The most important track and field event before the Olympics!Indoor World Championships retain “Nanjing 2020”

The indoor world championships as early as next year retain the name “Nanjing 2020”.On April 8th, the official website of the 2020 Nanjing Indoor Athletics World Championships announced that after the IAAF confirmed that although the current indoor World Championships were changed to antiques by 2021, the event will retain the name “Nanjing 2020” and the overall schedule will also be related to the magnetic fieldHas the same schedule.The 2020 Nanjing Indoor Athletics World Championships was originally scheduled to meet in Nanjing from March 13th to 15th, 2020. This is the first indoor athletics world championship held in China. It is also another international event settling in China after the 2015 Beijing Athletics World Championships.Athletics competition.In order to run the game well, Nanjing built a new indoor track and field stadium “Nanjing Cube” in the Youth Olympic Sports Park.Due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, on January 30 this year, after discussing with the Chinese Athletic Association and the Nanjing Organizing Committee and consulting the opinions of the council members, the IAAF announced that the 2020 Nanjing Indoor Athletics World Championship will be changed to 2021Antiques in March, the location is still Nanjing, China.On March 12 this year, after the introduction of alignment, the World IAAF confirmed the specific gathering time of the Nanjing Indoor Athletics World Championships, and then the indoor World Championships took place from March 19 to 21, 2021.Although the International Olympic Committee soon determined that the Tokyo Olympics would reach 2021, Nanjing ‘s plan to host the event was not affected.On April 8th, the IAAF announced on the official website that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the Olympic qualification system for track and field events was suspended until the end of November.From December 1, 2020 to June 29, 2021.This latest decision of the World Athletics Federation has virtually increased the score of the Nanjing Indoor Athletics World Championships. Due to the 2020 Diamond League, Tournament and other track and field events have been extended indefinitely.Become the most important track and field competition before the Tokyo Olympics.As the host, the Chinese track and field team can seize the opportunity to train well, Gong Lijiao, Su Bingtian, Xie Zhenye and other famous players will have the opportunity to create good results at home.For many masters in other countries and regions, the Nanjing Indoor Athletics World Championship will be the best stage if they want to achieve the Tokyo Olympics.Just like the Tokyo Olympics retains the name “Tokyo 2020”, the IAAF decided that the Nanjing Indoor Athletics World Championships will also retain the name “Nanjing 2020”. The emblem of the event and the daily schedule will remain unchanged.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Zhai Yongjun

Returning to the NBA 376 days later, Anthony wearing a 00 jersey restarts

Returning to the NBA 376 days later, Anthony wearing a 00 jersey restarts
“He has been waiting for this opportunity, and he will grasp this opportunity with all his strength.”The so-called best friend James said that Anthony, who has been away from the NBA for a year, has been waiting for the opportunity to prove himself again. The Blazers now fulfill the wish of” melon “.On November 20, the Blazers challenged the Pelicans away. Anthony appeared in the Blazers No. 00 jersey. He also stood on the NBA field again after 376 days.With 10 points and 4 rebounds in 24 minutes, the team suffered a losing streak. Anthony ‘s return to the NBA debut was not ideal, but one thing is certain. There is still oil in the fuel tank of the 10th NBA All-Star forward.Anthony wore a 00 jersey.The video screenshot is wearing a 00 jersey. “Melon” ushered in a brand new start. Anthony signed the Blazers. The news has been heard recently. Due to a process, the Blazers did not officially announce that Anthony passed the medical examination until the early hours of November 20.Has signed a contract with the team, the contract is 1.15 million US dollars in one year, in January next year from no guarantee to full guarantee.”Anthony is a long-known star in the league. He will be respected by us in the dressing room and provide the skills we need on the court.”The Blazers President Olsey suggested that the team and Anthony have the same idea. Anthony is not here to say goodbye, but to really help the Blazers,” the team has been struggling at a critical moment, he can keep calm, change the range, continueThreat to opponents.”In the first few seasons of his career, Anthony was in the Nuggets. The American men’s basketball team has been wearing the No. 15 jersey. After switching to the Knicks, Anthony changed the jersey number to No. 7 and continued to wear it until last season.After officially joining the Trail Blazers, Anthony changed to the No. 00 jersey, and he explained: “Forget the past and usher in a new beginning.”This is indeed the case. Since being cut in November 2018, Anthony has been trying to return to the NBA.As a 10-year All-Star player, Anthony San Diego has a very brilliant career, but in the past year has been in a conflict without the ball to play, which makes him extremely tormented.Now even the contract is slightly shabby, and how many opportunities the new club can give is still unknown. Anthony still has a firm goal, that is, to start again and prove himself.Anthony, who returns to the NBA, will need time to find his status.Figure / Visual China’s first show is not efficient, he and the Blazers need time. In addition to the Blazers and Anthony himself is looking forward to the future, many NBA players, media, fans also pay special attention to Anthony’s return to the NBA debut.Before the game, Lowry, Mitchell, Trey Young and other players welcomed Anthony’s return on social media. After the game, Anthony was surrounded by media reporters.As Anthony’s best friend, James and Wade are also very excited.Seeing Anthony starting and feeling good in the first quarter, Wade cheered excitedly on social media; although the Lakers game coincided with the Blazers game, James has been watching Anthony ‘s warm-up on the TV before the game, “Happy for my good brother, I couldn’t help smiling when I saw him warming up before the game.”Anthony made the first three-pointer to return to the NBA.24 minutes played, 4 of 14 shots, 2 of 3 3-pointers, contributed 10 points, 4 rebounds, resulting in 5 fouls and 5 turnovers, Anthony on the starting field did not find the best feelThe section maintains high efficiency, the subsequent performance is not ideal, and its role on the defense side is relatively limited.Anthony ‘s current situation is somewhat similar to that of the Trail Blazers. The former is a 10-year All-Star player, but he is more than a year away from the game, and he is still looking for a sight after returning. In addition, he reached the Western Conference finals last season, but the new season is not goodIn adjustment state.Both Anthony and the Blazers need time and patience.”It’s great to be trusted by so many people on a team, they believe in me, my talents and abilities.Absolutely my teammates, including the coaching staff, they are really very confident in me, I believe I can help the team.”The first show after the return is not ideal, but Anthony hopes and believes that he can help the Blazers as soon as possible.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread Wang Xin

[How to make hand flour]_Hand flour_How to do_How to do

[How to make hand flour]_Hand flour_How to do_How to do

Most people raise their hand-rolled flour, and think of hand-rolled noodles, and hand-rolled flour and noodles are two very different foods.

Although the production process is similar, the process of hand rolling flour is relatively complicated, but it tastes smoother and more muscular than hand rolling noodles, and is also loved by many people.

So, what is the practice of hand rolling?

First, make a pan, pour a small amount of water, add an appropriate amount of white staff and stir until melted, dip the dripping tongue and taste astringent.

If there are fewer white staff members, the noodles are not strong enough and they are too astringent and not tasty.

Roll out the starch with a rolling noodle. Put the starch into the pot. Take half a bowl of starch and stir it with water to make a thin paste.

After the water in the pot is boiling, pour in the starch paste and stir quickly. At this time, the pot is in the form of thick noodle soup.

Then, quickly pour the starch paste in the pot into the dry starch, stir well and knead it into a dough shape, and use a rolling pin to push it to the thickness you like.

At the same time, pour half a pot of water and bring to a boil.

This step is usually similar to noodle rolling, except that the starch is not pliable when flour is rolled.

Select the thickness of the hand flour according to your preference.

Finally, after the water is boiled, cut the rolled powder into strips, put it in a pot, cook it, remove it and soak it in cold water.

The noodles are boiled and thick with fingers, but they become thinner after being immersed in cold water for a long time.

The hand flour has been made successfully, and you can now season it according to your preference.

The hand flour is a bit glutinous, and it tastes smooth and delicious. You can try it at home. Compared with the sales ratio, it has no additives and preservatives.

[Efficacy and role of pure lemon juice]_Function_Effect

鏌犳姹佸簲璇ユ槸澶т紬鍠滅埍鐨勯ギ鍝佷箣涓€锛屽洜涓哄叾鍏峰缇庡鍏婚鐨勫姛鏁堬紝鎵€浠ュ湪濂虫€т腑闂寸殑鍙楁杩庣▼搴﹀氨鐗瑰埆楂橈紝鍙兘寰堝闉ユ湁杩樹笉鐭ラ亾鏌犳姹佺殑鍏蜂綋鍔熸晥鏄€庢牱鐨勶紝閭e府鍔╁ぇ瀹舵洿濂戒簡瑙f煚妾眮鐨勭浉鍏冲姛鏁堬紝涓嬮潰鐨勫唴瀹瑰氨涓撻棬璇磋绾煚妾眮鐨勫姛鏁堜笌浣滅敤锛岄拡瀵逛釜浜烘儏鍐碉紝澶у鍙互鏈夐€夋嫨鐨勫皾璇曟煚妾眮!鏌犳姹佺殑浣滅敤涓昏琛ㄧ幇鍦細1鏉€鑿屼綔鐢紝鏌犳鍚湁鐑熼吀鍜屼赴瀵岀殑鏈夋満閰革紝鍏跺懗鏋侀吀锛屾湁寰堝己鐨勬潃鑿屼綔鐢ㄣ€?It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s not a good idea.Boiler?I ‘m sorry, I ‘m not sure if I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to read it, I ‘ll read it, I ‘ll do it, I ‘ll do it, I ‘ll do it, I ‘ll do it.You will be forced to use the tweezers to squeeze all the troubles. You will regret it. Naofu said: “I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know if I want to do it.參鎬ц偩缁撶煶鎮h€呯殑缁撶煶鍑忓皯銆佸彉灏忋€?鍑濊浣滅敤锛屽悆鏌犳杩樺彲浠ラ槻娌诲績琛€绠$柧鐥咃紝鑳界紦瑙i挋绂诲瓙淇冧娇琛€娑插嚌鍥虹殑浣滅敤锛屽彲棰勯槻鍜屾不鐤楅珮琛€鍘嬪拰蹇冭倢姊楁锛屾煚妾吀鏈夋敹缂┿€佸鍥烘瘺缁嗚绠★紝闄嶄綆閫氶€忔€э紝鎻愰珮鍑濊鍔熻兘鍙婅灏忔澘鏁伴噺鐨勪綔鐢紝鍙缉鐭嚌琛€鏃堕棿鍜屽嚭琛€鏃堕棿31%~71%锛屽叿鏈夋琛€浣滅敤銆?It ‘s hard to find a good way to read it, and it ‘s very difficult to read it, and it ‘s very difficult to read it and go to it, we ‘re going to do it, we ‘re going to sing it, and we ‘re going to do it. ?闄ょ毊鑲よ壊绱犳矇鐫€锛屼績杩涜倢鑲ょ編鐧芥晥鏋溿€傚悓鏃舵煚妾眮鐨勮嵂鐢ㄥ姛鏁堜篃寰堟樉钁楋紝涓昏琛ㄧ幇鏄細鏌犳鍏锋湁楂樺害纰辨€э紝鏄緢濂界殑娌荤枟鐤剧梾鐨勮壇鑽紝鍏锋湁姝㈠挸銆佸寲鐥般€佺敓娲ュ仴鑴俱€備笖瀵逛簬浜轰綋鐨勮娑插惊鐜互鍙婇挋璐ㄧ殑鍚告敹鏈夌浉褰撳ぇ鐨勫姪鐩婏紝鍏朵赴瀵岀殑缁寸敓绱燙锛屼笉浣嗚兘澶熼闃茬檶鐥囥€侀檷浣庤儐鍥洪唶銆侀闃查鐗╀腑姣掋€佹秷闄ょ柌鍔炽€佸寮哄厤鐤姏銆佸欢缂撹“鑰併€佷繚鎸佽倢鑲ゅ脊鎬э紝杩樿兘棰勯槻绯栧翱鐥呫€侀珮琛€鍘嬨€佽传琛€銆佹劅鍐掋€侀璐ㄧ枏鏉剧棁绛夌瓑銆?

[Can I eat Gastrodia during menstruation]

缁忔湡瀵逛簬濂虫€ф潵璇达紝鏄瘮杈冮噸瑕佺殑鏃舵湡锛屽湪姝ゆ湡闂达紝濂虫€ф湅鍙嬩滑涓€瀹氳娉ㄦ剰楗鍜岀潯鐪狅紝鍙湁鍋氬埌鐫$湢鍏呰冻锛岄ギ椋熷悎鐞嗭紝鎵嶈兘澶熶繚璇佽嚜宸辩殑韬綋鍋ュ悍銆傚鏋滃湪姝ゆ湡闂达紝鍚冭緵杈e埡婵€鐨勯鐗╋紝鎴栬€呮槸鍏朵粬涓嶅綋鐨勯鐗╃殑璇濓紝鏄細缁欏コ鎬у仴搴烽€犳垚鏋佸ぇ鐨勫▉鑳佺殑銆傞偅涔堬紝缁忔湡鍙互鍚冨ぉ楹诲悧?涓€銆佺粡鏈熷彲浠ュ悆澶╅夯鍚椾笓瀹跺缓璁粡鏈熸渶濂戒笉瑕佸悆澶╅夯銆傚ぉ楹绘槸鍏锋湁娲昏鐨勫姛鏁堢殑锛屾墍浠ュ浜庣粡鏈熺殑濂虫€т滑鏉ヨ鏄笉鍙互鍚冨ぉ楹荤殑锛岃繖瀵逛簬濂逛滑鐨勮韩浣撴槸鏈夊嵄瀹崇殑锛屾墍浠ュ箍澶х殑濂虫€ф湅鍙嬩滑蹇呴』瑕佹敞鎰忓埌杩欎竴鐐广€傞櫎姝や箣澶栵紝瀵逛簬缁忔湡鐨勫コ鎬т滑鏉ヨ杩樻湁寰堝椋熺墿鏄笉鍙互鍚冪殑锛屾瘮濡備竴浜涘埡婵€鐢熷喎鐨勯鍝併€佺儫閰掋€佷竴浜涙补鐐哥殑椋熺墿绛夌瓑銆傚ぉ楹荤墖鏄彲浠ョ洿鎺ユ场姘存潵鍠濈殑锛屽彲浠ユ敼鍠勫ご鏅曘€佸ご鐥涖€佸ぉ鏃嬪湴杞殑鐥囩姸鐨勶紝甯稿枬杩樺彲浠ュ仴鑴戙€備絾鏄场姘村枬涓嶅鐐栫潃鍠濈殑鏁堟灉I ‘m sorry, I ‘m in trouble, and I ‘m arrested, I ‘m arrested, I ‘m arrested, I ‘m afraid, I ‘m afraid, I ‘m afraid, I ‘m afraid.鍙戞尌鍑烘潵锛岃€岀倴鐓殑鏃堕棿姣旇緝闀匡紝鍙互璁╁ぉ楹荤殑鑽晥鍏呭垎鐨勮瀺鍦ㄦ堡涓€備竴鑸彲浠ョ敤澶╅夯鐐栭浮銆佺倴鐢查奔銆佺倴楦姐€佺倴楸煎ご绛夛紝鏃㈠彲浠ユ不鐤楃湬鏅曘€佸ご鐥涳紝鍙堝彲浠ユ粙琛ヨ韩浣擄紝涓€涓句袱寰椼€備簩銆佸ぉ楹荤殑浣滅敤1銆侀晣鐥涗綔鐢ㄧ敤澶╅夯鍒跺嚭鐨勫ぉ楹绘敞灏勬恫锛屽涓夊弶绁炵粡鐥涖€佽绠$缁忔€уご鐥涖€佽剳琛€绠$梾澶寸棝銆佷腑姣掓€у鍙戞€х缁忕値绛夛紝鏈夋槑鏄剧殑闀囩棝鏁堟灉銆傝繎骞存潵锛岀粡涓€浜涘尰鐤楀崟浣?000澶氫緥鎮h€呯殑涓村簥璇曠敤锛屾湁鏁堢巼杈?0% 銆?銆 侀 晣 闱 鬔 鐔 鐢 ㄦ 湁 镄 勫 咰 楀 咀 幟 Rumpy 咖 堟 垚 澶 ╅Ramp?╅Tram?”I’m in a hurry, I’m so anxious,” “I’m talking about the troubles, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, the people, etc.)9.44%?6.87%銆備笖鑳芥姂鍒跺挅鍟″洜鎵€鑷寸殑涓灑鍏村浣滅敤锛岃繕鏈夊姞寮烘垔宸存瘮濡ョ撼鐨勭潯鐪犳椂闂存晥搴斻€?銆佹姉鎯婂帴浣滅敤澶╅夯瀵归潰绁炵粡鎶芥悙銆佽偄浣撻夯鏈ㄣ€佸崐韬笉閬傘€佺櫕鐥瓑鐨勪竴瀹氱枟鏁堛€傝繕鏈夌紦瑙e钩婊戣倢鐥夋寷锛岀紦瑙e績缁炵棝銆佽儐缁炵棝鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?銆侀檷浣庤鍘嬩綔鐢ㄥぉ楹昏兘娌荤枟楂樿鍘嬨€備箙鏈嶅彲骞宠倽鐩婃皵銆佸埄鑵拌啙銆佸己绛嬮锛岃繕鍙鍔犲鍛ㄥ強鍐犵姸鍔ㄨ剦琛€娴侀噺锛屽蹇冭剰鏈変繚鎶や綔鐢ㄣ€?銆佹槑鐩€佸鏅轰綔鐢ㄥぉ楹诲皻鏈夋槑鐩拰鏄捐憲澧炲己璁板繂鍔涚殑浣滅敤銆傚ぉ楹诲浜虹殑澶ц剳绁炵粡绯荤粺鍏锋湁鏄庢樉鐨勪繚鎶ゅ拰璋冭妭浣滅敤锛岃兘澧炲己瑙嗙缁忕殑鍒嗚鲸鑳藉姏锛岀洰鍓嶅凡鐢ㄤ綔楂樼┖椋炶浜哄憳鐨勮剳淇濆仴椋熷搧鎴栬剳淇濆仴鑽墿銆傛棩鏈敤澶╅夯娉ㄥ皠娑叉不鐤楄€佸勾鐥村Mischievous chains and chains are 81% 銆?

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銆 愮 Children ф 姇 嗇 妺 覺 宝 箞 锅 Pan 犆 抱 樱 喝 箞 鍞 歘 傡 傡 悍 綍 鐍 傍 悍 悍 傍 損 鐍?
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[Can maternal eat turtles]_ turtles _ postpartum _ can you eat them?

[Can maternal eat turtles]_ turtles _ postpartum _ can you eat them?

After giving birth, the mother will be particularly weak, so at this time, it is necessary to properly arrange food to eat healthy food.

In general, mothers can eat a little turtles properly in normal times. Turtles can prevent cancer and increase physical health. It is beneficial for some chronic diseases, so maternals can eat turtles with caution.

Although turtles have the effects of nourishing yin, yin and kidney, but the turtles have a salty and cold taste, and they have the function of blood circulation and blood stasis. Therefore, there are certain disadvantages of abortion.Pregnant women with chronic nephritis, cirrhosis, and hepatitis who eat turtles may induce liver coma.

Eating moderate amounts of soft-shelled turtles is beneficial to maternal physical recovery and improving the quality of breast milk, but those who are constipated after giving birth should not eat or take appropriate amounts.

The cricket is covered with treasure, the cricket’s head, nails, bones, meat, eggs, gall, and slight obesity are used as medicine.

“Famous Doctor’s Record” claims that the meat has the effect of replenishing qi.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, bacon has various effects such as nourishing yin and tonifying kidneys, clearing heat and removing stasis, and strengthening the spleen and stomach., Women with amenorrhea, dystocia, etc.

“Daily Materia Medica” believes that external application of spleen blood can treat facial nerves, which can eliminate stroke thirst, exhaustion of hot flashes, and thereby treat bone tuberculosis.


Turtle meat and its extracts can effectively prevent and suppress liver cancer, gastric cancer, and acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and cause weakness, anemia, and leukopenia caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy; 2.

Soft-shelled turtles also have better blood-purifying effects, and those who eat frequently can reduce blood stasis, so it is beneficial for patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease; 3.

Turtles can also “make up for injuries, impotence, and deficiency of great yin”; 4.

Turtle-eating turtles also have certain auxiliary effects on a variety of patients such as tuberculosis, anemia, and physical weakness.

[Degeneration of a bowl of cereals]_Nutrition value_Calories

[Degeneration of a bowl of cereals]_Nutrition value_Calories

The foods they eat all exist. For those who are over-eating, they need to be able to understand the transformation of these foods. If the transfer is too high, they may cause themselves to gain weight.

Multi-grain porridge This is a kind of porridge made with multi-grain as the main raw material. This is a popular food. How much is the conversion of a bowl of multi-grain porridge?

Let’s introduce it in detail below.

Multigrain porridge is 47 kcal (100 g), which is considered a low conversion food.

Drinking bowls of cereals every day can avoid this problem to some extent.

Because multigrain porridge has a strong feeling of fullness, it can continue to be not hungry after eating, which helps to prevent the prevention of too much body.

Benefits of eating multi-grain porridge1. Anti-stroke coarse grains can also prevent stroke.

According to reports, a 12-year study in the United States has shown that eating large amounts of whole grain foods significantly reduces the risk of stroke.

2. Detoxification is called “Grain for Support” in “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine”. Although the relative living standards continue to improve, people have become more and more healthy, and they have neglected to buy a variety of nutrientsGrain cereals must be eaten every day, and grain cereals are one of our true health medicines.

3. Anti-dysmenorrhea Foreign studies have shown that women’s dysmenorrhea is related to the lack of magnesium in the body.

Magnesium helps to activate various enzymes in the body, participates in protein synthesis, muscle contraction and body temperature regulation.

4, resistance to aging what makes people tired, in a sense, refined sugar is the “culprit” of human aging.

However, there are vitamin B vitamins in coarse grains, a variety of minerals and rich supplementary fiber, which can clear intestines and detoxify, nourish the skin, protect cardiovascular, promote digestion and strengthen bones.

And eating general grains will not make you fat, because the conversion of miscellaneous grains after digestion is very small and does not increase the trace amount. The pancake is generally about 25-40 grams, and the transformation it produces is minimal to the human body.

During your weight loss period, you can choose pancakes for breakfast, which is actually very good, low in content, low in sugar and high in nutrition.

It is recommended that you eat this plain water instead of drinks or milk.

Because for breakfast, multi-grain pancakes are so nutritious that no extra supplements are needed.

The corn, millet, sorghum, and flour in the grains are all cereal energy foods (mainly starch), and the energy in the grain is relatively high.

About 300 kcal in 100g multigrain pancakes.

It is much lower than fried foods, and the content of cellulose is also high, which helps digestion and weight loss.

Jiuyang Co. (002242): Continuous high income growth, innovation and upgrading drive profit improvement

Jiuyang Co. (002242): Continuous high income growth, innovation and upgrading drive profit improvement

The company released its financial report for the third quarter of 2019.

The company achieved operating income in the first three quarters of 62.

55 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

02%, achieving net profit attributable to mother 6.

18 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

54%; of which, the operating income in the third and third quarters was 20.

68 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.

98%, net profit attributable to mothers2.

12 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.


  The cooking machine performed well, and the shark brand grew rapidly.

In terms of categories, the growth rate 返回码: 500 网站打不开?重查of wall-cooking cooking machines reached more than 20% in the first three quarters, soymilk machines achieved positive growth for the fourth consecutive quarter, rice cookers and nutrition cookers achieved nearly 10% growth, and the three major categories contributed more than 60% of their revenue.

Following the initial launch of the Y88 cooking machine, the company introduced the highest-priced Y1 cooking machine, and the audience is expected to increase significantly after lowering the price.

Shark brand domestic sales contributed 70 million yuan in the first three quarters of the year, an increase from the end of last year (20 million yuan in the last year). Currently, a 200-ton Shark brand flagship store has been built.The steam mop, hand suction and vacuum cleaner introduced by Chinese consumers are expected to achieve volume.

In terms of different channels, online channels have grown by more than 20% and offline has achieved positive growth. The company will develop new retail channels that are directly operated, deepen interaction and communication with users, and improve user experience and transaction conversion rates.

  Product structure was upgraded and gross profit margin increased.

Thanks to the decrease in raw material costs and the improvement of the company’s product structure, the gross profit margin of Q3 increased by 1.

23pct to 32.

35%; sales expense ratio drops by 0 every year.

91pct to 13.

32%; increase in management expense ratio by 1.

18 points to 4.

60%, mainly due to the increase in labor costs and amortization of equity incentive expenses; the rate of research and development expenses fell to 0.

82 points to 3.

28%; financial expense ratio increased by 0 in ten years.

66 points to -0.

13%; net interest rate has decreased by 0 every year.

71pct to 10.

04% Q3 sales repayments improved month-on-month, and inventory and receivables had a long turnover.

Q3 Net cash flow from operating activities increased by 5 per year.

5 billion to 7.

US $ 4.5 billion, an improvement from the previous two quarters, mainly due to good sales receipts, including cash received for selling goods and providing services.

45 ppm to 33.

7 billion.

Third quarter inventory balance 7.

08 million yuan, the inventory turnover days exceeded 6 increase.

09 days to 46.

41 days, the balance of accounts receivable4.81 trillion, accounts receivable turnover days increased several times 5.

31 days to 14.

06 days.

Turnover of inventories and receivables has improved compared to the same period last year, mainly due to the drag in the first half of the year, and Q3 has improved.

  Investment suggestion: The company continues to develop R & D and innovation, and constantly introduces new products. While adhering to the ascent of value, it will launch more mid-to-low price segments to broaden the consumer population.

In overseas markets, the collaboration with sharkninja is expected to bring the company’s revenue and profit expansion.

Maintain EPS forecast for 19-21.



38 yuan, currently expected to correspond to 19-21 year earnings 20/18 / 16X, maintain “Buy” rating.

 无锡桑拿网  Risk warning: New product sales are less than expected, raw material prices fluctuate, and industry competition is intensifying

Changan Automobile (000625): Changan Ford’s retail volume continues to grow sequentially and continues to grow

Changan Automobile (000625): Changan Ford’s retail volume continues to grow sequentially and continues to grow
Core point of view Changan Ford’s wholesale sales have decreased, the retail side has improved significantly, and the sales volume of the new Focus has increased.  Changan Ford sold 1 in August.480,000, 38 in the past.3%; cumulative sales from January to August 10.800,000, at least 60 in ten years.8%.From the retail point of view, Changan Ford sales reached 2 in August.140,000 vehicles, an increase of more than 30% from the previous month; sales of major models all increased sequentially, of which the sales of the new Focus increased by more than 60% from the previous month.It is expected that the new Focus Active, Sharp ST / ST-Line and Taurus will further promote sales in September.Corsair, Lincoln’s first domestic SUV, accelerated its landing.As the sales of new models of Changan Ford gradually expand, it is expected that sales will improve month-on-month in 9 months; after the new Lincoln models are launched, sales will be further improved.  Changan Mazda sales decline, the new Mazda 3 starts pre-sale.Changan Mazda sold 1 in August.30,000 vehicles, 20 in the past ten years.4%; cumulative sales from January to August 8.300,000, 26 in the past ten years.5%.From a retail perspective, Changan Mazda sold 10,000 units in August, with cumulative sales of 8 from January to August.720,000 vehicles.At the recent Chengdu Auto Show, the new generation of Mazda 3 Angkor Silla started pre-sale. It is expected to be officially listed at the end of September. After the new Mazda 3 is launched, it will promote the long-term sales of Changma.  Changan’s independent sales are growing, and new models such as CS75 PLUS are expected to drive sales growth.Changan autonomous sales in August 5.720,000 vehicles, an annual increase of 7.8%, the growth rate increased by 6.9 units.From the retail point of view, Changan sold 5 independently in August.09 million vehicles, an annual increase of 7.3%; cumulative sales from January to August of 45.840,000 vehicles, previously 18 per year.3%.Among them, Changan CS75 retail sales reached 1 in August.200,000 units, an increase of 55 in ten years.7%; sales from January to August 8.450,000 vehicles, at least twice a year.4%.At the Chengdu Auto Show, the new SUV model CS75 PLUS of Changan’s own brand was launched, which is expected to become another hot-selling product that comes with Changan; the Auchan X7 and Changan Auchan’s new models also appeared at the auto show.With the launch of CS75PLUS and other targeted models that improve product competitiveness, it will drive independent sales growth.  Financial forecast and investment advice: The forecast for 2019-2021 is 0.14, 0.87, 1.16 yuan, due to the company’s expectations, we use PB for estimation.Comparable companies have an average PB of 1 in 19 years.About 1 times, the company will be given PB1 in 2019.1x estimate, target price 10.74 yuan, maintain BUY rating.  Risk warning: Changan Ford sales volume is lower than expected risk, Changan Mazda sales 杭州夜网论坛 volume is lower than expected risk, Changan independent brand sales volume is lower than expected risk.