Five things you need to pay attention to when running

Five things you need to pay attention to when running

Life is movement.

We need to exercise regularly to better maintain our health.

So what should we pay attention to while running?

Any points to note?

Let’s take a closer look.

  1, landing buffer If you have carefully observed others running, you will find that many people are on the ground with their full feet, the sound of landing is also relatively loud.

The correct action is to run on the heel, and then make the transition to the full foot.

This is a protection for toes and bone fractures to prevent the occurrence of periostitis.

  2. Swing arm Swing arm is to keep the balance and coordination of the body during running, so that the body swings more naturally and conforms to the rhythm of human movement.

When swinging your arms, just remember not to leak your hands in the front and your elbows in the back, and shake naturally through your footsteps.

  3, Head-up and chest-to-chest running is to keep head-up and chest-up to help improve the human respiratory circulatory system and establish a normal state of memory.

Because during the running process, the human body is constantly consuming energy and prone to fatigue. At this time, if you can use your will to raise your spine, then it is easy to improve your hump.

  4. Breathing When running, the breathing is deep and long. Generally, nasal suction is used to whistle. If the physical strength is greatly reduced, mouth suction can be used.

  5. Heart rate jogging, as a kind of health aerobic exercise, should be distinguished from fast running.

In general, the number of heart rate rhythms most suitable for physical exercise is: (220-age) × about 60%.

When you run, you can measure the following properly.

Helping those who are timid

Helping those who are timid

1, caused by natural temperament.

This kind of child reacts more slowly to strangers’ people or things than ordinary children, and it takes a long time to adapt. Some children have weak neurotypes, are too sensitive, tend to be nervous, and instinctively do not know people, things, and the environment.feeling scared.

  2. Environmental impact.

The adults in the family are not good at dealing with foreign affairs, the children have little contact with the outside world, and lack of communication experience; living in apartment-style small families, most infants and young children are closed indoors, allowing living spaces for interpersonal communication to be learned, which is afraid of life during communication.,timid.

  Write a diary for your child and leave the best memories!

  Don’t miss the opportunity for early development in the age of 0-3. 3 Educational issues.

Children have been frustrated in previous interactions, such as parents forcing their children to be human, acting, etc.

When a child is unwilling because of racial psychological preparation or tension, he is persecuted by his parents and prepared for responsibility, which causes the child to be afraid of association.

The requirements for treating children are usually too high and too strict. The children are reprimanded for doing something wrong, and the child shrinks because of fear of failure.

Parents take care of their children too much and do everything instead. Once encountering a new environment, the child loses the ability to adapt to the new environment and will be at a loss.

Some children cannot control their own behavior due to the lack of normative constraints at home. Once dispersed among the crowd, the difference with the family is too great to adapt, resulting in timidity.

  How to help children?

  1. Parents should not rush to correct what is caused by nature, and allow the child to have a gradual process of adaptation.

While respecting the child’s expectations and not being threatened, the child is gradually expanded to accept new people and things.

  2. Due to environmental impacts, children should be actively created opportunities and environments for interaction with the outside world.

For example, visits between neighbors, take children out to help guests to know different people, go to the park, look at the crowds in the street, so that children can have the opportunity to contact some strange but kind people; let children help others do somethingDo what you can; if you meet a child of similar age, encourage the child to approach and play together . 3, parents should properly reset their child in the family.

Respect your child’s personality and help your child develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love, neither doting or demanding.

In the activities of bringing children as guests or receiving guests, the child can be prepared in advance, or some moderate requirements can be made to guide the child’s behavior in front of the guests. After the activity, the child’s behavior should also be evaluated. MoreEncourage, less criticism, let the children try to communicate successfully, and encourage the children to make progress in their interactions.

Fifteen taboos to have a healthy baby

Fifteen taboos to have a healthy baby

1. Avoid “love” with the sick and get married and have children.

A marriage that “loves” a sickness and eventually forms a family member is an extremely imperfect marriage.

From the point of view of birth alone, it is very easy for both spouses to share the same disease to their offspring, which will seriously affect the child’s health.

  2. Avoid getting close relatives to marry.

Marriage between close relatives can cause serious deformities, children’s mental decline, and many congenital diseases, which has been proven by science for a long time.

  3. Avoid getting married with illness.

After getting married with an illness, experiencing changes in life after marriage will affect the health of both spouses. If it is a serious illness, it will bring crisis and cracks to the family.

More importantly, if you conceive and have a child while the disease is not cured, it is likely to have adverse effects on your child’s health.

  4, avoid medical examination before marriage.

Pre-marital medical examination is a procedure that must be completed during marriage, and it is also the guarantee of harmonious and happy life for both spouses after marriage.

In the pre-marital medical examination, you can also check whether the couple has problems that affect eugenics and prenatal care, and prevent problems before they occur.

  5, avoid the lack of necessary knowledge of indigenous knowledge.

Too many newly-married couples still have no children after a few years of marriage due to a lack of knowledge of rich knowledge.

They were so anxious and even complained to each other that they caused family disharmony.

  6, avoid honeymoon pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the first step to having a child. At this time, the physical condition of the couple directly determines the future child’s physical fitness.

During the honeymoon, both the couple are generally fatigued, and their sexual life is not very coordinated. At this time, pregnancy is not optimal.

In addition, both spouses should avoid getting pregnant while drinking, traveling or after fatigue.

  7, avoid advanced pregnancy.

For women, the best pregnancy age should be 25?
Between the age of 30 and pregnancy over 35 years of age can also affect your child’s health and intelligence.

Men’s age can be appropriately high, but not too high.

  8, avoid drug abuse during pregnancy.

Women’s abuse of drugs during pregnancy will directly affect the growth and development of vitamins in the body, and sometimes cause premature birth, miscarriage or stillbirth, so protein must be added.

When you really need to take the medicine, you should also take it under the guidance of a doctor, and do not abuse it.

  9, avoid viral infection during pregnancy.

Viral infections can affect maternal health and pose a certain risk to obesity, so they should be avoided.

  10, avoid excessive sex during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an important period for women. At this stage, couples should restrain their sexual life without excessive excessiveness, especially in the first and last two months of pregnancy. Special attention should be paid to it, otherwise miscarriage or premature birth may easily occur.

  11, avoid excessive fatigue during pregnancy, not good rest.

Inadequate support for excessive fatigue and hypertension affects the health of hypertension.

  12, avoid refusal of physical examination during pregnancy.

Regularly checking your body regularly can eliminate potential hazards in a timely manner so that the fetus can have a better development environment. This is extremely important for the mother and the fetus.

  13, avoid smoking a lot during pregnancy.

The smoking mortality of pregnant women increases, weight loss, premature birth or congenital heart disease, and affects the child’s intelligence.

  14, avoid alcohol during pregnancy.

Pregnant women drinking alcohol, increased vitamin D content, poisoning syndrome, causing deformities.

  15, avoid contact with harmful toxic substances during pregnancy.
Excessive exposure of pregnant women to chemical pesticides, lead, X-rays and other trace oxide malformations may also lead to diseases such as hypertension and malignant tumors.
It should also be avoided.

Add some salt and reduce the amount of summer fitness

Add some salt and reduce the amount of summer fitness

Add a small spoon of salt to the kettle that you carry before going to the gym to prevent dehydration caused by excessive sweating.

  Reduce the amount of less to do high-intensity aerobic exercise such as running, spinning, and more soothing yoga, deep breathing decomposition and other “non-sweat” or “less sweat” exercise.

  Change time exercise time as far as possible after 6 pm.

It’s best to start around 8 pm, 1 hour.

  Bring a wet towel to ensure that you have a wet towel at hand at all times, not to wipe sweat, not to cover the mouth and nose to breathe during exercise, this can ensure that the body’s moisture is not lost quickly.

Did you miss at the weekend?

Did you “miss” at the weekend?

Introduction: I do n’t turn on my phone or answer the phone, I do n’t watch TV, I do n’t chat on the Internet, I do n’t pay and I do n’t go shopping on the street.White-collar workers are eager to meet online on the weekend and suddenly “miss”-away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, withdraw from the stressful working state and become a true free person to relieve psychological pressure.
1. On the weekends, netizens met “missing together” and “work pressure, I want to disappear on weekends.
Without books, turn off the phone and disappeared on the weekend.
Find a place, forget the stress of work, know strange places, meet strange friends, and spend a chic weekend.
Anyone with this hobby?
Please leave a message and meet together.
“This is the declaration of a” missing weekend “group on the forum.
Recently, more and more white-collar workers are enthusiastic about playing “missing” activities on weekends: no internet, no phone calls, short trips with strangers, self-driving tours, etc., so as to get rid of stressful work conditions and relieve stress.
The life of urban white-collar workers is getting more and more boring-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, all in the company’s grid, there are leaders, jobs, and there are a bunch of faces staring at the computer just like themselves. The work has been programmedAlready.
Feeling exhausted and exhausted, he especially wanted to change his life style on weekends.
2. “Missing” is like recharging the body. Many “missing people” say that they feel “missing” on the weekend. In the short days they “disappeared”, they either traveled short distances, watched movies, or read books or slept., Cleaning, dating a stranger . as long as it’s not related to work, play whatever you think.
Even if the weather is bad, even at home in a daze, you can really relax and feel happy.
3. Finding a space for self-release However, the “missing on the weekend” also attracted some doubts on the forum.
Some netizens believe that this method of decompression is very new and attractive at first glance, which makes people “can’t help but be tempted”, but the operability is not strong and there is no way to try it.
Because many companies clearly stipulate that employees’ mobile phones must be turned on 24 hours, if they are found to be turned off or no one can be found, they will be deducted.
Some netizens do not agree with this way of decompression.
Netizen “Voice of the Shadow” believes that the “missing person” is too lacking in responsibility.
Although the unit does not go to work on weekends, the entire person plays “missing” and “disappears” without a trace. What if the unit has an emergency and cannot find anyone?
Wouldn’t you delay your work?
In addition, some netizens believe that there are many ways to reduce stress. To find the one that suits you, you can not use QQ, do not “weave a scarf” (write Weibo), do not open a mobile phone, or do not contact friends, but you do not have to play “Missing”.
Expert analysis: Modern people’s fast-paced life and stressful work pressure are breathless. Slowing down life and returning to nature has become a fashion, and people have begun to slow down their fine life.
As for the phenomenon of “playing disappearance” that is becoming popular among white-collar workers, an expert in social psychology believes that this shows that urban people are increasingly focusing on finding a space for complete release for themselves.
However, the rapid development of modern technology and economy, advanced communication and communication have changed people’s lifestyles, and they are like many invisible shackles that fasten urban people. Every day, they face a steady stream of information exchange, which easily leads to “information fatigue complications”Some white-collar workers will have the mentality of” reversing everything, “because of the high work pressure and thus going to the extreme of” missing “temporarily.
Occasionally “playing missing” and looking for a quiet environment can loosen the mind in a timely manner and help to adjust the mindset. It is a simple and happy lifestyle, but you should be alert to the situation that will evade reality for a long time.

Fat-reducing body-building exercises for big belly men

Fat-reducing body-building exercises for “big belly men”

First, the pedal lunge squat 1.
Stand with your feet naturally about 1 meter in front of the pedal, hold a dumbbell in each hand and hang it on your side, the weight of the dumbbell is moderate.
Keep your chest straight and look ahead.

Take a step forward with your right foot, place your foot on the pedal, keep your right thigh parallel to the ground, and press your left knee down.
Then return the right leg to the starting position and repeat the above action with the left leg.
  Second, barbell squat 1.
Stand with your feet as wide as your shoulders, carry a barbell of the right weight on your shoulders, keep your back straight, and look forward.
  2.The hips sink gradually until the thighs are almost parallel to the ground.
After a short pause, stand up slowly.
Keep your back straight.
  Third, double-arm dumbbell curls 1.
Stand with your feet naturally, hold a dumbbell in each hand and place it in front of your thighs with your palms back.
  2.Turn your wrists 90 degrees inward, and bend your elbows at the same time until the dumbbells touch your shoulders, then return to the starting position.
  Fourth, the hind arm flexion and extension 1.
Hold your hands against the edge of the stool, with your heels on the ground, and slowly move your feet forward until your legs are completely straight.
Note that your arms should be as perpendicular to your shoulders as possible.
  2.Lower your upper body slowly until your upper arms are almost parallel to the ground.
Later, raise your arms and return to the starting position.
  Five, supine press 推 1.
Lie on your back with a dumbbell in each hand, your elbows bent, your shoulders outstretched, and your palms facing each other.
  2.With both hands, slowly push the dumbbells upwards, and at the same time, rotate the wrists outward until the forearms feel struggling.
Later, return to the starting position.
  Six, leaning over the rowing boat 1.
Stand naturally, hold a dumbbell in each hand, keep your upper body straight, and then lean forward slowly, while flexing your legs slightly and keeping your back straight.
  2.When the dumbbells hang right below the shoulders, lift the dumbbells up as far as possible, while holding the shoulder blades firmly.
Later, lower the dumbbell to the starting position.
  Seven, referrals on the shoulders 1.
Bend your elbows, hold a dumbbell on your shoulders, palms down.
  2.Then, push up the dumbbells with both arms, while rotating your hands 180 degrees outwards, palms forward.
Stop for a while and return to the starting position with both hands.
  Eight, knees bent supine body 1.Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and your elbows extended.

Then, lift the right foot and place the joint on the left knee.

The left knee is bent and raised, and the left heel is about 10 cm from the ground.

  2.Use the power of the abdominal muscles to lift the scapula and head, shoulders up, left leg approaching chest, calf parallel to the ground.

After holding this position for about 2 seconds, return to the starting position and repeat the above action with another leg.

  Do 2 exercises in each section above?
3 sets of moves, each doing 15?
20 times, practice 3 times a week?
4 times.

I believe that after gradually training, your good figure will gradually show up.

The whole body part of the liposuction weight loss price exposure


The whole body part of the liposuction weight loss price exposure

Liposuction and weight loss surgery is to use a physical means such as ultrasound, high-frequency radiation, etc. to be slightly crushed, and then the liposuction tube is inserted into the subcutaneous fat layer through a small incision of the skin, and the subcutaneous accumulation of the body is slightly removed by the suction of the negative pressure to achieveLose weight and improve body shape.

At present, liposuction and weight loss has become one of the most cosmetic surgery operations in the world and previously performed.

銆€銆€There are several methods of liposuction: resonance liposuction, electronic liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, electromechanical liposuction and syringe liposuction.

Liposuction and weight loss itself is very safe. After more than 30 years of development, it is technically mature and stable.

銆€銆€At present, the plastic surgery hospitals in Shenzhen have basically established the 鈥淟ip Absorption and Weight Loss鈥?service project, and they have already had very superb technology and superb medical standards. 39 Health Network Shenzhen Station Editor recently consulted relevant institutions and learned all over the body.The approximate price of partial liposuction to lose weight, I hope to give some help to netizens who have this demand.

銆€銆€The following is a small series of current industry internal price list about liposuction and weight loss: part price (yuan) facial liposuction (including mandible) 3000 pairs of hip liposuction weight loss 4000 棰?bow above liposuction weight loss 2000 upper and lower abdomen liposuction weight loss 5000銆€銆€Nasal side liposuction weight loss 2000 upper and lower abdomen lumbar liposuction 12000 re-lipid weight loss 3000 hips hips liposuction weight loss 3000 thigh lateral liposuction weight loss 4000 hips liposuction weight loss 4000 thigh parts liposuction weight loss 4000 arm under liposuction weight loss3000 thigh outside (inside) side + front side 8000 upper arm liposuction weight loss 4000 thighs inside and outside front liposuction weight loss 12000 lower arm liposuction weight loss 3000 knee joint liposuction weight loss 3000 wrist liposuction weight loss 3000 calf liposuction weight loss 4000 double waist liposuctionWeight loss 4000 foot wrist liposuction weight loss 3000 or more prices can be referenced, the specific costs are subject to the announcement of each hospital.

銆€銆€Xiaobian recommended Shenzhen Plastic Surgery Hospital: (before and after the ranking) Shenzhen Minglun Plastic Surgery Hospital: 0755-25185185 Shenzhen Tianmei Plastic and Aesthetic Hospital: 0755-26498599 Shenzhen Pengcheng Medical Beauty Hospital: 0755-82112525 Shenzhen Pengai Medical Beauty Hospital:0755-26650533Shenzhen Pok Oi Hospital: 0755-25890396 Shenzhen Armed Police Binhe Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Center: 0755-83615859 Shenzhen Bomei Plastic Surgery Clinic: 0755-61337623 Shenzhen Huayi Medical Beauty Clinic: 0755-83991158 Shenzhen Fuhua Beauty Hospital:0755-25660666Shenzhen Kanghua Medical Beauty Clinic: 0755-83329949, 13798378953 Shenzhen Sanmei Cosmetic Beauty Center: 0755-27796021 Shenzhen Nanhaicheng Medical Plastic Surgery Center: 0755-26054292 39 Health Network Shenzhen Station Editor Health Guidance: Before liposuction surgeryWhat do I need to prepare?

銆€銆€First of all, you should carefully understand the relevant matters of the operation and the doctor’s surgical operation skills. After careful selection of the hospital doctor, do the necessary preoperative examination according to the doctor’s request, such as blood routine tests, electrocardiogram, etc., arrange life and work, keep about 1Week’s full rest time, cancel the drugs unrelated to surgery, take a bath before surgery, prepare to clean loose clothes and try to withstand the pressure such as abdominal belts, stretch pants and so on.

銆€銆€Is liposuction to lose weight?

銆€銆€The function of the aunt’s aunt is not directly related to other systems of the body. It is not because some aunts placed on the part of the body cause dysfunction of other systems. Liposuction is a kind of wound on normal tissues.Leakage of blood, the skin may appear the following: (1) bruising, usually disappeared in 7-15 days (2) swelling, feeling numb, disappeared about 20-30 days (3) induration, under the skin, the appearance can not be detected, touchCan be connected into a hard block, about 90-180 days to dissipate.

銆€銆€Need to pay attention to the initial liposuction?

銆€銆€At least continue to elastic compression, waist, abdomen, abdomen, thighs, calves, otherwise continue to stretch compression, waist, abdomen, abdomen, thighs, calves, items, upper abdomen and upper arms, front can wear elastic pants,It usually lasts for about 3 months; in addition, it can’t be exercised every week, the operation area can’t be over-squeezed, and it should be kept clean, and the pinhole area should not be soaked too early.

Doing high leg lifts, not long belly


Doing high leg lifts, not long belly

The long belly is a problem that many people will encounter. Both middle-aged and young people often cause troubles.

Here to teach you a high-legged walking method, can fully exercise the waist, abdominal muscles, prevent and eliminate the small belly.

銆€銆€Action essentials: When walking, slow down the steps, try to lift the legs up to the height; to maintain balance, the arms are raised accordingly; when lifting the legs, force the abdomen; the legs should be raised, so that the thighs and the abdomen are at the same angleIt may be close to 90 degrees; the left and right legs exchange slowly, 20 steps each time, and 2 times a day.

銆€銆€Exercise effect: high leg lift can increase the muscles of the leg and the movement of the waist and abdominal muscles, especially strengthen the strength and elasticity of the abdominal oblique muscles. Maintaining exercise can prevent the abdomen and maintain a healthy posture, and at the same time have certain prevention of kidney gas.The role.

銆€銆€Note: When exercising high leg lift, the walking speed should be reduced to maintain the balance of the body; the height of the lifting leg should be gradually increased, do not pursue once in place; the intensity of exercise varies from person to person, and the person with damaged surrounding joints is not suitable.This exercise.

The top ten life health rumors have been poked into a few tricks


The top ten life health rumors have been poked into a few tricks



Suspension is the truth of a health killer: there is no concept of “sinking” in any medical textbook.

If you believe this, and use laxatives to “stay in the house”, the function of the series connection will be affected. In severe cases, it may cause hydroelectric acid-base disturbance, coma and even death.


Acidic physique is the source of all diseases: “Acid physique” is just a “pseudo-concept.”

The pH values of different body fluids of the human body are also different, and some gastric juices are strongly acidic.

Under normal circumstances, the pH of the blood is 7.


Between 45.

Both acidosis and alkalosis are serious diseases that must be treated professionally.

Certain foods in the short term are unlikely to change the pH of normal human blood.


Fruit juice and seafood can’t be eaten together: these legends come from people’s inappropriate summaries of daily life, which comes from exaggeration and misunderstanding of scientific research.

Some scientists have verified the dozens of foods that have been circulated in the world.


Water knows the answer: people’s attitudes will affect the truth of food: water can’t perceive and react to human emotions.

The study 鈥淲ater knows the answer鈥?does not conform to the relevant technical process, and its nature is not enough.


Pregnant women need to wear radiation protection clothing to protect the truth of the food: this rumor deliberately distorted some research papers more than 20 years ago.

There is currently no evidence that daily non-ionizing radiation causes fluid weight in pregnant women, an increase in body weight deformity, and does not cause neonatal birth weight to be too low.

Pregnant women do not need special protection.


There are artificial eggs on the market, which can be used as a table tennis to make the truth: rubber eggs are actually just “unqualified” eggs, not artificially made fake eggs.

Although the research data indicates that the content of harmful substances does not affect the human body, it is still not recommended for everyone to eat.


Vitamin C can treat and prevent the truth of the cold: no modern medical research has proven that vitamin C can prevent and treat colds, which is just one of the many myths that have been produced since the early separation and purification of vitamin C.


Menstrual shampoo is prone to cancer, and the truth of the month is to wash your head and wash your head. It is not taboo to wash your hair during the menstrual period, and it is not contraindicated to eat cold drinks.


Papaya can breast the truth: papaya enzymes and vitamin A can not play a breast enhancement effect.

Rumors even confuse ancient Chinese papayas and papayas as fruits.


The crescent on the nail is the truth of the health barometer: the “crescent” on the nail is just a natural phenomenon formed during the growth of the nail. Although some changes in the body may change the size of the “crescent”, the number and size of the “crescent” are used.It is not correct to judge whether it is healthy.