14 health care tips with honey disinfection with black pepper to stop bleeding

14 health care tips with honey disinfection with black pepper to stop bleeding

In our daily life, we are very important to our health. In addition to some important things we pay attention to, in fact, every little thing in our daily lives can affect our physical health.Today, I will bring you some healthy common sense in life. Let’s take a look together.


Honey sterilization studies have found that honey has a strong antibacterial effect and can prevent bacterial infections caused by any cuts.

So disinfect with honey before bandaging.


Stop bleeding with black pepper Next time in the kitchen, if your hands are injured, wash your hands with cold water (or soap if you cut the meat), then sprinkle some pepper on the wound, this will stop bleeding soon.

Because black pepper has good analgesic, antibacterial and bactericidal effects.


Shave a little less dust and nose hair. If you are allergic and have some beard, wash with liquid soap twice a day.

Studies have found that people rarely use antihistamines and decongestants when shaving.


Pets can lower blood pressure. To reduce the prevalence of hypertension and stroke, keep a dog as a pet.

Studies have found that petting your pet often allows you to control your blood pressure when you are stressed.


Rush, wash away the trouble Before going to bed, prepare some notes in the bathroom. When you get up the next day, write the people and things that make yourself angry on the note, and then tear them into fragments that can be washed away by the toilet.With these notes being washed away, it seems that the things you worry about are being washed away.

Although weird, it worked.


Green apple can alleviate the worry. If you are a person with closed phobia, just like you are in the elevator or on the subway, you will feel worried. Then you can try smelling the green apple.If you are planning to sell a house, you can try to put a basket of fresh green apples on the table. This will make the buyer feel that your house is too large.


Change of name According to the survey, the name means that more active people live longer4.

At the age of five, people with common names will only live three years longer, while negative names change lifespan again.


Choosing the first location when going to the bathroom After investigating 51 public toilets, the expert found that the first location closest to the bathroom door had the fewest bacteria and the most paper towels.

And not many people use the first position, because people consider their own possibilities.

Always stand upright when flushing, because water splashes can contain toxic bacteria that can infect people with enterobacteria and hepatitis.


Excessive fractures with magazine pads If your expansion has a fracture, in fact the bandage in the hospital can only produce a slow effect. If you use a thick magazine pad, roll up the magazine and wrap it with a rope.Good bandage.


Don’t blame yourself for losing the key. The research found that young people and seniors have very different interpretations of their misplaced keys. Young people will blame who took the keys, and the seniors will blame themselves for not knowing where to put the keys.
Do not use age as an excuse at any time, this is a very useful psychological hint.


When the leg is itchy, scratch the other leg. When the body is itchy, bend the same part on the opposite side. This will make you feel that it is scratching.


The solution to a high fever In fact, any high fever can be reduced by drinking plenty of water.

But if you want a fast fever, put ice cubes all over or near the groin.

Both of these places allow you to quickly reduce fever, which is uncomfortable but useful.


Washing hands without antibacterial soap has not always been sufficient evidence to show that antibacterial soaps are really better than ordinary soaps, and there is still the biggest problem with antibacterial soaps. He gradually becomes stronger and stronger, and makes them resistantStronger.

Familiar with your own driving skills. If you are driving a long-distance bus, imagine how your back would react if someone dropped a glass of ice water from your neck. Remember to use this side to drive.

Decoction method of special Chinese medicine

Decoction method of special Chinese medicine

For some special medicines, when the doctor prescribes it, the first right corner of the drug is marked first fried, then down, fried, simmered, fried, washed, etc., special attention should be paid when cooking.

  1, frying first: shell, ore-like drugs, such as turtle plate, armour, vermiculite, stone cassia, keel, oysters, magnets, raw gypsum, etc., due to the hard and hard, the active ingredients are not easy to dissolve, can be broken and fried for 20?
For 30 minutes, add other medicines and fry.

For aconite, aconite and other drugs with side effects, must be fried 45?
60 minutes to reduce toxicity and ensure safe medication.

  2. After: Mint, Artemisia annua, Amomum villosum, white cardamom and other odors. The active ingredients in Jiujian are easy to volatilize.

Uncooked vines, rhubarb, senna, etc. are fried for a long time, and the active ingredients are destroyed. Therefore, these two kinds of drugs must be fried before the general medicine is finished?
Get off in 6 minutes.

  3. Frying: For the sticky, powdery and fluffy drugs with strong viscosity, such as terracotta, psyllium, sea gold sand, green daisies, talc, puhuang, and spinosa, it should be wrapped in a small gauze bag first, and then with otherUse the same medicine to avoid turbidity or irritation and cough.

  4. Gelatinization: Ejiao, turtle gum, antler gum, etc. In order to avoid entering the frying pan, they are often heated with water or rice wine and exchanged for cash.

  5, another fried: For ginseng, American ginseng, velvet antler, antelope horn and other valuable medicines, often fried separately, taken alone or mixed with the medicine.

  6, brewing: such as antelope powder, panax notoginseng powder, bezoar powder, pearl powder, thenardite and other precious and small quantities of drugs or powder drugs, in order to avoid waste, decoction is generally not used, other fried liquid or boiling water can be usedChongfu.

How to transform housework into fitness exercises

How to transform housework into fitness exercises

Household chores such as washing dishes, ironing clothes, cooking, sweeping the floor, and watching children are often considered to take up exercise time.

To the delight of household chores, they can divide housework into daily exercise.

Let’s take a look at how household chores are transformed into fitness exercises.

  1, when ironing, cooking, arranging flowers and other standing work, you may wish to spread your legs and stand straight, it is also an exercise.

In addition, when doing indoor cleaning work, if you only have a broom blade, mop or vacuum cleaner in your hand, don’t just move your arms to cover the whole body. Let the joints, head, knees, etc. move together.

When you pick things up, you can lift your toes and re-extend your whole body to strengthen the muscles of your thighs, calves, and buttocks.

  2. When you bend over and pick something up, you should bend your waist or thigh, as if you are doing a toe-to-toe movement, so that your thigh and buttocks muscles (close to people with problems, avoid this action)).

When walking, straighten your back and raise your head, like a puppet with a straight line.

  3. Use the free time of cooking or dishwashing to bring the cooking room into focus at the practice place. Stand side by side at 90 cm from the cooking table, grasp the table edge with your left hand, lift your right leg, stretch your feet and toes straight,Swing 10 times, repeat with the left leg, then straighten your arms to the sink, hold the edge of the sink and bend for 5 seconds.

  4. At home, I often buy some big clothes to wear.

This does not mean that you “grow up” to wear big clothes, or to make you feel “guilty for obesity” after wearing such clothes.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money, but you can quickly lose weight.

This is exactly a kind of psychological “first aid method”.

  5. Walking is one of the best exercise methods widely recognized by the medical community, and walking 4,000 steps a day will basically suffice.

You don’t have to be scared by the “4,000 steps”, because housework such as cooking, washing, and cleaning can actually be converted into “a thousand steps of exercise.”

It can be seen that even if you are too busy to go to the gym for outdoor sports, sweeping the floor at home is actually doing sports.

  6, cycling at a speed of more than 16 mm per hour for 4 minutes can also complete 1,000 steps of exercise.

After experiencing the favorite yoga of white-collar workers, aerobics only need to practice 7 minutes and 6 minutes to achieve the effect of 1,000 steps of exercise.

  7. Sweeping the floor for 8 minutes and cooking 13 minutes is equivalent to walking for 1,000 steps.

  Busy work, no time.

Don’t make excuses for “no time” fitness exercise, ordinary housework activities can help you achieve the purpose of “exercise”, as long as you are willing to move, fitness is actually simple.

4 mistakes for brewing milk powder for newborns

4 mistakes for brewing milk powder for newborns

For various reasons, some Baoma cannot use breast milk instead. At this time, it is necessary to give baby and infant milk powder.

Experts reminded Baoma that there are many aspects of baby milk powder that you need to pay attention to. You must pay attention to the brand and quality of baby milk powder. At the same time, there are many things you should pay attention to when making baby milk powder.


Add milk powder first and then add water. The correct brewing method is to pour a fixed amount of warm water at 40 ℃ -60 ℃ (do not use boiled water for brewing milk powder, which will destroy the nutrients in the milk powder).Proportion of milk powder.

Because it is easier to control the water temperature and volume.

  First add water to adjust the water temperature. If it is too hot, you can cool it with boiling water.

Then adjust the amount of water according to the baby’s needs and the scale on the bottle, and add an appropriate amount of milk powder, because it is too thick and too thin does not meet the needs of the baby. It is better to add milk powder to control the amount of milk powder, and the concentration of the milk powder is accurate.

If you add milk powder first, the water temperature is insufficient, and the amount of water is not well controlled, it may waste time and milk powder.


Increasing the concentration of milk powder and adding supplements by yourself Because the capillaries of infants and young children are very weak, if the concentration of milk powder is too high, it may easily cause the capillaries of the children’s brain to rupture and cause bleeding.Affecting the mental development of young children will increase the infant’s internal burden, cause digestive dysfunction, cause constipation or diarrhea, and severely cause necrotizing enterocolitis.


Change the milk powder directly to the baby Many babies will face the problem of changing milk for some reason during the milk powder replacement. Changing the milk powder for the baby must be gradually transitioned. It usually takes one or two weeks for the baby to replace the milk powder.

The baby’s gastrointestinal function is weak, and there will be a replacement for the original milk powder. Therefore, when replacing the milk powder, you must mix the two types of milk powder together. At first, you can increase the number of the original brand and the number of the new brand.Measure to completely replace the old brand.

The whole process can take one to two weeks, and let the baby have an adaptation process.


Boil the reconstituted milk powder again and re-boil the reconstituted milk powder, the structure of the nutrients such as protein, vitamins and the like will change, thus losing nutritional value.

If the baby drinks this milk, the nutrition obtained will be greatly reduced.

  Baoma should pay attention to, if you are feeding newborn babies with infant milk powder, in addition to choosing milk powder with quality assurance, everyone should pay more attention to the brewing of baby milk powder.

Experts have summarized 4 points for Bao Ma, hoping that Bao Ma will pay more attention.

Loyal to love but not to lover

Loyal to love but not to lover

I got a call from Eva and I was surprised. We only met on one side. It was at a friend’s birthday party. When Eva got drunk that day, there was a big mess.

  ”I’m really sorry, that disappointed everyone that day.

Eva’s sincerity on the phone surprised me a little bit. Besides knowing that she was the PR director of an advertising media company, I met her strangely. How could a drunk be the reason to solemnly apologize?

“I really want to talk to you well, not to mention work, I think we should be good friends.

Eva’s sluggish voice made me feel a lonely soul eager to talk.

  ”Will you fall in love?

I think I am already.

Eva said that she can’t do without love. Only when she is in love can she feel the joy of life. “Loyal to love but not lover” has become a 29-year-old Eva’s holy book of love.

  One is probably the natural fear of marriage, or Pisces likes to be free and easy. In 1999, I decided to leave my boyfriend who fell in love for 3 years.

It was a fleeing marriage that was not an escape. Taking a wedding photo, the wedding was a matter of course.

But the word “marriage” hangs like a sharp sword, besides panic or panic, so the excuse for the beloved advertising business, the excuse of disagreement, I got that beautiful photo album and disappeared from my boyfriend’s life.
  My behavior not only made my parents antagonize, but also hurt my boyfriend deeply. I admit that it was an injury that affected his future love life.

In the material city of Shanghai, his material conditions are very good. The house and the car are all prepared for me. He is an excellent white-collar worker in his financial field and has a bright future at his fingertips.

Abandoning these material conditions, everyone thinks I am crazy, only I know that what I desire more is freedom.

  Freedom needs to be replaced by cost. Besides working hard, my relationship life is not smooth, but it can also be called gorgeous.

From the end of 1999 to the end of 2000, I experienced three more love affair in a year, several sexual encounters, the time was extended for only one month, I experienced the fireworks-like love, and knew what one-night stand is.

Sometimes love is like this, it can be a smelt of alcohol, or it can be a fleeting firework. When it is over, it will be smashed.

I like the taste of love. Women in love are the most beautiful. The kind of sweet nourishment makes women younger and more energetic.

Picasso’s phrase “Loyal to love but not to lover” makes sense, and I take it as my love motto.

  Do you believe in constellations?

I am convinced.

Pisces loves freedom, it is a complete complement to every love, love is alive; but love is gone, the fish will regain their mood and wait for the next love.

Pisces and Taurus are very compatible on the star edge. When I met Chen Er of Taurus, it really worked.

  When I saw Chen Er, I was returning to Shanghai under the sunshine of Shangri-La, when I just broke up with an admiring man.

I remember a friend called that day to say there was a poetry party in the evening. In an unknown little bar, the focus of the guest was Chen Er.

Chen Er, the name I saw in the newspaper faintly is strange, except I know he is a writer, poet, from Nanjing, I know nothing else.

  When I drove from Huashan Road to Zhenning Road and followed a friend’s direction into a lane, a small bar quietly flashed its sign in the depths of the lane.

It was past 11pm when I arrived, and I heard that the poetry conference was over. The tables in the bar were sculpted into strips. From here to there, more than 30 people sat around.

The table is full of beer bottles, empty or full, the background music is lined with smoke, and the loud poets, the bar atmosphere is psychedelically back to the 80s.

I greeted a few friends who did n’t know much and was about to slip away, “Eva, introduce a friend to you!

“Fat Xiaodou stood up from the other side of the crowd and smiled loudly at me.

I saw Chen Er sitting next to Xiaodou.

Thin, pair of black-rimmed glasses, a book full of annoyed men at first glance, I went forward and said a few words, leaving each other phone numbers.

Probably nothing to say, or poetry may be too unfamiliar to me. That day, I left the bar not long after that. What I can remember is that white scholar face.

  Later we started to make some phone calls. I told him that he could find me on the Internet, so he bought a laptop and went online.

That year, I was 26 and he was 40. What can we talk about?

From the very first greetings to the later life, art, religion, ideals, reality, we chatted across the sea, and finally the topic stayed in love.

He said that he had a failed marriage, and he said that if he found a good girl he wanted to marry again and build a stable family, the turbulent emotional life he was tired of was tired.I have nothing to say except comfort.

“I love you.

“I just entered the chat room one afternoon, and Chen Er’s words suddenly jumped out.

Looking at this sentence on the computer screen, I was stunned. To tell the truth, I hate people who easily say love. Love is sacred to me, true love is in my heart, not so easy to say.
Arithmetic and Chen Er realized that they were familiar for less than three months. We just stayed at the chat place of our friends and did not confide in love.

But as a chatter these days, I have a good impression of Chen Er, especially his talent, I really admire it.

I thought about it and sent him a past: “How long can you love me?

“After a few minutes, the other party did not respond, and I think this problem may embarrass our poet.

Then my phone rang, it was Chen Er.

“Whether you believe it or not, what I said is true, and my attitude is very sincere.

“I couldn’t help laughing, laughing at his sincere cuteness and the way he explained it.

  Three love is always wonderful, we merged the phone and talked through the night, neither side felt tired, and the spiritual dependence became our greatest happiness.

When the new year came in 2001, I finally took the first step and went to Nanjing to meet with Chen Er again.

That night, he took me to meet almost all his friends in Nanjing. His friends were happy for him, and everyone shared his happiness.

Avoiding the crowd at the New Year party, we kissed, stroked, made love in his hut, and the lava of love burst out.

Chen Er decided to leave Nanjing, where he hadn’t left for decades, to come to Shanghai to live with me. Before spring came, I looked around and thought about where our little home would be settled.

Finally, I rented a two-bedroom house on Xiangyang North Road, which was very close to the company, so I started busy furnishing the room again to welcome his arrival.

After Chen Er settled her mother on a vacation in the south, he came to Shanghai and we had a little life.

  Except for the occasional small douche, and except for Chen Er’s occasional poetic temper, our days together were happy.

Every day I go to work, he writes at home; I leave work on time and on time, he always picks me home from the first lane of my company.

The kind of gentle love after the fierceness I have never experienced before. I even thought that it would be okay to live like this for a lifetime.

  Three months passed quickly, Chen Er’s mother returned to Nanjing from a holiday in the south, and he will return to Nanjing.

Chen Er hoped that I could go to Nanjing to marry him, but I was unable to decide to leave Shanghai.

Nanjing has his mother, friends, and familiar writing environment. He can’t live without Nanjing, I can understand it. I can’t live without Shanghai. Although not an authentic Shanghai native, I have been studying and working in Shanghai for several years.Here is my job, not to mention that Shanghai’s development potential and space are much larger than Nanjing. I can’t make up my mind to come to Nanjing. What’s more important is how to give my parents a perfect account.

So these problems that broke down in our hearts broke out, quarreled, and doubt began to occur.

  ”Why can’t you go to Nanjing?

What’s so good about Shanghai?

“When can we get married?”

With such separation, the hope of marriage can only be getting smaller and smaller . “” Why don’t you introduce me to your parents?

What am I not seeing?

In the face of these questions, I cannot answer. In order to take care of the poet’s sensitive and fragile self-esteem, I can only be silent.

My parents’ objection is only my responsibility. He is divorced, the age is too different, and more importantly, he is a neurotic poet. No matter how talented he is, his parents will never accept him. They hope that I can findMan who really can live.

And I myself have a fear of getting married, always afraid that those trivial things destroy the purest love.

Helpless, sad, how many tears only swallowed.

  None of these Chen Er knows, maybe he can detect it sensitively, but I am afraid to talk about marriage, I only escape the problem again and again.

In this way he lived a single life with a nominal girlfriend in Nanjing. I was still busy in Shanghai and we became lovers on the telephone line.

  The last time I saw Chen Er was last fall, and it was also our love that lasted for two years.

In the name of lovers, we are more like long-distance relatives.

He came to see me in Shanghai, and we talked the same way as before and met friends, but we felt each other included something.

I have treated Chen Er numbly, and carried out certain obligations like proceduralization, and even made love, barely. I can no longer find the passion and tenderness.I began to wonder if I still loved him, what’s the point of maintaining this relationship if I don’t love it?

Chen Er also changed a lot, no longer arguing, just sitting silently on a stool and smoking, I could feel that his eyes had never left me, and those once familiar eyes were full of doubt, worry, anxiety and wandering.

  ”do you still love me?

“” Let’s talk about it.

“” If we don’t love, just break up.

“A series of questions made me speechless. I confessed that I was cowardly. I never dared to face his problems. I chose silence again.

After a silent night, Chen Er returned to Nanjing with grief and anger.

I didn’t keep him. I kept silent listening to his voice going down a long distance, and my heart was empty, presumably leaving him with indifferent scars.

  Memoirs drinking afternoon tea in the camphor garden and listening to Eva telling her story and love theory.

Sometimes mature and sometimes with girlish fantasy, Eva is changeable.

It was as if her pure face was keeping the 29-year-old secret.

She said that she would be sad every time she broke up with her boyfriend. After all, she was devoted to distorted feelings, especially to Chen Er, which was a kind of deep-seated love.

  Eva kept stirring the black tea in the cup with a spoon. The most she asked was: “Do I really have a marriage disorder?”

“She blamed herself once for cowardice and escaped, but her big bright eyes quickly told you that she could only find happiness in non-stop non-stop love.

  Towards the end, Eva said she smelled of love again, and now another man came into her life, “I cherish it.

I think I will be happy someday.

“Looking at her sunny smile, I can only wish Eva to take control of herself on the street car of Love Desire, stop building a love house in the sand and waste his youth, and find my true destination earlier.

Have you run out of energy?

Have you run out of energy?

A friend of the general manager who started his own company adhered to a philosophy of energy conservation.

His point is that everyone has their own energy balance point, and the energy produced in the body must be released in a timely and appropriate manner.

If you release too little land, you will feel insufficient; if you release too much land, you will also feel unwell.

  There is a case in point: after six months of continuous physical overdraft, he decided to take 14 consecutive days of vacation, doing nothing except eating and sleeping.

As a result, she became ill on the fourth day, had a headache, had a numb leg, and even lost vision.

The antidote for going to the hospital is “too much stress, so I recommend taking more rest.”

But until the end of the holiday, the stress was still no complications.

Strange things happened at the end of the holiday. On the first day of sitting in front of the phone, through the frequent harassment of telephone bells, the company’s conferences continued to squeeze, and everything in the body could not disappear.

On his first night at work, he slept better than any of the previous 14 days.

So he came up with the following crystal: With his body energy production ability, after three months of energy penetrating into the branch, a three-day rest is necessary, and the effect will decrease by one point after each additional day.

Therefore, after 11 more days of rest, he must double his overdraft energy and release the energy accumulated for many days in order to achieve energy balance.

  According to his theory, my friend Sisy’s energy production capacity is too small.

She was the director of an office in a state-owned enterprise. It looked and sounded like a fat man, but her mantra was “tired”.

Where are you tired?

Every day driving and commuting on the road is very tiring, it is tiring to participate, tiring to write reports, tiring to talk with the leader, it is difficult to get home from 5 o’clock, but it is tiring to get home.

Her ideal is to read novels without interruption at work every day, and to make tea at home and listen to music on time at 5pm.

It is interesting that throughout the Spring Festival, the national 7-day holiday plus the 7-day holiday she invited, she was all staying at home.

Look at the dishes every day, listen to songs, flip through books, cook and cook, clean up at home, and go to sleep at night.

When we ushered in the first day of work after the holiday in a blink of an eye, we were “tired” before the end of work.

“Everyone’s body is a power station, but every power station has a different fracture.

Some food is extremely high. I sleep for four or five hours a day, and when I walk into the office, I feel refreshed.

Low-yield people suffer from work-like torture and disheveled.

Unfortunately, in order to live a more decent life, these two people are inexplicably drawing their own energy.

Of course, small power stations will certainly be more tiring and may not necessarily go far on the road to success.

For example, a friend who opened a public relations company clearly had a power generation capacity of 10,000 watts. She was singled out with a workload of 30,000 watts. The company opened less than a year ago and she first got lymphoma and fell.

After getting better, she took a new look and found a stable company as a marketing specialist. The salary is not much, but the responsibilities are not large. She guarantees that she can not take home the work every day and generally does not work overtime.

Finally found a job to balance his energy.

  What if the person with high energy lives a low achievement?

The conclusion is that their prolific energy needs to find an outlet: or suffer from mania and squander the energy with brute force; or become the eighth wife and use the tongue to dissipate the energy;energy.
  Unfortunately, hospitals today cannot provide services to test this energy.

However, this provides another solution for psychological problems, which is relieved, depressed, and irritable. Think about energy problems.

If it’s an energy deficit-get out, go to bed.

If the energy is stagnant-free, find something to make money.

Eliminate 4 habits, eliminate the elimination of stomach and call comfort, 100 test 100 spirit!

Eliminate 4 habits, eliminate the elimination of stomach and call comfort, 100 test 100 spirit!

Chronic gastritis is a chronic disease, and the main cause of formation is related to daily life.

If you regularly eat some irritating drugs, love to eat hot food, salty food, heavy taste and other foods.

Plus, your diet is too fast, eating irregularly?

?Causes digestive system obstruction and affects the health of the entire stomach.

Therefore, patients with chronic gastritis improve their eating habits. 1. Quit smoking and alcohol. These two kinds of things are the most damaging to the stomach, which may cause excessive gastric acid secretion.

2, the law should pay attention to the law of eating less meals, eating slowly to eat slowly, can not be rough.

3, the ban on hot and spicy are the natural enemies of gastritis, if you continue to eat, then gastritis will become more and more serious.

4, increase the nutrition of high protein and high vitamin foods, help prevent the emergence of anemia.

Improve the above habits, have a certain effect on the conscious condition, usually pay attention to the treatment of gastritis.

However, it is not recommended to take Taiji drugs, you can use the diet to raise the stomach.

Treatment of gastritis diet: sesame oil honey water consumption: prepare a bottle of sesame oil, a bottle of honey, and a cup of warm water.

Take a spoonful of sesame oil + a spoonful of honey every day and put it in warm water and drink it for a month. You can cure the gastritis.

The sesame oil should be selected for the first level of pressing, otherwise there is no effect of treating gastritis.

The first-grade pressed oil is rich in excessive linolenic acid, which can effectively treat the injured gastric mucosa and produce an oily protective film to reduce the damage of stomach acid.

Honey has anti-inflammatory effects, and it can produce anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, it is best to treat these two kinds of foods together to treat gastritis.


TCM 30 words from the famous theory of health: nourish, raise heart, keep healthy!


TCM 30 words from the famous theory of health: nourish, raise heart, keep healthy!

Transferred from: the network of Chinese medicine culture is an outstanding representative of the ancient Chinese excellent traditional culture, Chinese medicine “Tao Fa natural” “Heaven and Man are one”, “Yin and Yang complement each other” “Life is expensive” and other excellent ideas, contains rich philosophies, to the ChineseThe concept of life and the concept of health and self-cultivation have far-reaching effects.

After more than half a year of hard work and hard work, most of the body is in a state of exhaustion. After that, Xiaobian selects 30 sentences about the body, the heart, and the health.

Keeping a body 1, eating and lying is a disease.

Interpretation of “Prepare for urgent need”: full food is lying, food is not concentrated, digestive, stagnant, qi stagnation, spleen and stomach injury, qi and blood foraging and accumulation of diseases.

2, the water is not rot, the household is not sturdy, and the movement is also.

The same is true.

If you don’t move, you don’t flow, but you don’t flow.

(“Lv’s Spring and Autumn”) Interpretation: The flowing water will not rot and stink, and the rotating door shaft will not cause insects to decay, which is due to constant movement.

The human form, the same is true.

When the form is inactive, the essence of the body will not run, the essence will not run, and the gas will stagnate.

That is, people often say that life lies in sports.

3, after eating, drink a cup of tea, take a hundred steps, with the hand to rub the umbilicus.

(“After yesterday’s non-day compilation”) Interpretation: The ancients have been paying attention to health since the ancient times. Here, after mentioning the mention, there are three things to do, namely drinking tea, walking, and abdomen. If you can continue to do it for a long time, it will benefit the body.health.

4, early in the morning before the chicken, not late after sunrise.

(“Taiping Yulan”) Interpretation: Chinese medicine believes that people’s work and rest should be in line with the physiological routine, Cao Tingdong, a health expert in the Qing Dynasty, believes: “Sunrise, daily income, and quiet night, is a certain reason for yin and yang.

He also pointed out: “Get up early before the chickens.

When the cover is first arrived (3 am), it is the beginning of the lungs, and it is appropriate to sleep.

At the time of the squatting (5 am), you can get up in the large intestine. At the time of the morning (7 am), the yang will rise. You should get up in the morning exercise and eat. You should not stay in bed again.

The morning should be in the middle of these two times.

5, spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourishing Yin.

Interpretation: The yin and yang of the four times is the foundation of the survival of all things. The ancients will raise the yang in spring and summer, and the yin in autumn and winter. The armor is the root of its yin and yang.Everything lives and grows together.

If you violate this fundamental, it will damage its source and destroy its infuriating. These are the same four-time adjustments.

6, the teeth, the bones are also poor, facing the fangs, teeth are not squatting.

(“Health Care Collection”) Interpretation: “Tooth is hard to complete” is a symbol of healthy longevity, and dental caries is an ancient health practice that is circulating in the upper reaches.

The main bone of the kidney, the tooth is the kidney, and it is also part of the bone.

Dental caries are a big problem of teeth. People crook their teeth in the mouth every morning, and each tooth corresponding to the upper and lower teeth is mutually punctured, which can alleviate the harm of caries and keep the teeth healthy.

7, five grains for raising, five for help, five dishes for filling, five for benefits.

(“Four Health Four”) Interpretation: Grain: wheat, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, hemp, glutinous rice (with rice for hemp).

Five dishes: 闊? 钖? sunflower, onion, 钘?

Five animals: cattle, dogs, sheep, pigs, chickens.

Five fruits: plum, apricot, jujube, peach, chestnut.

The meaning of this sentence is that the grain (the staple food) is the basis for people to survive, and fruits, vegetables and meat are all supplements, supplements and supplements as staple foods.

8, good-natured people, first thirsty and eat, first thirsty and drink, the number of appetite is less, do not want to stay.

I often want to be full of hunger and hunger.

(“Prepare for the urgent need”) Interpretation: People who are good at self-cultivation know how to eat before hungry and drink before thirst.

Eat more times, less food is absorbed, do not want to eat less, eat less and absorb less food.

I often feel full when I want to eat, and I will eat a lot when I am very hungry.

This sentence is equivalent to what we said to eat less and eat more, feel hungry and then eat, which is more conducive to digestion and absorption.9, Qin doctor heart, flower doctor liver, fragrant medicine spleen, stone medicine kidney, spring medicine lung, sword medicine gall.

(“The Dream of the Dream”) Interpretation: This is the advanced health practice that the ancients talked about. It is a variety of ways to fully cultivate the body and regulate the body: the beautiful and pleasant sound of the piano makes people feel happy and promote the heart.The delicate and bright flowers make people appreciate, can remove the irritability and emotional tension, and help to nourish the liver; the aroma of the nose makes people feel unconscious, can raise the spleen; acupuncture massage can raise the kidney; the spring waterfall between the mountains, purify the air, canRaising the lungs; holding swords and swords often exercise, can make people form a brave and decisive character, can raise the gallbladder.

10, the clothes are thick, and you want to get together at any time.

The summer months cannot be all thin, and the cold can not be extremely thick.

(“Health to be recorded”) Interpretation: Ancient ancient medical scientists have long understood the relationship between clothing and health, that the thickness of clothes should be at any time and moderate.

Don’t wear too thin on the first day, too cold on the cold.

Clothes must have a degree of fitness with the outside world, not too extreme.

And further pointed out: “At the time of cold and heat, when you take off yourself, you are hurt by cold and heat.

The cold is fading, and the heat is fading away.

“Cultivate the heart 1, love the heart, do not have deep love, heart is awkward, do not squat, and are hurtful.”

(“Emergency Thousands of Gold”) Interpretation: Sun Sizhen believes that the method of repairing the heart, you should be neutral in Jingyi, avoid excessive and fierce.

There are things that are deeply loved, and should not be excessively invested. Similarly, the heart has something that is very disgusting to evil, and does not hate long-term hatred. This is detrimental to the mind and mind.

2, raising the heart is not good at ignorance.

If you want to be indefinite, you want to be a disaster.

(“Four Health Four”) Interpretation: The first generation of doctors in the past is the first essential point of health education, and that it is the way to maintain health, and everything is moderate.

Excessive indulgence can lead to physical disasters, and excessive pursuit of pleasure can cause the body to decline.

3, leisure and less desire, peace of mind and not fear, labor and tireless, temperament, and all desires, have their wish.

(“Su Wen, the ancient naive theory”) Interpretation: mind is leisurely and has few desires, the heart is stable without fear, the body is tired but not tired, so the truth is smooth, everyone can do whatever they want, can satisfy their wishes.

4, big joys and sorrows, micro-suppression is fixed; very angry, a little bit to rest.

(“Retreat Essay”) Interpretation: When Daxi makes people feel excited, a slight suppression can be stabilized; when anger makes people irritated, a little patience can be calmed down.

It is self-restraint when you are emotionally unstable, which is good for your health.

5, the spirit of the spirit of the people, quiet and day-filled, strong, and the old days.

(“Huainanzi”) Interpretation: Yangxin is in the spirit of rejuvenation, and the theory of health care in the past ten years has all stood out.

A person with a quiet heart, the essence is getting richer, the body is healthy; the person who is tempted by the heart, the spirit is getting more and more, and the body is aging.

6, things to adapt, things have been heartfelt, can extend the year.

(“Gong Tingxian Shou Shi Bao Yuan”) Interpretation: It is a natural thing to go with the flow of things, do not worry about things after the event, to achieve inner peace, so that you can prolong life.

7, the feeling of An things is light, and my things should be smooth, external and smooth, and physiological preparation.

(“Su Shen Liang Fang”) Interpretation: Su Dongpo, a writer of the Song Dynasty, believes that life is in the words “an” and “and”.

“An” is meditation, “harmony” is smooth, the pursuit of tranquility, then the foreign objects touched me lightly, advocating harmony, then I sense the foreign things will be smooth, the outside light and smooth, then the truth of life will come.

8, people borrowed gas to fill their bodies, so they care about good-natured on weekdays.

(“Old and old Hengyan”) Interpretation: Health is in the air, people’s seven emotions are most likely to cause gas malfunction, especially when angry and angry, the most taboo is anger, the most hurtful.

9, the reason why the benevolence of many people, no greed and quiet inside, peace of mind and loss of the right, take the beauty of heaven and earth to raise their body.

(“Spring and Autumn Fan”) Interpretation: The reason why the benevolent people live longer is because they have no greed and their inner heart is clean, their minds are calm and smooth, and they are right in the middle. They take good things from the heavens and the earth to maintain their bodies, so they have a long life and good health.
10, more thoughts are gods, more words are scattered, more desires are damaging, and many things are tired.

(“Health Care Collection”) Interpretation: If you think too much, you will consume too much mind. If you think too much, you will be divergent and not focused. If you have more desires, you will interfere with the use of wisdom. If you have more things, you will feel tired.
Health 1, the way to health, Mo before the diet.

(“Jiayetang Series”) Interpretation: It means that health should start with a reasonable diet, “medicine and food homology”, “medicine supplement is better than food supplement”, eating food is more useful than Xiandan Dan medicine.

2, fine, gas, god, health care family called the three treasures.

(“Liu Yuan Yuan Jian路Heart and Kidney Theory”) Interpretation: Chinese medicine believes that fine, qi, and God are the three treasures of the human body, and they are full of vitality and qi, and God is the foundation of health and longevity.

Solid and refined, refined and qi, qi and sacred, God is full and healthy.3, violent anger to raise their sexuality, less thinking to raise their gods, save words to raise their qi, and privately to raise their hearts.

(“Renewal 路 Health Tips”) Interpretation: violent anger can support people’s temperament, less thinking and worrying to benefit the gods, less speech and noisy is conducive to raising the air, to prevent all kinds of private desires can raise the heart.

4, people in the middle ages, when the repairs are greatly improved, then re-energize the foundation, still more than half.

(“Jingyue Quanshu”) Interpretation: This is the famous “Zhongxing” health theory in the upper reaches of the country. It refers to the middle-aged period when the body turns from the prosperity to the decline. People seize the opportunity of the middle-aged period and have not yet become a big virtual machine. SeriouslyThe initial conditioning has enabled the vitality to be renewed, and the fundamentals of the human body have been solid.

5, spring and summer long, autumn harvest winter, is the usual gas, people should also.

Divided into four o’clock in one day, the spring is in the spring, the summer is in the summer, the sun is in the autumn, and the night is the winter.

(“Lingshu路Shunqi is divided into four hours”) Interpretation: The previous health education highlighted “the combination of heaven and man.”

The first people believed that people lived between heaven and earth and were in harmony with the natural world. When the natural world changes, the human body will change accordingly. Only when it conforms to nature, people will live longer.

Health care should not only conform to the changes of the whole year, but also conform to the changes of four o’clock a day.

6, the feelings of juveniles, want to converge, do not want to be fluent, can be ethical; the feelings of the elderly, want to be unrestrained, do not want to be depressed, can maintain health.

Interpretation: The feelings of young people, hope to converge rather than unrestrained, can rigorously their own morality; the feelings of the elderly should be bold and unconstrained, not to suffocate, can cultivate their own lives.

7, good to take medicine, it is better to maintain.

(“Yongle Dadian”) Interpretation: The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is known as the “three-point rule and seven-point support”. It is usually well-maintained, and it is both healthy and even free of medication.

8, good for the survivors, no crimes of the sun and the moon, no peace and harmony.

(“Prepare for the urgent need to raise the nutrients”) Interpretation: the way to maintain health, to conform to nature and the law.

Those who are good at health care do not violate the laws of the sun and the moon, and do not violate the characteristics of age.

9, the ancients, their knowers, the law of yin and yang, and the number of surgery, eating and drinking festivals, living often.

(“Su Wen 路 Ancient Innocent Theory”) Interpretation: People in the ancient times, is the literary health avenue, can change the law of yin and yang, conform to the rules and fixed numbers of nature, diet, and regularity.

10, reading a good heart, mountains and forests, can extend the year.

(“Shou Shi Bao Yuan”) Interpretation: The ancients recognized the spiritual level of health, that reading can please the soul, mountain travel can cultivate sentiment, release interest, spiritual level of health, is very important for longevity.

Hongya, the livable capital of China, has everything to eat, drink and play.

Hongya, the livable capital of China, has everything to eat, drink and play.

This county is within the range of 102掳49′-103掳32′ east longitude and 29掳24′-30掳00′ north latitude. It is a 鈥渘ational ecological demonstration zone鈥? 鈥淐hina Ecological Civilization Award Advanced Collective鈥? and Sichuan 鈥淓cological Civilization Demonstration鈥?The pilot county of the project, the national TCM health and anti-aging industry demonstration base, and the first batch of 鈥渆cological counties鈥?in Sichuan Province.
In April 2018, he was awarded the title of 鈥淐hina’s livable health capital鈥?
Here, there is nearly 70% forest coverage, annual rainfall of 1435mm, 16.
Average annual temperature of 6 掳C.
At the same time, it is also known as 鈥淕reen Sea Pearl鈥? 鈥淣atural Oxygen Bar鈥?and 鈥淭ianfu Garden鈥? The average concentration of negative oxygen ions in the county reaches the national 6 standard, and the ecological environment quality ranks 3rd in 183 counties (cities, districts) in Sichuan.It is the county with the best ecological environment in Chengdu, which is Hongya.

Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter, Hongya’s beautiful landscapes will definitely make you feel relaxed and have a swim.
If you want to be in good health, you often go to Hongya.
To Hongya, you can not only view the mountains and rivers, camping sites, and ancient towns, but also enjoy the food, enjoy the ecology, and feel the beauty of the mountains and rivers.
Line 1: Chengdu – Chengya Expressway – Leya Expressway (under Dongyue exit) – Hongya Scenic Area Line 2: Chengdu – Chengya Expressway – Chengle Expressway – Yizimei Expressway – Leya Expressway(Dongyue exit) – Hongya scenic area line three: Chongqing – 閬傛笣 high-speed – 閬?鐪?Mei high speed – Leya high-speed (under Dongyue exit) – Hongya scenic area line four: Chongqing -Chengyu Expressway – Neiweirong Expressway – Lezi Expressway – Leya Expressway (under Dongyue exit) – Hongya Scenic Area.
The Wawu Mountain Scenic Area officially opened to the public this year, covering an area of 65,869.
80 hectares, rich in vegetation resources, mainly deciduous trees.
At the same time, it is also a national key ecological scenic spot, the National Forest Park’s top ten pacesetter units, the National Civilization Forest Park, the country’s first batch of AAA scenic spots and provincial-level geological parks.
The scenic area has a large number of wild animals, including 7 national first-class protected animals (such as giant pandas, wildebeests, etc.) and 36 secondary protected animals (such as red pandas, black bears, macaques, etc.).
Wawushan is the largest table mountain in Asia. The platform of the summit is 3,375 meters long and 3,475 meters wide, with an area of about 11 square kilometers.
The sun shines directly on the rock wall of the Wawu Mountain, and the Wawu Mountain presents a golden color. This is the sunshine of Jinshan.
Lanxi Waterfall is the largest stream on the top of Wawushan Mountain. Lanxi Waterfall is also the largest waterfall in Sichuan Wawushan National Forest Park. The total height of the waterfall is 1055 meters.
In the winter, the Lanxi Waterfall condenses into a huge ice waterfall, which is a blue spectacle.
The Wawushan ecstasy is located in the southeast direction of the Wawushan Dianchi. The fascinating terrain is complex and the geological structure is abnormal. Even the compass, the compass and the clock will fail.
At the same latitude as the Bermuda Triangle, it was called the 鈥淏ermuda Triangle鈥?on land by domestic geologists and explorers.
Swallow Cave is located in the Dashen Cave under the cliff on the east side of Wawu. It is more than 20 meters high. There is a “Giant Buddha” on the right, and there is a Optimus support on the left.
In the depth of the hole, there are thousands of people.
There are three major waterfalls in Lanxi, Tunxi and Tunxi.
Dianchi Lake is a swamp in the middle of the top of the Wawushan Mountain. It is covered with peat moss and surrounded by fir forests.
The cool shade of June is covered with cool weather.
When it freezes in winter, the pool surface becomes an ideal place for ice skating.
There are ancient ruins on the poolside, only wood carvings are kept, and there are hundreds of spectators on the farm.
Qiliping, a piece of jade treasure in the middle of Emei.
The scenic spot has the slogan of 鈥淲inter to Sanya Bay, Summer to Emei Half-mountain鈥? and dares to compare the summer brand with the Sanya winter vacation. Its summer advantage cannot be underestimated.
Cool temperature, mint air, high-quality mineral water, non-polluting humus, rare Yangshan, known as “Qiliping Wubao”, is a summer vacation resort.
Qiliping is about 1,300 meters above sea level. Due to the impact of the tribe’s microclimate, the climate here is unique.
When most cities such as Chengdu are hot in the summer, Qiliping is cool and pleasant. Most of the time, the temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius. No air conditioning is needed.
“There is no frown in the summer, and it is natural to be cool.”
In Qiliping, half-mountain of Emei, summer seems to be no season. During the hot days, summer tourists from inside and outside the province make Qiliping full of people.
In the summer, the wildflowers in the mountains and plains of Qiliping are open for the second time. In the slow-moving town between the secluded river and the blue sky, it is the most romantic thing to take a panoramic view of the sea with hot air balloons.灞卞湴杞﹂獞娓革紝鑳戒綋浼氬北鍦板害鍋囬瓍鍔涳紱涓冮噷鍧紝鐜板凡寮€鍚?鈥滃澶╄祻鑺遍伩鏆戙€佸啲瀛f俯娉夎祻闆€濈殑浼戦棽搴﹀亣妯″紡銆俆he Yawu Lake in Wawushan is under the tile roof, quiet and peaceful, with light wind and light clouds, gentle and quiet, just like an elegant woman.
Ya Nu Lake is just like the 鈥淴ia Nuo Tao, which is not known to the deepest people鈥? It is a city crowd who likes to take a weekend to drive away from the heat and cool down. It is the first time to enter Yawo Lake to enrich their summer travel log and will surely get many surprises.
As it is, the lush green is dripping.The forest coverage rate is 90%, the annual average is only 17 掳C pleasant climate, and the blue lake scenery makes the Ya Nu Lake become a leisure stop for the Emei Mountain, Wawushan and Zhougongshan Sanshan Tourism Circle.

If you drive around the Yawo Lake, 80 kilometers of the ring road, you can see the six core tourist distribution centers of 鈥淧rosperity Town, Active Wang Ping, Hunting Leiping, Busy Shooting Pavilion, Mature Revival, and Ecological Zhang Village鈥?

High mountain Pinghu scenery, unique local cuisine, rural pastoral style, Qinglan folk customs. all kinds of summer experience are coming!

Liujiang Ancient Town: Yanyu Liujiang, the hometown of elegant women.

The ancient town of Liujiang is located in the rain screen of Huaxi, with a humid climate. It is often shrouded in a fresh mist, and the 鈥淵anyu Liujiang鈥?itself comes.

Into the Liujiang River, the mountains have fairy tales, the water has aura, the trees have the spirit, the ancient town has a literary atmosphere, unique in the well-known ancient towns of Sichuan.

“Looking for her thousands of Baidu in her dreams,” Tao Yuanming’s poems are actually here.

?Old people, young people, children, can find a unique happiness in Liujiang!

Wandering the old streets, the buildings since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the century-old buildings with the characteristics of the times tell the past of Liujiang; Changyou Huaxi River, Yangcun River, ancient town drifting allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, thrills and excitement; or in the ancient banyan treeNext, in the shallow waters of the hustle and bustle, relax and cool, play small cards, drink some wine and love. to Liujiang, forget the hometown.

Here, you can leave all your worries and experience a cool and happy time.

Long live the cool powder on the old street, nine bowls, pheasant, thousand layers of pots and pans, special barbecue for you to enjoy.

Yupingshan Yejiping Holiday Camp: 鈥淪inging Yuping Mountain, romantic pheasant.

“Yu Ping three absolutely” Shan Xiang, voice, oxygen bar” is well-deserved.

Into the Yuping Mountain, the green sea is boundless, the plantation trees are neatly arranged, the cedars are straight and straight, and the fresh air of the scent of scent is coming from the nose. The undulating humming sounds like the summer forest symphony, people are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.Back to nature.

The camp is more than 1200 meters above sea level, with a forest area of over 20,000 mu and an average temperature of 25 掳C in summer. It can be used in a Buddhist temple villa, and it can be used for cycling, running, walking and experiencing the health and fitness on the 鈥渁ir corridor鈥?You can enjoy the natural atmosphere in the forest tea bar and forest cinema; explore the Yushui Valley on the hiking and recreation trails; you can also jump into the mountain spring pool to taste the coolness; you can cross the forest and challenge yourself; come to a live CSExperience the passion of field; you can experience high-altitude gliding, and enjoy the beauty of Hongshan Yashui in a high degree. The unique cooking techniques of Yuping, delicious wild vegetables make you not enough to eat. Enter Yupingshan, shakeFalling into glory, dialogue with the soul and nature, return to the spiritual home of mankind.

At night, Pillow Lin Tao sleeps, and the treetops cover the scenery. Each room has a terrace. Each bed faces the mountain view. Even if you don’t leave home, you can see the scenery!

Lawn camping is even more fun!

The scenic spot of the fishing beach, once famous, was once desolate.

Today, “Tianfu holiday.

The completion of the overall development project of Yuhu Lushan has activated the vitality of the development of trough fishing beaches.

Whether it’s prosperous or not, the surrounding natural scenery is breathtaking.

By the cruise ship, the fresh river wind slowly blows up, and it is very incomparable.

On the banks of the river, the national first-class protected plants, known as plant fossils, stand tall and stand upright, and the scorpions are spectacular.

Occasionally, it can be seen that a leaf boat is crossed, fishermen are fishing on the river, and live fish are fried, allowing visitors to enjoy ecological food.

In the trough fishing beach, you can forget the troubles of summer, explore the “Southern Silk Road ancient stack road ruins”, “Millennium squatting hang”, “away from the heap”, Shuimogou, Jinzhou Temple, Qianta Buddha, lyingBuddha, etc., the beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural history complement each other, the unique scenery of the river gorge will definitely make you forget to return.

Houjia Mountain Village is located in Lianghe Village, Liujiang Town, Hongya County, 3 km from Liujiang Ancient Town.

5 kilometers, above 850 meters above sea level, the cottage is simple and simple, and the tea is warm and hospitable.

The cottage industry is dominated by an ecological organic tea base (5000 acres of tea gardens) and rural tourism. The annual average temperature of the cottage is 16 掳 C, the air is pure, and natural spring water flows everywhere.

The front end is built with Houjia old house, Pengjia compound, dialogue Yuping, Dahaoheshan, vast heaven and earth, eight sides to the wind, Lujiazui, alpine residence and other rural tourist reception points, recreation and walking trails, fishing ponds, mountain spring swimming pools, sports fields, etc.The supporting functions and facilities are perfect, and the daily reception capacity is more than 1,000 people. It is the choice for spring festival, summer vacation, golden autumn moon, and winter ice.

Hong Ya food recommendation: Ya fish: meat tender and fresh, the fish’s head has a rope like a sword.

Pheasant: The ingredients are selected from the running chickens on the mountain.

There are a variety of dietary methods, and the unique vinegar and vinegar with the unique rattan oil is more delicious.

In 2004, Hongya County held the 鈥淭housands of People and Chickens鈥?campaign and created the Guinness Book of Records.

Blood Wang rice: usually use the fresh pig blood of the day, the whole pot is placed in the pot, cooked with a little fire, when served on the table, add onion, ginger, pepper noodles, chili oil and other condiments, fresh and tender taste,Fine, regular consumption can go to dust and clear the lungs.

Eco-mutton: Hongya local goats are slaughtered on the same day. The soup is cooked in the pot on the same day. The meat is lustrous, the fragrance is crisp and tender, the soup color is pure white, thick and not sticky, the soup tastes delicious, the mellow taste, and the aftertaste is endless.

Chen Da case dumplings: a century-old steamed dumpling shop, the dumpling skin is thin and tender, because the cooked dumplings are transparent, also known as crystal dumplings, the taste is soft and delicious, fat but not greasy.

There are so many foods in Hongya, and there are countless others.

All year round, we sincerely welcome everyone to come to the heart of the heart.

The landscape is Hongya, you can appreciate the charm of Kangyang, and taste Hongya on the tip of your tongue!Let the heart be light, quiet and free on this land!