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Bamboo fox hunting feelings

[REVIEW] because people have to be this way, otherwise, they will fall into the moment, such as bamboo Beaver pain, the other being looted or occupied, creating his happiness to my pain, it is absolutely not desirable.Who is to act as a strong possession, rather than acting as the possession of the weak, which is […]

Bamboo character

Character Summer bamboo garden city, with lush bamboo swaying, sun na sorption heat emitted, gives a cool.I walk in the garden, the smell of the fragrance of bamboo shed, hearts coolness Dunqi.In my mind, to see bamboo, or a few years ago in the north of the city in the Garden.And I know first bamboo, […]


Part One: balderdash time to meditate, August has Ruqierzhi.Rose rain falling, awakened a dream summer insects intoxicated.  Read a sentimental text, unprovoked think of last night’s dream.Search efforts residual memory, vaguely remembered dream unless Hometown worked with, who figure in the moonlight and waved gazing, Leila stricken.Also it seems to dream tangled struggling, trying to withdraw […]


[Part One: Baiyuncanggou] Mayday, the weather is still like an oven, people are dressed in a hurry Han Yi, in the hot sun in the eyes only narrowed the line, sunlit room in every building, every piece of exposed floor on the hot environment like the desert, as all around on fire.  Suddenly, the sky floating […]


Read birds, listen to the birds.  Birds are nature’s God-given spirit, is the pride of freedom.Like, dislike, they will not mind.Literati ink is boring, became fragments, ear smile for birds.    Phoenix Phoenix is a lucky bird, who can not see their countenance, nor who can hear it sing.  ”Guang Ya” Cloud: That said, that is male, the female […]

Baicaoyuan article

Part One: Baicaoyuan childhood village childhood and more bamboo, especially those with gully Village head and the western end of the pond, lush green like the walls, the villagers called the East Park West Park, we call it one hundred prairie, in fact, a little name does not match reality, only that it is our […]

Badger fine (countryside rumors)

A child often heard adults tell stories, age-old, difficult to trace, speak out, win a laugh.    I have a village west of the river.Listen to the elders say a long time ago, the West Bank a few miles radius there is a large songbailin.Who planted inside the tree, many years, no one knows.Inside dense trees, a […]

Backstreet memory

Since my childhood memories stacked Backstreet always so proud, mysterious, cold air.    The whole Backstreet Luma two surnames are living, and even street alleys derived from the surname is not surnamed Lu!I do not know how to form Backstreet always more clear surname Why these two get together here.Although the two did not explore the historical […]

back to the start

Part One: Back to trace the origin of life is always very strange, like a circle, like, find a starting point, and then after a period of winding tracks, in turn back to square one, as if it is the only truly successful.- Inscription I do not like writing with other people, for example, do […]

Back to the origin of the article

Part One: Back to square one sage once said, everyone’s life, there are numerous origin.  Those origin or that we regret, or our happy, sad or we are like ships loaded with memories of a ship, draw from the river floating through life, heading for an unknown destination.The ship, has often been defined as the memories.  The […]