Just for skin!

Doing Yoga!

Just for skin!
Doing Yoga!

Practicing yoga on the body can maintain a healthy, calm mind, and improve body shape. The correct facial massage is like yoga for the facial skin. It can not only promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also get rid of sagging and aging skin., Increase flexibility.
  Today, facial massage is no longer a professional treatment that can only be done in beauty salons. As long as you master the essentials and methods of massage, you can easily do yoga for your skin at home and become your own personal masseur.
  Massage, an essential step in the beauty procedure For more and more Asian women, massage has become a necessary step in the beauty procedure.
For centuries, this traditional technique has been passed down from generation to generation by women for its extraordinary efficacy, and has a long history.
  A quarter of the new generation of Asian women (according to a survey by Dior Asia Beauty Center) regularly use massage creams.
Massage, with the precise and rhythmic movement of the fingertips on the face, can really relieve skin fatigue and stress, resist environmental pollution, and lose luster caused by various external aggressions.
However, there are other key in-depth effects of massage that are popular with Asian women.
  First, massage can promote microcirculation of the skin.
In the warm and humid climate prevailing in Asia, it continuously affects the microcirculation of the body, resulting in the vitality of the microcirculation becoming weaker and weaker with time.
  Secondly, massage can soothe facial muscle tissue, because Asian women’s skeletal characteristics and lack of sufficient skin internal support tissue may cause bone relaxation.
Regular massage can help firm up the facial skin and activate the skin’s inner rosy glow-which is essential for a beautiful and healthy complexion.
  ① Decompression—Place your ten fingers along the center of the face to the front of the ears.
Gently massage along the hairline, pressing your fingers slightly and pressing gently.
Massage slowly and deeply as if you were pulling your hair backwards for relaxation.
  ② Soothing—Place your fingers on the bones under the eyes, apply pressure, and press slowly.
This gentle and fine massage not only promotes microcirculation, but also eliminates tiredness.
  ③ Oxygen activity—Squeeze the depressions on both sides of the nostril, this part concentrates most of the blood vessels on the face.
Squeezing this area can effectively promote microvascular circulation and help restore facial radiance.
  ④ Energy-Apply pressure to the depression in the back of the neck.
Massaging this area helps to promote energy circulation in the body and promotes blood circulation in the head.
Gives new life energy and revitalizes facial skin.
  In just 2 minutes, the skin is deeply soothed, nourished and plumped, instantly replenishing vitality.
The natural functions within the skin are stored, becoming younger, more beautiful and shining.
  Facial Massage Q & A Q: Why use a massage cream?
A: The special massage cream can not only make the touch feel smooth during massage, but also absorb the heat generated during massage, which not only exerts the massage function, but also avoids the possible damage caused by friction.
In addition, today’s massage creams often combine a variety of nutrients, which can nourish the skin while massaging.
  Q: What should I pay special attention to during facial massage?
A: First of all, you must pay attention to the intensity of the massage. Otherwise, you will lose more than you pay for it. If you pull the skin too much, it will cause wrinkles on the face.
Of the five fingers, it is recommended to massage with the beauty finger (middle finger and ring finger). The speed should not be too fast or too slow.
  Q: How long is the massage time?
A: The massage time depends on the nature, condition and age of the skin.
Usually oily skin can be massaged for 5 ~ 10 minutes each time, normal skin for 10 ~ 15 minutes, dry skin for 15 ~ 20 minutes, it is better to massage once or twice a week.
For those under 25 years of age, because skin elasticity and metabolism are better, about 5 to 10 minutes a week can be massaged, over-massage is easy to produce negative effects.