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Communications: "Our life is more important than the gun."

  February 14 this year, Parkland Florida City, Douglas Middle School occurred a vicious shootings suspect Cruz handheld AR-15 automatic rifle attack, killed 17 people。 Violent movements Shortly thereafter, a lecture entitled "march for our lives," the anti-gun that is brewing marched throughout the United States。   24 noon, downtown Washington, Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to […]

Which dental we can solve this problem do not worry

What we can solve it?Teeth are very important, do not take good care also often go wrong, some are able to resolve, then you know exactly what dental problems they can solve it。 What he can solve dental 1.Roof of the mouth to the roof of the mouth burns due to high temperature burns meals。 […]

This signals that you have blood too sticky, spring anti-thrombotic eat it most useful!(1)

  When the old doctor, doctors often hear mentioned blood thick, thick blood probably means prone to blood clots or a sign in front of occurrence, in many cases also understood to be caused by increased blood lipid levels。 In general, if there are four of the following symptoms in the elderly, it means that the […]

The method of self-massage to help you from illness

What are the methods of self-massage is a very simple and effective method of health care, I believe we are all too familiar to it, but probably a lot of people for some specific massage methods are not yet clear, right。 The following night on the net for everyone to bring self-massage method to help […]

Disease-prone seasons, prevent frozen shoulder is critical (1)

  Activities Due to the emergence of extensive adhesions around the joint will occur, so that the direction of the joints significantly restricted, and even lead to stiff joints, forming a frozen shoulder。  Patients in the attack, life and work are affected, and will be long-term nerve compression caused by nerve damage, numbness in the hand, the […]

Bronchitis, cough, how do you say goodbye to help inflammation

Bronchitis, cough, how to do bronchitis is relatively common disease, it is often accompanied by cold appear together, can be said that most people have been suffering from this disease。Bronchitis, cough, then you know if in the end how to do it the following night network come to you talk about how to do bronchitis, […]

10 "Eat life," the bad habits, get rid of more than a year to live!(1)

  How long life expectancy?May 17, 2017, World Health Organization released the "2017 World Health Statistics Report", "China's per capita life expectancy (not sex): years old," scaling down of approximately 27,777 days。According to the "formula of life" Tip: ideal state of life people can live to be 120 years old, even up to 150 years old。The […]

It replaced the breakfast, three high drop, the kidney is not virtual!(1)

  We have to think three important questions every day, what to eat morning, noon, what to eat, what to eat at night。   Today we focus on to talk about what is best to eat in the morning, this is the best, both full of nutrients, but doing it is very convenient, the key is whether […]

Nails with Shu Wen in the end is how?(1)

  Is the body's response to potential problems mirror, different diseases of different types of nails reaction, we take a look at the issue when you explain the fingernail upstream。   If a normal physiological phenomenon on the flat, smooth, bright, and Shu Wen is not very clear, indicating that is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not […]

Students of "Chinese Love" Chinese style unique skills dazzled

The picture shows the activity site。 "Various skin color, hair colors, mouth that idea became popular Chinese words" This song is becoming a global "Chinese fever" is a vivid description。 Recently, the third to be held in Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Chinese foreign competition, Chinese enthusiasts from South Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Tunisia, […]