I remember my mother at Qingming Festival

Let my son do it for you once, and see if the yard I cleaned for you is clean enough.? The wild peach blossoms you inserted are not beautiful? Are you feeling better, too?   Mother, do you remember the chestnut orchard we grafted together? It’s on the left side of your new home, and now […]

Horse lotus

Ying ying’s green grass, with a faint purple tinge, lit up my eyes like a ray of sunlight, drawing my line of sight forward involuntarily. Staring at this clump of purple with endless allure to me, one, two, three … Ah, seven horse lotus flowers blooming brightly among the green grass leaves in the sun. […]

handsome boy

[ Guide ]: I was surprised and looked back quickly. An old lady with a child in her arms behind me was leaving two boxes of milk to go out. Before she ran to the door, a plainclothes security guard grabbed her back and kicked her. She struggled to get up and tried to rush […]

From then on, I was in

From then on, I was in the rain, you came in a hurry, and I knew your busy schedule and traces of my happiness, because I was always your ever-present love fate, the meeting in the world of mortals, but also the love in the world of mortals, the mountain in the mountains, the earth […]


Waiting is a kind of mood. Maybe it will make you anxious. Maybe you think it can give you a long hug. It is full of moved tears and joy..     If the waiting person is happy, I think it is more important to tell him to cherish his present happiness. For those who play the […]


These days after Qingming Festival are rainy days. We transplant rice seedlings in the rain, plow fields in the rain, and do everything a farmer has to do this season in the rain.     Today, I was relieved. Because the rain was too heavy last night, my father felt that the water in the field was […]

Different feelings

Editor’s Note: I am used to wandering in the middle of the text all day. Some people say that I am a slave to the text and will eventually be destroyed by it, but I don’t think so. I even think that sometimes it gives me hope for a new life..    The mood has […]

Cool in summer

[ Editor’s Note ]Taiping Lake has beautiful green hills and beautiful waters. The lakes and mountains are unique in color. The lake is clear and clear, the green hills are rolling and rolling, and the islands are scattered like beads. They are known as’ Huangshan Couples’. Here you can experience the comfortable life of mountains, […]

Cherry blossom season

When cherry blossoms were blooming, you didn’t come to see me. A person often lingered under the cherry trees in a daze. When the cherry blossoms are blooming, there is still no news of you. The wind is blowing all over the place, scattering all over the place. Ah, accidentally meeting you, deeply attracted by […]

Bixi idle fishing

When it comes to fishing, I think of Liu Zongyuan’s participation in the Jiang Xue Regulations: a hundred mountains and no bird, a thousand paths without a footprint. a little boat, a bamboo cloak, an old man fishing in the cold river-snow. Its people, its scenery, its mood, not’ idle people’ can’t catch the river […]