is wife and father are very good lie, to the money, they say a 深圳桑拿good word can be flatter properly appropriateness posts.

  ”He, ah, come home, you have to open the hotel.”Pei Dai Jun in front of her husband, finally revealing worried expression,” At that time my mother went, and he said in private, I hope he motivated point, the small restaurant bigger, I miss dad has been in the heart of it, he said he foreign […]

indeed regarded as delicious – but that is the level of ordinary small restaurant, steaming cauldron of fire out of use, the material used was so fresh and full, which will be unpalatable to where to go?Can you really want and what food hall ratio, it may go away.

  ”Well.First confidentiality.”Pei Naochun pretending to be mysterious, made a hush gesture,” 北京夜网At that time my father and so business is good, you come to dinner!”   ”Which need good business, just any time I have come.”   ”And, so on my shop to do it, I’ll send soup to son!”He noticed her daughter’s face some uncomfortable moment, […]

anged trips to the brim.

  Looking at the end of the picture, Pei Naochun immediately call gave Mike: “Hey, Mike, for.Ah, I’m going to go back two days, to accompany me take or pay travel costs, help you arrange.”   He got to come home. After (d) 61 Chapter daughter to marry Homer?(six)   Tin Shing Group headquarters, located in the city’s […]

ial field began smoothly, Sheng is a sudden rise, the foundation had not stabilized, she was not any contact with any luxury, art, and even the head find topics can not be found, she died at home at the martial arts, I do not know a lot of rest to study the relevant material, even what galleries, museums have gone to several, though rote, but also to make it through, and will not be disgraced, this is only gradually entered the circle.

  And casually tell her father to see friends, can be more contained, including in social situations, occasionally tried to get some news, to make the relationship between good friends, tentatively asked Tiansheng strength, feeling the bottom also, there are many potential partners, eager to chat and her husband, the husband often are asked, she replied, […]

but in accordance with PEI Daijun biological clock, she has eaten up a phone is turned on, they are laughing face,” how do you suddenly find my friends?”They only yesterday by telephone, usually every two-day call.

  Pei Naochun pretending to inadvertently glanced: “Sovereign yet?If I remember correctly, today is not the weekend yet?Tiansheng so busy, how he was not at home?”   ”He is away on business, to?City to go, Tin Shing recently that want to be at the factory, the completion ceremony he got bit.”I and my father on the phone, […]

tle brain, later, I am afraid it will not harm Daijun.”

  Pei Naochun did not say anything, he just quietly watching men.   ”I only hope that you can get Daijun alright, can rely on to be a father,苏州夜网 but not always drag her, let her pain.”The man finished speaking, the body a little bit disappear, temporary thoroughly before seen, he quickly shouted out his own eye, […]

, to play a Shengjun Hao meal.Otherwise, ca都市夜网n at least point to his daughter assets.

  They removed a small town to the south of the settlement, work the body of the original line of work, with that money, bought a small cart, what a day in the market, on a small street stall, fortunately, county small, urban management was not strict, and will not go chasing all over the floor. […]

, refused to reconciliation, he must go t南宁桑拿o jail.

  Pei Daijun a heard this, the entire people have almost overwhelmed her several times to Tiansheng Group, saw the crowd, surrounded by – after all, the president can only be played once Shengjun Hao did not make it into the other side even after the divorce directly changed telephone, she stone unturned, was struggling in […]

unk, then let him sign a loan contract amount is not small – time entered into in the past, long Shengjun Hao before the layout began very early, he had several times, taking advantage of his wife busy, to say that they transfer to Laozhang Ren, they use someone else’s account to transfer money to the original body, it was left behind, do evidence.

  Shengju苏州夜网论坛n Hao placed in front of the loan contract Pei Dai Jun, said he was watching it on a previous friendship, or can make Genghen.   Not divorced, father of debt, debt payment company looking Shengjun Hao said door, to get his father was dead, but then also after the move.   Divorce, she cleanse the family, […]