The national football team made a free throw, 0-0 draw the Philippines team

Wu Lei was knocked down by the opponent in the attack.After winning the Maldives in a row and Guam, the national football team ushered in a stronger challenge in the Asian World Top 40.In the fourth round of the game that ended tonight, the national football team played very hard as a guest in the Philippines and eventually only scored a 0-0 draw.This also sounded the alarm for the national football team that will face Syria’s strongest opponent in the next round.The starting game of the national football team is basically the same as the previous two games. The only change is the left-back position. The more experienced Zheng Zheng replaces the youngster Li Shuai who started the game.In contrast to the Philippines, they made major personnel adjustments in this campaign compared to the Guangzhou warm-up match in early June, including the addition of four defenders within the Cardiff City goalkeeper Etheridge, making the Philippines ‘defense a new level.In the face of the Philippines’ defensive counterattack strategy, the national football team played very hard in the first half.Although 14 shots and 6 shots were positive, the only threatening shot was Exxon’s low shot.There is almost no offensive method, and the defensive end of the national football team has frequently appeared in danger. Zhu Chenjie “stained yellow” in less than 25 minutes.On the big-leaf turf of the Bacolod Stadium, the national football players were very uncomfortable, and Exxon, Wu Lei and others slipped at critical moments.Not only is the quality of the turf poor, the size of the course is significantly narrower than the standard course.This led to two wingers Wu Lei, Exxon and two full-backs Wang Gang, Zheng Zheng’s offensive space being compressed, the national football has never been able to open the situation on both sides.Even so, the double standards of the referee’s law enforcement standards have also become factors that influence the game.The referee did not give enough warnings about unfriendly defensive moves by Filipino players.Moreover, Wu Lei fell to the ground twice in the opponent’s restricted area. The opponent’s defender had suspected fouls, but the referee ignored it.After changing sides and fighting again, Lippi replaced Liu Chenjie with Liu Yang and Yang Xu with Xie Pengfei, but the offensive of the national football team has not improved.Before the game, Lippi temporarily abandoned Wei Shihao and only retained 3 forwards, but reached 9 in the midfield.In the second half, when Lippi needs to strengthen his offensive energy, Lippi has no one to change. From this point of view, Lippi’s choice is debatable.The national football team can’t beat for a long time, and the final score of 0 to 0 is maintained to the end.On November 14, the national football team will challenge Syria in the fifth round of the top 40, which is the strongest opponent in this group.The draw tonight sounded the alarm for the national football in advance.