the stress that this tension puts on themselves.

This unnoticeable state of tension is called “hidden tension”, which is also very harmful to our health, and it is especially easy to cause headaches.

  Researchers have found that when people are in a state of recessive stress, their heart rate does not increase but their blood pressure rises significantly.

Mental tension is one of the more lethal ones among many “hidden tensions.”

Other factors that can cause “hidden tension” include smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and poor physical sensation.

The human tension caused by these factors is not manifested in a rapid heartbeat, but it virtually causes us to have headaches and physical discomfort for unknown reasons.

  Therefore, for non-disease headaches, you should pay attention to adjusting your work and rest time, balance your mentality, learn to reduce stress, and you can also eat some food that has a beneficial effect.

Big S and Li Wei teach you banana diet


Big S and Li Wei teach you banana diet

Click on the picture to buy a big S: Eat a banana every Wednesday to lose weight. The demand for external type is almost neurotic. As early as in her book “Beauty King”, the big S is for “pregnant rumors” and actually lasts for 3 weeks.Eat only one banana a day.

Finally lost 3 kg.

Li Wei: Banana + Bai Kaishui = Xiao Man Waist Long ago, Li Wei’s “Hip Hop Tonight” MV once again showed a proud little waist, in order to make the 24 鍚?waist look thinner in front of the camera, abdominal musclesIt looks more perfect. She did two hundred sit-ups from the day before the start of the shooting. On the day of shooting, she was even more taboo. She only ate two bananas with boiled water.

Eat banana weight loss coup: First: bananas when the number of bananas for breakfast is not limited, do not want to eat bananas can be replaced with other fruits, one at a time.

Before you want to eat other things, eat bananas at intervals of 15?
Eat other foods in 20 minutes.

Although bananas are rich in nutrients, the relative in vitro is not low. A banana accumulates about 80?
100 cards, the conversion of nearly half bowl of rice, pay attention to the accumulation of total conversion.

Second: eat bananas for breakfast to drink normal temperature boiled water, not limited to the amount of drink, you can drink.

Except for boiled water, it can increase satiety. The reason why bananas can be used to lose weight is that bananas are rich in synthetic fibers and pectin, which can promote bowel movements.

Third: Dinner should be eaten before 6 o’clock, do not eat after 8 o’clock, in addition, quit the habit of eating dessert after dinner.

Banana diet can play a role, in addition to the banana itself, the change in lifestyle should be a considerable hero, do not eat after 8 o’clock, do not eat up late can avoid eating by sleeping, so can not be consumed into a small accumulation.

Fourth: going to bed at 12 o’clock in the evening will cause a decrease in the metabolic rate, which is also the reason for getting fat and losing weight.

Banana weight loss tips: 1, banana fast weight loss method is only suitable for short-term weight loss, easy to rebound those bananas on behalf of the diet is only suitable for people who need to quickly lose weight in the short term, such as emergency attendance, class reunion, etc., not suitable for long-termget on.

If you only rely on bananas for a long time and your body lacks nutrients such as protein and minerals, your body will give you a dangerous warning.

And the short-term rapid weight-loss effect can not be maintained, and once the diet is restored, it is likely to rebound.

2, bananas will eat more fat if you only eat one or two a day, the problem is not big.

And eating more will definitely get fat, a white-collar worker in the office, the calorie needed for a day is about 1300kcal.

Then, if she eats 9 bananas a day, she eats 3 bananas per meal on average, which is more than what she needs for a day.

If she doesn’t do much exercise to consume it, it will definitely be fat.

3, long-term fasting to eat bananas is harmful to health, long-term consumption of bananas on an empty stomach, not only poor secretion of gastric acid, and even due to excessive intake of nutrients alone cause anemia.

For people with chronic chronic nephritis and renal insufficiency, this method of weight loss is even more taboo.

Because bananas contain high levels of potassium, if consumed too much, it will increase the burden of kidney function, delay the improvement of the condition, and may cause the disease to deteriorate.

In addition, bananas are rich in starch and sugar. Therefore, diabetic patients should also pay attention to the amount of supplementation, so as to prevent diabetes from causing diseases.

4, breakfast to lose weight, noon, dinner as usual, not to take breakfast, only eat a few bananas and boiled water, the absorption of nutrition is not balanced.

Dietitians recommend that breakfast intake should account for 30% of the day.

Because, after dinner from the previous day, until the next morning, after so long, the body should be supplemented with adequate and balanced nutrition to keep the activity throughout the morning.

Therefore, breakfast should contain carbohydrates, high-quality protein, rich fiber and other nutrients, and the best kind, do not eat a large amount of the same food.

Long-term consumption of bananas and boiled water will lead to imbalance of nutrition. Secondly, it will lead to poor stomach and distortion, so that it is difficult to absorb good nutrition after eating more food in the future.