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A red can not say lonely

Can not make a red say lonely, a faint look back, it leaked out all the loneliness and sadness.- “a red loneliness” It stands to reason, can be silhouetted against the red dress, the flowers, the flame..But in the end only one.Let one of which came to the world, the other one can not dense […]

A little edge to edge to first-line

Dream in rivers and lakes of wine in my arms, in the month Vault of heart day, a hundred years, a Zen sit, sorrows and joys income people to do everything, both good and slim as Feng Yan, came from way, year-round fun.    Met, it is in our hearts carries the edge, only to edge line, […]

A big rain

A big rain, intense and short.With something of the thrill of breaking the obstruction, nothing like the rain is so clear-cut.Excitedly to occupy the entire exposed significant air time.  Perhaps this is the season of summer rain patent, like bold brave boy, that come and stay away, without any hesitation.  Thunder only a few times, put a […]

World Peach Blossom Fan “and” Dream of Red Mansions “in

– Letter to the winter and spring of the five winter brother: for your first, second letter, I mentioned the “Peach Blossom Fan” of the world and “Dream of Red Mansions,” the two concepts of the world – not my “inventions” but modern literary critic, esthetician Kingdom of the initiative: he put the ancient Chinese […]

Not the old story – “meddle.fleeting time”

That year, I was seven.    Grandma when I was seven to go.Grandma left, plum blossom in front of the house not yet open.Every household in the New Year ready to the north and windy.Next door rejoiced, I was crying day call home.From that moment on, I really appreciate the meaning of life to death.Dad told me […]

Empty soul

REVIEW: old stereotype toward the mountains overlooking the blue sky and white clouds over the mountains agitation, Qianshanwanhe depending on the middle reaches of the mountainous Emerald.He raised his right hand sword arm after the close, the blade facing up, Jiansui down, white blade, red Jiansui, dressed in plain onyx, Hefatongyan.  Between Summer Hill.    Days, sparkling blue […]


This is an autumn night, starting from a dream night.Lighting, autumn, autumn insects, shadows, clouds and moon, constitutes a silent autumn night.Oblique lighting is shining fence tonight who will call people dream of it?Perhaps “People look for him thousands of Baidu, when I look back, that people in the lights of the Alexandra bar” gently […]

Messi?Luoneimaer difficult team spokesperson said this is the true image of the benchmark 3

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 20: Russia's 2018 World Cup under way, fans around the world who are concerned about this football event。But for some of the lesser-known players, many fans are very difficult in the race immediately identify who they are。This week there […]

Japanese Finance pity: $ 300 million in cash under the bed sleeping

Source: Oriental IC Japanese businesses are hungry for capital, but "unfortunately the money" Japanese confused in cash hidden in their bed。  According to Mizuho Securities (Yasunori Ueno) estimates (Mizuho security) Ueno, chief market economist Kang, as of March 25 this year, the Japanese were at home amassed 36 trillion yen (US $ 30.1 billion) cash。  According to […]

How are you?I'm fine, How about you?

Ignorant Sentimental love when those young is a glass of vintage wine, enduring incense, hang some passes, slash memory is the recollection of our lives。—— Inscription once, naive to think I have forgotten you, put your love Love Sentimental period of gathering dust in the corner of memory。  Inexplicable day, looking at the familiar strangers, but […]