Daily necessities

Daily necessities

Ordinary rice wine, vinegar, salt, alkaline noodles, etc. have important health effects.


Smart use of toothpaste: If there is a small area of skin damage or burns, burns, apply a small amount of toothpaste, you can immediately stop bleeding and pain, but also prevent infection, the effect is quite good.


Put the shrimp in the bowl, add a little salt, edible alkali powder, grab it with your hands for a while, soak it in water, and then wash it with water. This will make the fried shrimp transparent as crystal and tender and delicious.


Tips for making dumpling noodles: Add 6 egg whites to 1 kg of flour to increase the protein in the noodles. After the dumplings are cooked, the protein will quickly solidify and shrink, and the dumplings will pick up water quickly and will not stick.


After the residual tea leaves are immersed in the water for several days, they can be planted at the roots of the plants to promote plant growth. The dried tea leaves can be dried in the toilet or trenches for fumigation, which can eliminate malodors and have the function of driving mosquitoes and flies.


Cooked rice reboiling method: If it is cooked with rice, you can use chopsticks to pierce the holes in the bottom of the pot and spill it into the rice wine. If it is only cooked on the surface, just turn the surface to the middle and simmer.


If you have to simmer when cooking vegetables, it is best to use as much water as possible.

For example, for dumplings, put a good amount of water in the meat filling. This will preserve the nutrition and make the dumpling filling taste delicious.

Tips for scrambled eggs: Pour the eggs into a bowl, add a little warm water and stir well. Pour into a pan and fry. Drop the wine into the pan while frying. The scrambled eggs are fluffy, fresh and delicious.


How to use the casserole 1: When a newly purchased casserole is used for the first time, it is best to use porridge, or use it to boil thick rice water to replace the finely inserted casserole to prevent water seepage.


Clever use of “Thirteen Fragrant Spices”: When using stewed meat, use tanned skin with strong flavor; eat beef and mutton with white cilantro, which can remove pimple and increase freshness; homemade sausages use cinnamon powder, which tastes delicious; bacon and smoked chicken with cloves, have a great aftertaste.


Tips for making dumpling noodles: Make the noodles a little harder, put them in a pot and seal them tightly after mixing. Let them simmer for 10-15
minutes. After the noodles are soaked in water, they will form gluten and then make dumplings 11,Coriander is a kind of umbelliferous plant called essential oil. It has a strong aroma, but the essential oil is very volatile and cannot withstand continuous heating. It is best to add coriander before eating to retain its aroma.


When performing high-temperature washing or drying procedures, do not touch the door glass to avoid burns.

When taking out dried clothes, be careful of metal parts on the clothes, such as zippers, buttons, etc. to avoid burns.


If the collar and cuffs are dirty, the clothes can be soaked in warm water with washing powder for 15-20 minutes, and then washed normally.


How to use the casserole 2: Use the casserole to make soup. When stewing meat, first put water into the casserole, then put the casserole on the fire, first use the gentle fire, then the hot fire.

When this kind of vegetables is added with powdered starch, it makes the soup thicker. It can not only reduce the deliciousness of the baked vegetables, but also protect the vitamins because the starch contains glutathione.


If the rice is burnt, turn off the heat, put a piece of bread crust on top of the rice, cover the pot, and after 5 minutes, the bread crust can absorb the paste.


Detergent amount: If the clothes are not too dirty or there is too much foam when washing, reduce the amount of detergent.

Avoiding excessive use of washing powder saves money and protects the environment, making the washing machine more durable.

Just for skin!

Doing Yoga!

Just for skin!
Doing Yoga!

Practicing yoga on the body can maintain a healthy, calm mind, and improve body shape. The correct facial massage is like yoga for the facial skin. It can not only promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also get rid of sagging and aging skin., Increase flexibility.
  Today, facial massage is no longer a professional treatment that can only be done in beauty salons. As long as you master the essentials and methods of massage, you can easily do yoga for your skin at home and become your own personal masseur.
  Massage, an essential step in the beauty procedure For more and more Asian women, massage has become a necessary step in the beauty procedure.
For centuries, this traditional technique has been passed down from generation to generation by women for its extraordinary efficacy, and has a long history.
  A quarter of the new generation of Asian women (according to a survey by Dior Asia Beauty Center) regularly use massage creams.
Massage, with the precise and rhythmic movement of the fingertips on the face, can really relieve skin fatigue and stress, resist environmental pollution, and lose luster caused by various external aggressions.
However, there are other key in-depth effects of massage that are popular with Asian women.
  First, massage can promote microcirculation of the skin.
In the warm and humid climate prevailing in Asia, it continuously affects the microcirculation of the body, resulting in the vitality of the microcirculation becoming weaker and weaker with time.
  Secondly, massage can soothe facial muscle tissue, because Asian women’s skeletal characteristics and lack of sufficient skin internal support tissue may cause bone relaxation.
Regular massage can help firm up the facial skin and activate the skin’s inner rosy glow-which is essential for a beautiful and healthy complexion.
  ① Decompression—Place your ten fingers along the center of the face to the front of the ears.
Gently massage along the hairline, pressing your fingers slightly and pressing gently.
Massage slowly and deeply as if you were pulling your hair backwards for relaxation.
  ② Soothing—Place your fingers on the bones under the eyes, apply pressure, and press slowly.
This gentle and fine massage not only promotes microcirculation, but also eliminates tiredness.
  ③ Oxygen activity—Squeeze the depressions on both sides of the nostril, this part concentrates most of the blood vessels on the face.
Squeezing this area can effectively promote microvascular circulation and help restore facial radiance.
  ④ Energy-Apply pressure to the depression in the back of the neck.
Massaging this area helps to promote energy circulation in the body and promotes blood circulation in the head.
Gives new life energy and revitalizes facial skin.
  In just 2 minutes, the skin is deeply soothed, nourished and plumped, instantly replenishing vitality.
The natural functions within the skin are stored, becoming younger, more beautiful and shining.
  Facial Massage Q & A Q: Why use a massage cream?
A: The special massage cream can not only make the touch feel smooth during massage, but also absorb the heat generated during massage, which not only exerts the massage function, but also avoids the possible damage caused by friction.
In addition, today’s massage creams often combine a variety of nutrients, which can nourish the skin while massaging.
  Q: What should I pay special attention to during facial massage?
A: First of all, you must pay attention to the intensity of the massage. Otherwise, you will lose more than you pay for it. If you pull the skin too much, it will cause wrinkles on the face.
Of the five fingers, it is recommended to massage with the beauty finger (middle finger and ring finger). The speed should not be too fast or too slow.
  Q: How long is the massage time?
A: The massage time depends on the nature, condition and age of the skin.
Usually oily skin can be massaged for 5 ~ 10 minutes each time, normal skin for 10 ~ 15 minutes, dry skin for 15 ~ 20 minutes, it is better to massage once or twice a week.
For those under 25 years of age, because skin elasticity and metabolism are better, about 5 to 10 minutes a week can be massaged, over-massage is easy to produce negative effects.

Eating eggs can help build muscle

Eating eggs can help build muscle

If people who regularly exercise and fitness can develop a diet that eats eggs, it is to increase muscle mass. It is very helpful for friends who want to strengthen their body. Then, the bodybuilder should eat a fewHow about eggs?

Yes, fitness experts point out that the number of eggs to eat should be determined according to age.

  For bodybuilders, eggs are a very effective nutrient. It can help men’s muscle growth plan be realized at an early date. Therefore, bodybuilders will consult to eat a few eggs. It ‘s better to eat a few eggs.Get up and understand.

  Recently, Jeff Wallerk, a professor of physiology in Connecticut, USA, wrote on a US fitness website that the nutritional mix in an egg is the most suitable for muscle growth and is the most economical supplement for strength training.

  Why Eating Eggs Helps Gain Muscle Professor Jeff Warlock pointed out that an egg weighs about 50 grams, contains 7 grams of protein, and 6 grams of auntie, and can produce 82 kcal. Its amino acid ratio is very suitable for human physiological needs, and it is very easy to beAbsorption by the body, and the utilization rate is as high as 98%.

Eggs are high in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins A and B. They are the best for growing muscle.

  In addition, Professor Warlock also pointed out that a large egg yolk containing 4-5 grams of aunt is also an unsaturated aunt that is good for heart health.

Its beneficial vitamin B can break down trace amounts, help repair cell membranes, and is good for muscle growth.

  Judging how many eggs should be eaten according to age Although the fitness effect of eating eggs is good, it should not be too much, especially for regular exercisers. Eating too many eggs can easily increase the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Professor Jeff Walleck pointed out that strength training is suitable for people of all ages. The optimal amount of food to eat should also be differentiated according to age. Usually, the elderly eat 1-2 a day, young and middle-aged eat 2 a day, and heavy laborers.Can eat 2-3 a day, children’s metabolism is fast, can also eat 2-3 a day.

  Tips from fitness experts: Eating eggs helps to build muscle. Eating a few eggs depends on the age of the bodybuilder. Fitness diet needs to pay attention to nutritional balance, so bodybuilders should not only eat eggs, but also supplement other foods, especiallymeat.

Big S Burst: I Practice Yoga Nothing To Do

Big S Burst: I Practice Yoga “Nothing To Do”

Body training skills: weight loss by yoga Big S readme: After washing your face, practice yoga for about 10 minutes to stretch your body.
I started practicing yoga a few years ago (when shooting Meteor Garden).
At that time, I didn’t exercise at all, and my body was not good. I even panted when I climbed the stairs. I decided to practice yoga in one thought.
Because of practicing yoga, my body gradually became healthy, but I was still not satisfied with my body shape, and I was not satisfied for even a second.
Because I always want to be “more beautiful!”
“I am very envious of my sister’s body shape. She is very shapely, and her face and body shape are very beautiful.
The waist is thin and curvy.
  In addition to yoga, I have also recently performed belly dances because I use abdominal muscles, which is very effective for shrinking the waist and abdomen.
I’ve been to the gym a while ago, but repeating the same actions on the same machine made me feel boring.
Now if there is fat on my arms and stomach, I will do gymnastics and yoga at home to stimulate the muscles here.
  When I’m alone in the room . I don’t care.

Counting the ten worst weight loss methods

Counting the ten worst weight loss methods

A variety of “weight loss secrets”, a variety of “weight loss theory”, dazzling, difficult to distinguish between authenticity.

If you want to lose weight or are losing weight, look at the ten weight loss paradoxes listed by foreign medical experts to know the true meaning of weight loss.

  Ridiculous idea 1.

All food is born equal. The work of Cornell University in New York, USA, found that the cause of obesity is not how much other food to eat, and that the transfer through food will accumulate a lot of fat on you.

  The reason is simple: in the process of digestion, the body metabolizes proteins and sugars to burn more metabolism than metabolism.

For example, if we consume more than 418 kilojoules (100 kcal) of food, if the food is sugar, only 314 kilojoules (75 kcal) is converted into body fat, and if the food is rare,There will be a transition of 405 kilojoules (97 kcal) into misfortune.

  Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that there is only a cumulative short-term average of 30% per day.

Eat less aunt, especially avoid eating fat, cocoa butter and other foods with high levels of saturated fatty acids (such as butter popcorn, ice cream, etc.).

  Ridiculous thoughts 2.

Eating dessert foods can’t be divided into good and bad categories. The right amount of food is the key.

If you really want to eat sweets, then eat it with confidence, but the amount of food consumed in other meals must be reduced accordingly.

If you want to eat small desserts often, but don’t want to store snacks, try the cooked fruits, iced water with juice or piled up the sponge cake. These foods not only satisfy your taste, but also are nutritious andNot getting fat.

  Ridiculous thoughts 3.

Fasting fast foods Not all fast foods are the “natural enemies” of dieters.

An ordinary hamburger, a steak, a roast chicken or a salad with a low-speed seasoning are all delicious foods to choose from.

Of course, chickens or fish with fried fries, milk ice cream and mayonnaise are extremely high in conversion, so dieters should not eat more.

  Ridiculous thoughts 4.

After losing weight, it is difficult for an obesity researcher to systematically observe the weight loss process of obese and non-obese dieters. It is found that weight loss is very easy. There is no so-called “weight rebound, difficulty in weight loss”.Increase “one said.

  The amount of weight loss that is reliable and does not harm health is 0 per week.

1 kg.

The easiest and most effective way to achieve this goal is to fast off snacks every day and eat eight minutes at dinner, that’s all.

  Ridiculous idea 5.

There is no essential difference between apple-type obesity and pear-type obesity. Recent studies have found that slight storage in the upper part of the body (upper body and abdomen-apple type) is more likely to cause higher than distribution in the lower part (hip and thigh-pear type).Blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes.

You may not be able to distribute adulthood, but you can avoid obesity syndrome by losing weight all over the body.

  Ridiculous idea 6.

Dieting is the quickest way to lose weight. Research has found that a large reduction in the metabolism of alternatives to repeated intakes is converted to a “metabolic mode” that will allow the body to conserve energy and reduce metabolic rate.

The more you diet, the better your body’s ability to store energy.

In the long run, repeated dieting can potentially affect weight loss.

  Therefore, it is best not to replace the recent overeating with a diet, which will only be counterproductive.

Moreover, dieting for more than three days without restraint has led to gallbladder disease, increased kidney burden, resulting in decreased immunity, irritability, and hair loss.

  Ridiculous idea 7.

You can enjoy the exceptions on the ground and don’t think that there is no cockroach in the food using temporary substitutes.

In order to ensure that the total transient does not exceed the standard, you still have to control the amount of food.

  Ridiculous thoughts 8.

Temporary partial eclipse is the most effective way to lose weight. In order to lose weight, eating only one type of food (such as fruits and nuts) for a long time is the most unsuccessful way to lose weight.

Losing weight in this way will not only succeed, but once you return to normal diet, your weight will increase quickly.

  Ridiculous thoughts 9.
Losing excess weight, just looking at what you eat a lot of research shows that dieting and exercise weight loss is better than dieting alone, long-term moderate-intensity exercise is better than occasional short-term exercise.
In the daily life, consciously strengthen the exercise, such as using stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking instead of taking the bus, doing housework instead of waiting for the hour, etc., the effect is better than simply dieting.

  Ridiculous idea 10.

If you are very fat, it is all your wrong body and body size is mostly determined by genes, some people are destined to be obese, and others are not slim at all.

People with high blood pressure in childhood are generally difficult to become thinner, because obesity in children makes him have more aunt cells than ordinary people, and once aunt cells are present, they may only increase or decrease and never disappear.

Do n’t wash away the nutrition of rice

Do n’t wash away the nutrition of rice

The outer skin of rice is rich in vitamin B, and the outer skin of rice is rich in vitamin B. In order to reduce the loss of vitamin B1 in rice, you should not pay too many times when you are washing rice. It should not be too long, and you cannot rub it hard.There is no running water for washing, and the temperature of the water used for washing rice should not be too high.

  However, if moldy rice is found, you should scrub or wash with a little baking soda.

  When it is recommended to cook rice in some areas, such as risotto or steamed rice, first boil the rice with water, then remove the cooked rice and put it in a cage to steam it and put it in rice soup.

  This is a very bad habit. Not only will a large amount of vitamin Bl be thrown away while supplementing rice soup, other nutrients will also be lost. Therefore, it is recommended to eat risotto or steamed rice.

  Avoid using alkali at the same time, avoid using alkali when cooking porridge or burning pasta, because vitamin Bl will be destroyed by alkali.

  Vitamin Bl is easy to dissolve in water. Why should you pay attention to doing so when you wash rice?

This is because vitamin Bl is easily soluble in water.

  We should retain the vitamin B1 in the outer skin of rice to the maximum extent to ensure the needs of the body.

Six skinny legs to create slim legs


Six skinny legs to create slim legs

Are you looking for a slimming recipe?

Don’t look for it, let me introduce you to the seven skinny secret recipes, starting from the diet legs, stovepipe exercise and leg products, to help you thicken your legs!

Come and see how you can eat your legs, do stovepipe exercises and how to use your legs!

銆€銆€Want to make your thick legs thinner?

Xiaobian teaches you seven thin legs and secret recipes, so that you can slim down your slim legs.

銆€銆€First, drink barley water: too many people have light or heavy edema, especially the night family.

You can drink barley water.

Usually drink barley water in the morning, I will feel more urine in the afternoon, or drink a lot of barley water today, and I will urinate a lot in the next day.

Renshui will help remove excess water from the body, tighten the curve, and whiten.

Many breakfast shops sell hazelnut soy milk.

銆€銆€Second, kneading massage: the cellulite is often found at the junction of the thigh and buttocks. It is recommended that you use the slimming and stovepipe products by grasping and pinching, which can achieve the blood circulation, strengthen the metabolism, and reduce the slimming of the excess meat.effect.
The massage technique must be used to forcefully press and press, but do not use force to make yourself dark.

The right force is a bit like licking the dough.

銆€銆€Third, with the massage board 鎼?emulsion: first apply the lotion evenly to the skin, then use the massage board to push up from the bottom, push the brush from the root of the thigh to the buttocks, at least two or thirty times in each place, you will feelIt’s hot and a little painful, but it’s full of useful tricks!

銆€銆€Fourth, wear adjustable pants: In addition to the gripping method, another physical body shaping method is to wear adjustable pants.

Wearing adjustable pants can improve your lines and make the thigh line look good. If you wear it for a long time, the meat will be concentrated in the place where it should be concentrated, and the buttocks will become more upright.

However, whether you can wear it or not depends on your endurance!

銆€銆€Fifth, massage and lift the legs: lifting the legs is also a good way to stovepipe!

After massaging the legs, lean your legs straight on the inside, 90 degrees to the body, at least 15 minutes to lift the legs.

But don’t lift it for too long, or your legs will be numb.

銆€銆€Sixth, hip movement: If the hip line is beautiful enough, the legs will look more slender!

The chest should be trained and the exercise is most effective.

In fact, as long as you do an action, you can easily have a charming hip, that is, when standing, the legs open and shoulder width, the toes open outwards, you must always straighten, then force you to clip youAss.
It is best to be more than twenty times at a time.

Sticking to this action often will make your smile appear in front of you!

銆€銆€Four common legs are wrong, avoid wearing small shoes.

銆€銆€Frequently wearing small shoes may even deform the feet, and then rub the hard skin on the heel or sole of the foot until the normal shoes will have a tender feeling.

It may also form “” for a long time, and even cause deformation of the toe nail or the sole of the foot.

銆€銆€Second, avoid drying the feet without treatment.

銆€銆€Especially in autumn and winter, the skin of the soles of the feet is prone to dry skin and cracks.

If left untreated, the skin of the feet will deteriorate further, causing the skin of the corns or toes to become white and infected with suppuration.

Therefore, it is imperative that the skin of the foot is dry.

銆€銆€Third, avoid wearing or wearing socks.

銆€銆€In spring and summer, due to water and soil or other reasons, it is easy to produce itchy and painful athlete’s foot, lighter suede, severe suppurative itching.

In order to avoid wearing socks, it may not only cause skin ulceration, but also may infect mold to other parts of the body.

銆€銆€Fourth, avoid paying attention to foot massage.

銆€銆€Ladies are very sensitive to the summer shoe prints.

If you don’t pay attention, it will always damage the whiteness and fineness of the skin on your feet, and even cause undesirable phenomena.Therefore, you can properly massage or rub your legs and feet to keep your feet in a normal state.

Do you pruned the health doubts in The Raiders?

Do you pruned the health doubts in “The Raiders”?

How can a rare TV show be lost in a long and hot summer?

This year, “Yanqi Raiders” dominated the entire circle of friends, but the details of some Chinese medicine elements in the drama may make Chinese medicine back “pot”.

Today, we will ask experts to tell you about the health doubts that appear in the “Rank Raiders”!

Doubtful point 1: In the poisonous drama of Fuxin Ye, the female protagonist Wei Weigang encountered a serious “crisis” shortly after entering the palace. She witly threw out the theory that “the old leaves are non-toxic, but the new leaves are poisonous”.Help the savvy person to find the murderer who is murdering her miscarriage.

Experts said that “the new leaves are poisonous” is not correct. According to Chinese medicine records, the leaves are not toxic, whether they are new leaves or old leaves.

In terms of medicinal value alone, old leaves should be more potent than new leaves.

However, if the leaves are used as medicine, they need to be processed. Direct use may result in substitution.

When the leaves are processed, the fluff is generally removed, sprayed with water, shredded, and dried.

Doubt 2: The shell powder is pretending to be a pearl powder. On the contrary, the pregnant person after the pregnancy is frightened, and the pearl powder is taken daily to surprise.

Jiayu bought a lady of the nobles and used the shell powder to pretend to use the pearl powder for the nobles. All of this was just seen by Wei Wei, and successfully helped the nobles escape.

Expert analysis In fact, both pearl powder and shell powder have medicinal value.

“Materia Medica” records pearls: “Zhen Xin, Zhi Zhi, Resident Soul, Detoxification, Reducing Sore” and other effects, the medicine is preferably in the form of powder.

The shell powder is a powder of the scorpion shell, and it also has certain medicinal value. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” records the shell “clearing heat and dampness, phlegm drink, setting wheezing, stopping vomiting, eliminating edema, urinating, stopping fine whiteturbidity.”.

Therefore, shell powder and pearl powder each have different effects, and normal use does not have toxic side effects.

Doubt three: pregnant women eat more sweets to increase the weight of the jaundice risk drama, the small princes born by the nobles are red and yellow, is considered to be ominous signs.

Therefore, the risk of being executed is just born.

The folk Chinese medicine practitioner who treated for the little brother pointed out that he was suffering from neonatal jaundice.

But the script explains that the newborn jaundice is caused by the mother eating more sweets during pregnancy. Is this suggestion reliable?

Expert analysis of neonatal jaundice refers to a disease characterized by the whole body skin, sclera, and yellow urine.

More than 2 after the baby is born?
3 days of onset, 10?
14 months subsided, physiological jaundice.

If 7?
After 10 days, the yellow color is not retreated or aggravated.

Chinese medicine said that neonatal jaundice is “fetal yellow”, “fetal stalk” and so on.

It is generally believed that it is caused by damp heat. It is recorded in the “Certificate of Correction”: “Children are born with a yellow body, such as gold. This yellow tire is transmitted to the baby because of the wetness of the mother.

For the prevention of neonatal jaundice, dietary conditioning during pregnancy is very important. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to diet, but eat cold, and avoid alcohol and hot products to prevent damage to the spleen and stomach.

The baby should be carefully observed after the birth of the sclera jaundice, and found that jaundice should be treated as soon as possible.

Contributed by: Beijing Dongcheng Chinese Medicine Hospital

The winter cold is so rampant that 5 quick-acting anti-virus methods you must know


The winter cold is so rampant that 5 quick-acting anti-virus methods you must know

Why is it easy to have a cold in the winter? A new understanding of the pandemic is unlikely to occur so quickly. About 5 million people in the flu season around the world suffer from a cold, and a quarter of them die from a cold.

Due to the rapid pace of virus mutations, people’s bodies cannot prepare for the next flu season.

Jane Metz from the University of Pristall said: “The antibodies in the body can no longer recognize the virus, so we lost immunity.

“It is also very difficult to develop an effective vaccine. Maybe a new vaccine can be developed every time the virus mutates, but the government often cannot call it someone to inject it.

The best solution is to understand why the cold spreads in the winter and disappears in the summer, and researchers can find simple ways to stop the spread of the virus.

The previous theory focused on our behavior.

In winter we spend a lot of time indoors, which means we are closer to those who carry viruses.

We are more willing to take public attention, being coughed and sneezing around, and the cold is so easy to spread in the crowd.

Another popular point of view is related to physiology: cold weather reduces the body’s defenses.

In winter, the sunshine time is reduced, there is no extra sunlight, and we absorb too much vitamin D. Vitamin D can help us increase our resistance and will not be easily infected.

When we breathe cold air, the blood vessels in our nose will shrink in order to prevent the loss of penetration.

This can cause white blood cells to reach the nasal mucosa, unable to kill the virus we suck in, and let these viruses enter our body unscrupulously.

Quick-acting anti-viral methods You must know that drinking more yoghurt is the most important digestive and absorbing organ in the human body and the largest immune organ.

Frank Lipman, the founder of the Double 11 Health Center in New York, said: “The strong immune system is dependent on healthy, dynamic interactions, because 70% of the immune cells in the body are concentrated in the body itself, more than 70%The immunoglobulin A is made from an intermediate.

Therefore, the high season of influenza should be supplemented with probiotics, which can be obtained through foods such as yogurt and cheese, which is beneficial to the regulation of the flora in the body, which helps to reduce decomposition and prevent infection.

Adhering to the study of Appalachian State University in the United States, it is found that five times a week, a 30-minute fast walk can effectively resist colds.

But be careful not to exercise too much.

Researchers at Loughborough University have found that sustained high-intensity endurance exercises such as marathons have increased the risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections (cold, flu, sinusitis and tonsillitis) by 2?
6 times.

A good night’s sleep, the results of research at Carnegie Mellon University show that people who sleep 7 hours a night may have a three-fold increase in the risk of catching a cold. People with good sleep quality are only likely to suffer from a cold.1/5.

In addition, people with low sleep quality between 3 am and 7 am will have a 23% reduction in immune cell activity and 7 per day.
8 hours of quality sleep.

Cleaning the nose Dr. Rona, a natural health medical expert in the United States, pointed out that personal hygiene is the gateway to the cold, so the nose is the first “filter” of the human respiratory system. It is recommended to use fresh water to clean the nasal cavity, sinuses, and, in addition, to clean the hair, eyebrows andA part such as a beard that is easily contaminated with dust and the like can prevent any cold from entering the body through the eyes, nose or mouth.

Dietary Zinc Supplement The White Paper published by the University of Wisconsin in the United States points out that zinc supplementation can increase resistance, help prevent colds, replace symptoms, and change the time of colds.

Significant zinc foods include shellfish, shrimp, red meat, entrails and nuts, among which oysters are recognized as zinc supplements.